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Being from a Middle Eastern and Indian background, I have been told on countless occasions about how I have been “blessed” with beautiful skin. And while I would say that I am lucky enough to escape the woes brought about by breakouts, acne, or the like (touchwood), it has taken quite a long time for me to fall in love with my skin. Coming from a culture where the concept of “the fairer the skin, the more beautiful the person” has predominantly prevailed, I spent a majority of my life hating my skin, my looks, and my appearance. However, it has been eye-opening to immerse myself into a completely different culture and learn to love myself and appreciate the beautiful characteristics that are unique to my culture.

Through this newfound journey of self-love, I am learning to preserve as much of my natural beauty and not resort to makeup (purely because I cannot do makeup to save my life!). But at the same time, I’d also like to accentuate certain features via my skin tone and instead of going lighter, I’ve been trying to find products that will make my tanned skin shine as naturally as it can.

Cue in the newest addition to the Frank Body family – the Shimmer Bomb Kit.


Frank Body’s beauty products have been a cult classic since its inception into the world (and into our lives) since 2013. There’s a delightful range of products to choose from – orgasmically scented scrubs, magical shimmer oils, lip and cheek tints, and balms – all of which have a subtle yet lasting feature of coffee scented goodness that lingers well beyond its use.

I have been following frank’s journey for quite some time now and the story behind their addictive products. It became a routine to lust over their scrubs that are packed in shiny goodness at least several times a week. After all, how couldn’t you – have you checked out the website? Cheeky chats are frank’s ~thing~ and honestly, I wish I could be as smooth and suave! Love it or hate it, it will grab your attention nonetheless, so make sure you book out a solid hour or three to experience the wholesome story of frank that has been cleverly explained on their website.

Curiosity got the better of me a couple of weeks ago and after hearing everyone around me rave about their products and after seeing the packaging in the flashy flash at Mecca Maxima, I did something that I don’t often do – treat myself by purchasing the Shimmer Bomb Kit… and holy moly it is most certainly da bomb!


The shimmer oil has become my new favourite go-to product to complete my look before I leave the house. It’s not only great for how little you use to get a long-lasting shine, but it’s also well worth the splurge over a bottle of oil. I particularly love how the oil doesn’t leave you feeling greasy or heavy like oil typically tends to do on your skin. In fact does its part in hydrating the skin, whilst adding the perfect glow through its glittery particles. And not to worry, this kind of ‘glitter’ won’t be creating a magical mess everywhere you go and will stay on your skin for well over a day or two! It’s safe to say that I was shining all the way through the Christmas festivities!


I was initially a bit skeptical of using the coffee scrub, as I’ve used others in the past and while they felt good on my skin in the moment, they ended up giving me a rash a couple of days later! However, after trying a little bit of frank’s coffee scrub on my skin, I was pleased to see that there was no reaction – either in the moment or in the couple of days after using the scrub! It also seemed to exfoliate my skin gently, whilst leaving it with a subtle and incredible glow afterwards. I’ve now used the scrub twice in the last week and there is still quite a bit of the scrub to go! And I am loving the results so far!


With the illuminator, I found it to be best working underneath my eyes, where it not only ‘lightened’ the dark circles per se, but also seemed to make my eyes ‘pop’ (as though back to life)! This is another nifty add-on that is perfect to complete the look of a fresh face where minimal makeup has been applied. Another great spot is to use it along the corners of the eyes as well, because as some of my friends commented on the ‘new look’, my face seemed to be “uplifted” – and that was the only change I made to my makeup routine!

There are so many beautiful reasons why I would strongly urge you to consider becoming a frank babe:

√ It’s Australian-owned
√ It’s cruelty-free
√ It’s all about natural ingredients (no harmful toxins/chemicals are touching that beautiful skin of yours)
√ It’s available online and in select stores across Australia, the US, and the UK
√ It’s great value and long-lasting (for the amount of money you spend on it)

Being a mega coffee addict, I knew that the goodies from frank were going to be a treat, but what I didn’t realize was how difficult it was going to be to resist the urge to consume the goodies – they smell heavenly and divine! There’s a certain aura that fills your personal space with a sense of tranquility and calm, whilst still keeping you alert and awake – just like a cup of ~extremely good~ coffee!

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions at all, feel free to comment below! 🙂

xx Tema

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