A Vintage Lover’s Idea of Heaven – Fox on the Run Vintage

Words & photos by Fatema Sitabkhan

Vintage items and accessories have always been in fashion for their timeless appeal, unique designs, and the sheer pride in owning some memorabilia that keeps the golden years (way back to the 50s and onwards) alive and burning!

One such store that I’ve recently found myself frequenting over the last couple of years is Fox on the Run Vintage. Considered to be one of those stores that “blink and you’ll miss it”, the store resides behind a pleasant red door on Rundle Street. Walk down to the ‘basement’ and the inner vintage-loving fashionista within you will feel a-l-i-v-e. The store itself is quite condensed, but don’t be deceived by its size, for it is ~packed~ with so many wonderful items and accessories – all of which have been “handpicked” by owner Meghan Fox.


Having fallen in love with the business – not only for what they offer, but also what they stand for, I conducted an e-interview with Meghan “Meg” – have a read below! This has got to be one of my most favourite interviews that I’ve done, because there is so much about Fox On The Run Vintage that I had no idea about (but am so glad to know now)!

Tema: Who owns Fox on the Run Vintage?
Meg: That’s me – Meg! I work a lot behind the scenes now, as we’re so busy sourcing the goods (and everything else!) – it’s a full time gig!

Tema: How did the idea of setting up a shopfront come about?
Meg: It’s always been a dream of mine to own my own business, but it all came about quite fast. I couldn’t get a job in retail (too old at 25…), so I started doing markets with a bunch of my own personal stash of vintage (as I’ve always been a collector) – just to keep myself busy and have a bit of cash coming in to pay my rent. The markets went so well that I had customers nagging me about getting a shop front – so I did (after I completed a business course)! There are a lot of things I wish I had done differently with the first shopfront of Fox (I got ripped off big time from the previous tenant, which made it even harder to get by at the first location), but I always say “Live it, Learn it”! Then, the opportunity to rent along Rundle Street came up. It was a no brainer and I haven’t looked back since!


Tema: How did you decide on the space that you currently have, as a haven for your beautiful business?
Meg: Well first off – thank you! I love it there too. I remember the first time I went to check out the space – there was no electricity, so it was pretty much pitch black – my boyfriend and I had to use the light from his phone to have a look! But, I remember the feeling I got when I was standing in the dark – it just felt right, like I had found the home for Fox. I took the place right there and then!

Tema: What made you decide on the name?
My last name is Fox – so, I knew I wanted to use that somehow. I was listening to a lot of Sweet at the time, so Fox on the Run was just a natural thought, and it stuck!

Tema: How would you classify your collection – apart from being vintage?
Meg: We do a lot of different bits and pieces, as we have a lot of different customers. I keep my finger on the fashion pulse and keep my eye out on what’s happening in fashion around me and where I see fashion going, so Fox is definitely fashion forward (ironic for a vintage store!). We have the classic wardrobe pieces and some really far out super fun pieces. Our collection is forever changing! Everything is hand-picked. Things I look for are:
-on trend appeal
However I don’t sell things like animal fur as that’s an ethical choice, which our customers support. I also have a really strong passion for local gear, as you can see with our huge range of local/Australian made jewellery, accessories, and artwork. Plus, we will be releasing some more custom denim jackets from local artists too in the near future and working closely with local artists to showcase their work in-store on a month to month basis (watch this space!).


Tema: I see you’ve ventured into the online shopping world – what brought about this addition to the business? Was it a recent addition?
Meg: Yes – I FINALLY completed the website! It was a long time coming, as we had a lot of our customers asking how they could shop with us online and because we have so many people that visit us from interstate and overseas, it was necessary. However, we also have a lot of customers that live in SA and shop online with us as well. It’s been up and going for just over six months now and travelling nicely – it definitely keeps me busy!

Tema: Can people donate clothes to the Fox on the Run Vintage family?
Meg: I could never say no to donated vintage – but just contact us first (as we don’t want to be stuck with a bunch of stuff that we just have to donate).

Tema: How do you source your products? Are they from around SA / Australia / the world?
Meg: They are from everywhere – so yes! I work with a bunch of different wholesalers and private sellers around the world, depending on what I’m sourcing. I always like to keep as much local as possible, as it’s super important to support our local Australian businesses first! We also stock a bunch of reclaimed vintage – blouses, singlets, backpacks made from vintage materials that might be unwearable in their current state, but then upcycled into fabulous wearable pieces are just some examples!


Tema: What would you like your customers (potential / new / continuing) to experience through a visit to Fox on the Run Vintage?
Tema: First off, we are a Safe Space – which means any language or behaviour that is offensive, sexist, homophobic, racist etc. will absolutely not be tolerated. I want people to feel completely safe and relaxed when they visit Fox, as there’s a lot to take in and explore. I want people to come through the Fox hole in the wall and experience not only amazing clothing (and all the benefits of not buying fast fashion, which is an environmental disaster!), but see what Adelaide and Australia has to offer with our local artists and makers.


Tema: What do you think it is about Fox on the Run that makes your customers fall in love with you?
Meg: Aww – thanks so much! I am beyond grateful for the support I have received with Fox! It’s so special and I really love what I do. I have the best job in the world! I’ve worked really hard to build Fox and I am so lucky to have the most wonderful and loyal
customers! I genuinely care about my customers and will do whatever I can do to get you together with that perfect pair of jeans or whatever it is you’re looking for. I’m also very invested in Adelaide, I LOVE it here – it’s my hometown and my dream is to build a business that becomes an Adelaide institution.


Tema: What local businesses do you stock at Fox on the Run?
Meg: We have a bunch!
* Yippy Whippy Jewellery
* Haus Of Dizzy Jewellery
* Electric West
* Form & Flux
* Pip Kruger Design & Illustration
* This Wee Piggy
* Picnic For Tea
* Marus Illustration
* For The Love Of Vintage
* Bridget Fahey Art
* ANT Art
* Winkelko
* The Falling Axe
* Flowers In Your Hair
* Boneyard Trader
* Scent Wilde
* Satin & Tat Collage
* Eat It! The Card Game
* Dressed For Sunday


Tema: What are some notable pieces / collectables / items that people should look out for, when they visit your store?
Meg: We have new stock arriving every week – multiple times a week, so things are forever changing. Our denim range is something we’re known for, and we’ll be getting our custom local artist denim jacket range in over the following months (starting next
week!) Our Yippy Whippy (Queensland) and Haus of Dizzy (Melbourne) jewellery are super popular and we’re the only place in Adelaide to get them! Same with our Electric West tees – all vintage inspired and direct from L.A. (USA) – and we are the only place in Adelaide to get them.


Tema: What makes Fox on the Run stand out from the rest of the 2nd hand / vintage stores in Adelaide?
Meg: Even when I travel interstate, it’s a really nice reminder that there’s nowhere like Fox on the Run Vintage. My shop is a collaborative effort of the hand-picked vintage and all of the local artists/makers that I’ve chosen to be a part of Fox. I’m always looking for the next thing to share with you all, for example the inclusion of our Electric West Tees from the USA. Woman run small business, sweatshop free and environmentally awesome, plus they’re really bloody cool! But I’m always moving – what’s next, what’s something really cool that I need to share and what opportunities can I share with the community? That’s why I’m putting a lot of focus on getting local artists and makers involved in different ways more than ever this year! There’s a lot of love (as well as tears and frustration at times!) invested into Fox continuously. I live and breathe Fox on the Run Vintage and I believe people can feel that and want to get on board.


Tema: Is there anything else that you’d like your customers to know about your business?
Meg: Did you know that Pedestrian Magazine included Fox on the Run Vintage in their top ten vintage stores in AUSTRALIA last year?! Well, they did, and it was awesome! Check it out here!

238 Rundle Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Opening hours
Monday to Thursday: 11am – 6pm
Friday: 11am – 7pm
Saturday: 11am – 5pm
Sunday: CLOSED

Social media
Facebook // Instagram

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