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Hot Off The Press: CLIQUE Mag In Print

“Welcome to the new Clique. Reworked. Re-energised.” – Clique Magazine

Clique Magazine has become a household name that is synonymous with style, sass, and substance and after a year-long hiatus, the beloved magazine has made an epic comeback with their latest print issue!

Resurrecting the freshest and latest magazine in print with the theme of sustainability, the new edition of Clique boasts of a colorful selection of individuals and small-scale businesses that are local, that promote sustainability, and that are powerful enough to make an impact in our society for all the right reasons.

Gif supplied by Clique Magazine

“There’s a perception that the fashion industry doesn’t care about ethics. We’re going to show you how to think differently…consider this our little piece to inspire, shine light on new talent, and to show things in a new way.” – Selena Battersby (Editor of Clique (print))

Look out for these freshly pressed copies of Clique at your local cafe, restaurant, or boutique and don’t be surprised if you can’t put it down, because it’s a real page turner!

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Photography by Meaghan Coles

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