Make it a DAD APPROVED Father’s Day this Year

~With thanks to Girl About Town for the information + photos supplied~

Since 1984, Smokemart and Giftbox have offered their spaces to be a one-stop shop for all things fun, unique, and quirky! Hidden in plain sight, there are products that will attract a smile or at least a curious second look, given the humorous nature of the products that are found across hundreds of stores Australia-wide and online.

For years, Smokemart and Giftbox have served well in finding the ideal gift for dad and this year is no different. Going for something different and individualistic, this year’s Fathers Day gifts will steer away from the more conventional options of socks and jocks and instead provide a more hilarious take on the holiday special.

“Our aim with this range was to spice it up a bit. We know it can get hard buying Father’s Day gifts – there are only so many wallets, socks, undies, and ties a man could have! We don’t know a dad without a sense of humour, whether it’s classic dad jokes or funny stories, every dad loves a bit of comedy.” – Kate Bates (Smokemart & Giftbox Head of Marketing)

With an eclectic and colourful mix of items on offer this year, the Fathers Day range brings a collaboration with funny man and YouTube sensation Christian Hull, whose quirky videos will be used to promote a number of exclusive items in their catalogue.

“I am quite possibly the laziest person you will ever meet, so the Brew in a Bag is one of my favourites from the range. Not to mention the assortment of dressing gowns – everyday I can be a different superhero: Batman, Deadpool, Harry Potter, even Wonder Woman or Harley Quinn for Trish!” – Christian Hull

If online shopping tickles your fancy, then you’re in luck! Smokemart & Giftbox will be adding to their overall gift inventory online, with the launch of a new website that is to go live later this month. It will have over 10,000 unique gifts and products to choose from – a substantial increase from their previous website!

Expect to see a huge range of exclusive items at great prices, along with worldwide drop-shipping – it’s all about convenience and delivering items that everyone is looking for, but may not necessarily find in conventional stores.

Fathers Day is on September 2, 2018.

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