Bandit And Co. Hair

Less than two minutes with Connor and Monique in the same room and you won’t be able to stop laughing. This is an electric power duo in the hairdressing industry. These two very talented individuals have continually been working on themselves and their skills to create unique looks for each customer who has walked in for a fresh change. After working together in salons for the last several years, Monique and Connor have taken a giant leap in their careers and have now gone into doing business together in Windsor Gardens, by the name Bandit & Co. Hair.

Monique DiLieto and Connor Brewis (image by Paige Brewis)

Monique has been taking care of my hair (better than I ever could) for over 7+ years now, and through her, I was acquainted with Connor, who is a seemingly shy guy till Monique playfully pushes his buttons and the mischief between the two ensue for our entertainment. The energy between these two is contagious, as the customers reciprocate that level of affection and fun by turning a hair appointment into a full fledged conversation and catch up with friends – old and new!

Upon hearing of their new venture, I visited the new space and was able to learn more about the story of Bandit & Co. Hair – have a read of out exchange below:

Tema: Who are the faces behind Bandit & Co. Hair?
Connor: Bandit & Co. are myself (Connor Brewis) and Monique DiLieto. Monique is Adelaide born and bred. I was born in London and moved to Adelaide when I was 10. I’ve been in the industry for 6 years now and Monique has been in it for almost 10 years. We met each other at one of our past salons and just clicked, we’re best friends and we’ve worked together ever since.

Tema: How did this business come into existence? How did you decide on a joint collaboration to set up your own business?
Connor: I was talking to an old friend about wanting to buy my own salon, and funnily enough, she said she knew someone selling one. So long story short, I asked Monique if she would come and work with me if I bought my own salon, and here we are now.


Tema: What inspired you to name your new salon Bandit & Co. Hair?
Connor: So the name Bandit & Co. Hair is named after my 3-year-old husky! Myself and Monique spent ages trying to think of a name, and that one just fit.

Tema: Introduce us to your team – who’s involved?
Connor: The Bandit and Co. team involves myself (Connor), my best friend (Monique), and my younger sister Paige, who is on the reception desk.

Tema: What services do you offer at the salon?
Connor: We offer all hair services, anything from cut-throat shaves to water waves and everything in between.

Hair cut + style (and photo) by Connor Brewis
Hair style and color by Monique DiLieto (image by Connor Brewis)

Tema: What are some products at the salon that you’d like to highlight?
Connor: Oh, where do I start! Evo – the whole range is amazing. It’s a unisex brand for anyone and being South Australian makes us love it more. The other product I like is Olaplex. Olaplex saved Monique’s hair! It’s a product that we use in our colour services and treatments to help fight the war on breakage.


Tema: What do you hope for your customers to experience through visiting Bandit & Co. Hair?
Connor: I hope they experience a fun atmosphere, full of jokes and laughter, and for them to leave feeling amazing and looking fabulous!

Tema: Is there something quirky / unique about yourselves that you’d like your customers (new and prospective) to know?
Connor: Something quirky – Monique’s laugh! It is so infectious. I love it – it can make a whole room happy!


Tema: What talents do you think each of you can bring into this business, to make it successful?
Connor: Monique has exceptional colour work and is amazing at styling. For myself, I’d have to say cutting and barbering are my finer skills.

Hair style by Connor Brewis

Tema: Is there anything else that you’d like our readers / your customers to know about Bandit & Co. Hair?
Connor: Expect good coffee, amazing hair and a lot of banter.

5/1 Longview Road, Windsor Gardens SA 5087

Opening hours
Tues / Fri:             9:30am – 5:30pm
Wed / Thurs:        9:30am – 9pm
Sat:                         8:30am – 4:30pm
Sun / Mon:            CLOSED

Social media
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