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Mekko Market & Cafe

You know what’s better (more dangerous) than just dining or just shopping?

Combining the two in one truly historically gorgeous space!

Mekko Market & Cafe on Prospect Road has been gaining popularity since they opened in May earlier this year. Not only does their space offer a beautiful combination of modernity mixed with quirky elements in the form of their mismatched yet complementary furniture and fittings, but also, they bring the best of both worlds together, where diners can enjoy a bit of a splurge at their second-hand market, which is saturated with preloved clothing that won’t break the bank!

I was so impressed with the concept of this unique cafe and market that I was fortunate enough to score an interview with the owners of Mekko Market & Cafe – have a read of our exchange below:

Tema: Who are the owners of Mekko Market & Café?
Tom Nilsson, Irene Kollanus and Marjukka Wilson. Irene and Marjukka come from a Finnish background and Tom is Swedish.

Tema: What made you decide to open up a café with a difference; where customers are also given the opportunity to experience the market atmosphere?
We wanted to do something different. We weren’t sure if there was a market for this kind of concept, so we wanted to be the first ones doing it. Our café and clothing market support each other very well, as our customers love them both.


Tema: How does the process of hiring a rack here work (cost / length of time of renting out the rack, etc)?
Our rack rental is available for $69 (single rack) /$99 (family rack) for 2 weeks. We don’t take any commission. You can top up your rack anytime within your rental period. Sharing a rack with someone is also good way of sharing the rental cost. If you would like to book a rack, the best way is to pop in to our market and we can check the availability for you.
If you book a rack with us in September, you can enjoy having the 2nd week for free!

Tema: Who is the mastermind behind the menu items? Who is your head chef? How do they find inspiration to create the beautiful and delicious items on your menu?
We do all the masterminding together as a team! We do lot of resourcing online and also use our background as Scandinavians, to bring a Scandi twist to our meals. Our head chef / co-owner Tom Nilson then puts all our thoughts together and creates tasty meals.

Tema: What kind of food would you say Mekko Market & Café primarily serves?
We have an all day menu and a separate dinner menu for Saturday nights. Soon, we will also be open for dinner on Fridays. Our food is modern Australian with a Scandinavian twist. We are listening to our lovely customers, who are hoping to see more Scandinavian food on the menu. Our new menu is now more Scandi than our previous one.


Tema: What do you hope for customers of Mekko Market & Café to experience when visiting / dining / shopping here?
We hope everyone who comes and visits us can have a relaxing and fun experience in our cosy café. Our menu is like no other, with a Scandinavian twist. Our Alfresco area is very European, with a relaxed lounge setting and colorful lanterns that decorate the space. We hope that you will feel like you’re on a little holiday! In our market, you can shop like nowhere else. There are lots of great brands at very affordable prices. Our Market is also open Saturday nights for our diners. Where else you can have a glass of wine while shopping?

Tema: What is a dish that you would highly recommend from your menu?
On our updated dinner menu, we have the pan fried Barra with traditional Finnish apple & potato salad, broccolini, spiced pea pure, crispy enoki, raddish and herbs. We also have very tasty fish tacos.

Tema: What is a highly popular dish that is on your menu at the moment?
Our most popular meals at the moment are the smashing pumpkins and our Mekko Burger. We also have lot of Vegan and Gluten free options on our menu as well, like the chickpea tofu omelette and the Vegan burger.

Tema: How would you describe your space / business to someone who hasn’t been before? What do you hope they can expect on their first visit?
Our licensed Café/Restaurant & Market offer a great combination of great food, good coffee and shopping. All 35 racks in our preloved clothing market are full of beautiful clothes and the prices are very affordable. We guarantee that the whole stock will be new and fresh every fortnight. We have spacious indoor and outdoor seating areas as well, so you can enjoy a bite while you shop!

Tema: How frequently will your menu change (will it be seasonal / will there be some items that are permanently on the menu, etc)?
We listen to our lovely customers and do little changes to our menu all the time. We change the whole menu with seasons. Some of the best sellers are permanently placed on the menu.


Tema: Is there anything else that you’d like our readers and your customers to know about Mekko Market & Café?
This beautiful Art Deco building was originally a police station and a court house. With our renovations, we wanted to respect the building and preserve its aged features in the best manner possible.

Official website

Social media
Facebook // Instagram

89 Prospect Road,
Prospect SA 5082

Opening hours
Monday (closed)
Tue-Fri 8.00am-4pm
Sat 8.00am-LATE
Sun 8.00am-4pm


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