23 Days To Go

Hey there!

Welcome to my blog! Whether you know me or are looking for another traveler’s blog to follow, I’m glad you’re here.

To start off, here’s a bit about myself – I’m a 24 yo girl who’s been born and raised in Saudi Arabia, spent 16 years there with the fam, then moved to India for 2 years, where I attended an American system high school up in the beautiful and picturesque hills of Mussoorie, and then made my way to Australia in 2010, which I have called my home for the past 6 years, while I have been attempting to get my degrees sorted. I’ve studied and graduated with a Bachelors in Media Arts and am currently attempting to obtain a Masters degree in Speech Pathology.

Yeah, that’s probably a bit of information overload, but that’s me in a nutshell.

In about 23 days, I will be leaving my comfortable and sheltered life and embark on an adventure around the world for the next 4 months, where I will be volun-touring (is that a term, yet?) in Morocco and Jamaica and simply touring around the US of A.

12 weeks in Morocco doing speech pathology, 6 weeks in Jamaica doing teaching, and 4 weeks in the US doing ALL the touristy things and visiting friends who I haven’t seen in years. It’s going to be scary, it’s going to be terrifying, it’s going to be awesome, it’s going to be life-changing. I can’t wait to share my experiences with you, so be prepared to see my posts as I witness some of the most challenging and exciting things that life has in store for me in the (very, very) near future! 🙂

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