B’Churrasco Opens On East End

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan
Photos by Fatema Sitabkhan + official B’Churrasco Instagram page

If you’ve been in Adelaide long enough, then you’ll know the space that used to be the iconic PJ O’Briens. And while some of us may still be mourning the loss of this once quintessential bar in the East End of the Adelaide CBD, we can be rest assured that the space has been revitalized to present with a fresher, ~cleaner~, and more illustrious atmosphere as a Brazilian barbecue restaurant.

B’Churrasco has made their way to Adelaide (all the way from Melbourne) to inject a slice of Brazilian culture into the Adelaide dining scene along the East End. After successfully setting up and running their business in Melbourne since 2013, co-owners Jack Poon and Carol Ng were swooned to their Adelaide location, which has strong character and heritage-worthy charm seeping through its architecture. The former space has been thoroughly renovated to present with a cleaner and more minimalist layout. Fresh pieces of art decorate every corner of the restaurant and an abundance of natural light brings life to this once dark and dingy interior with questionable floors!


The evening of their launch night was nothing short of gastronomically pleasing! We were welcomed with the Brazilian national drink Caipirinha, which is a strong yet refreshing rum-infused concoction of cachaça (sugarcane liquor), sugar, and lime.

Caipirinha (sourced from official B’Churrasco Instagram page)

All the food here is made by Head Chef Arthur Santos, who comes from São Paulo and brings with him the culinary expertise from his Brazilian heritage to complement with meat that is proudly sourced locally from South Australia.

Upon glancing through the menu, it’s near impossible to stop drooling, so there won’t be any judgment if you experience the same. There is a beautiful selection of unique dishes that incorporate Brazilian flavors in ways that we didn’t think were possible.

The food served at your table will not only bring out the theatrical flair in its presentation, but also tantalize your taste buds with a selection of 12 kinds of barbecued meats (locally sourced chicken, beef, pork, and lamb) that are seasoned with rock salt, marinated in authentic Brazilian flavors, and cooked over charcoal on giant skewers, before being carved into fine slices at your table by the passador. All patrons are provided with tongs at the table, so that you can pick your succulent slice of meat right off the skewer! Served with side dishes such as banana fritters, garden salad, and potato chips, this was certainly a meal that was filling, satisfying, and enjoyable, not to mention social!


To finish off the feast, we were then treated to the traditional sweet dish Abacaxi (grilled pineapple garnished with sugar and cinnamon) and there’s no shame in admitting that despite being full from all the meat, I went for seconds, thirds, and even fourths of this particular dish. Juiciness from freshly grilled pineapple coupled with the sugar and cinnamon seeping into the fruit – what’s not to like?


This style of dining with a Brazilian BBQ meal will set you back $56 per head on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays or $45 per head on Wednesdays and Thursdays. But, don’t be put off by the price, because it includes your choice of side dishes and ~wait for it~ it’s all you can eat! Given how we sampled just ~just~ 6 types of meat and wish we had worn more loose fitting clothes for the occasion, I can assure you that your money will be well spent after you are given a real taster from 12 types of meat! Moreover, there’s a pretty awesome system at the table where there is a light and when you set it to green, it means that you’re happy for more food to come to you, and when you switch it to red, it means that you’re well and truly fed.

The team at B’Churrasco has successfully brought to life one of my favorite buildings of East End with their impeccable hospitality, their unique cultural presence, and food and drink that will undoubtedly lure patrons of Adelaide back for more! If you’re a fan of anything meaty with a touch of BBQ goodness, this place needs to be added on your restaurants to visit in Adelaide.

Special thanks to the team at B’Churrasco for the hospitality and to Girl About Town for the invite to the event.

10-12 East Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000

Opening hours
Wed – Thurs: 6pm – late
Fri – Sun: 530pm – late
Wed – Sun 430pm – 7pm

Social media
Official website // Facebook // Instagram – Adelaide // Instagram – Main // Twitter

Menu (PDF)

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