Absolutely Cake

Interview & photos by Fatema Sitabkhan

A couple of months ago, I celebrated my 26th birthday with my boyfriend and best friend. Not one to make a deal about turning a year older, I was lucky enough to score a weekend getaway with my two special people in my life. However, I still did want to celebrate my birthday as it has been tradition in my family for as long as I have lived.

So, instead of drowning my sorrows of turning older in a booze-filled glass or 4, I instead decided to go the complete opposite direction by acting like the age that I truly thought I was – 8 years old! Equivalent to a little child, I dressed up in my favourite onesie outfit (a unicorn, of course!) and approached the lovely Emma from Absolutely Cake to have a custom made unicorn cake made for the weekend!

Having seen Emma’s work on Instagram and realizing that she was down the road from where I lived, I was excited to seize the opportunity and place an order with her. It was such a seamless and hassle-free process, which involved communication via her Facebook page. There are so many options to customize your special cake I opted for a 6-inch round unicorn cake for $50. Pretty reasonable and so worth it, given the presentation and the top quality of the cake! There were other fun bits to decide upon, such as the mane of your choice of colour (gold, rose gold or silver horn), but Emma was open to suggestions outside this circle, which was another factor that made me fall in love with her business.


There’s, of course, a very comprehensive flavour list as well, and Emma’s business Absolutely Cake specializes in a variety of options – vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and traditional. So, there’s always something for everyone!

 It’s obvious that Emma wants the best for her customers and for her to offer customizable options beyond what is already available shows dedication to present only the best of her work that will also make her customers happy.

I was so impressed by Emma’s professionalism and the quality of the cake that I recently reached out to her to have an interview and find out more about her beautiful little business Absolutely Cake – have a read of our exchange below:

Tema: Who runs the Absolutely Cake business?

Emma: I myself am the sole trader, owner, boss lady, order taker, cake decorator and cake tester, with lots of help from my wonderful mum.

Tema: Can you tell me a bit about yourself, Emma?
Emma: I am a 28 year wife and mother of two amazing little girls. I come from a family or restaurant owners and chef, yet I was never ever going to do this. I was going to be a photographer. Here I am owning a cake shop and LOVING it! I enjoy swimming, great wine and great good with great friends and going out in the camper trailer on family holidays and weekends away. My secret pleasure is Gogglebox with a bowl of Coco Pops at 9.30pm!

Tema: What made you open up your own bakery?
Emma: I have a passion for decorating cakes and exploring designs, so I thought ‘Just do it’. Having Absolutely Cake means that I can spend so much time with my little girls because I am my boss. It’s my best mix of working, showing them that you can achieve anything and also not missing them growing up.

Tema: Are you a self taught baker or did you go through specialised training to master the art of baking?
Emma: I have zero formal training in my industry, working in the family bakery for 9years helped, I have practised over and over to get to where I am now.

Tema: How did you decide on making your cakes stand out with the designs that you have on offer?
Emma: I aim for simple is best and take a lot of inspiration from customers themselves. Having a real chat and getting a feel for each person or couple really means that I try to make the best cake for each individual.

Tema: What services do you offer through Absolutely Cake?
Emma: We have the most basic of basic cakes, through to 4 tier wedding cakes. Serving traditional, gluten free, vegan, gluten free and vegan and offer to customise a cake for multiple allergies if necessary.

Tema: What are your most popular types of cakes that come in as orders?
Emma: At this stage we make a lot of vegan celebration cakes, and styles of cakes would be between semi naked weddings or Unicorns! Such popular choices!


Tema: How do you source your ingredients to create your beautiful baked creations?
Emma: We use a couple of large wholesale suppliers for the big items. Like 20kg bags of sugar and flour and chocolate. We use Sweet William for our dairy free chocolate, a South Australian coffee roaster for all our caffeine needs. We use Coles close by for small items and healthful shops for specialised flours.

Tema: What made you choose the location that you have as a shopfront?
Emma: Availability was a big one, affordability and commuting. By car I am only 15mins away, it is a good location for all cake orders as its easy to get to without being overly busy, and I can afford to stay here long term so that I don’t disappoint any regular customers. They are my lifeline!

Tema: How old is the business and how has it been treating you so far?
Emma: We will celebrate 2 years on July 1st! So still a baby.

Tema: In one sentence, what is Absolutely cake all about?
Emma: It is literally about cake and Absolutely, very nearly, all kinds of cake for everyone!

Tema: Is there anything else that you’d like your customers to know about your business?
Emma: Absolutely Cake is my passion. I try my best to answer emails and Facebook messages and I usually fall asleep with my phone in my hand and 2 little girls laid on my lap. Absolutely Cake pays for theatre stars and tap dancing and swimming lessons and I thank everyone single person who loves my little shop as much as I do!


352 Morphett Road, Warradale SA 5043

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