TOP PICKS: Adelaide Film Festival – Made in SA

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October in Adelaide // South Australia is proving to be one of the busiest months of the year since the Adelaide Fringe Festival! With a line-up of exciting events, such as the Adelaide Fashion Festival, VOGUE Festival, OzAsia Festival, and the Adelaide Film Festival, it’ll be no surprise to find yourselves satisfactorily exhausted by the time Halloween comes around!

Having only heard about the Adelaide Film Festival, but never having had the opportunity to actively immerse myself and experience the beauty of it in the past, I was fortunate enough to go as a +1, where I was able to be part of one of the most celebrated nights of this 10-day festival – Made in SA Gala Screening.

Showcasing the works by some of the most talented emerging screen extraordinaires in South Australia, this night was a wonderful way of recognizing, appreciating, and commending the efforts of those who have mastered the skills around (drone-based) cinematography, storytelling, SFX, and documentary production.

With a colorful selection of 9 films that were featured, there was no doubt at the versatility and diversity in talent, production, and execution and each film resonated with a lasting impact of emotion, drama, and visual captivation.

These were my top picks (in no particular order) and I’d highly recommend you to check them out on YouTube if you have a spare 30-45 minutes. As you will notice, these primarily fall into the comedy category aka my favorite genre (with the exception of Running 62, which also presents with a more soulful and meaningful connection, through its documentary style production):

  1. Running 62 (15 minutes)
    A tear-jerker (particularly towards the end), Running 62 is about a man named Zibeon Fielding (who is also the director of this short film), who is of Aboriginal TSI origin and takes on the task of running 62km from Iwantja to Mimili, in the hopes of raising awareness around following a healthy lifestyle within his community and raising funds for dialysis delivery to those in need of the procedure in the APY Lands. The visuals of the Australian outback is spectacular, as are the raw and real emotions demonstrated by young children of Aboriginal TSI origin, who join in the fun and help Fielding spread a very important message around overall health and wellbeing.


  2. Lucy & D.I.C. (10 minutes)
    5 seconds into this short film and I was in stitches! D.I.C. is a lovable robot, who is a companion to a girl – Lucy – who is a nearly 30 year old woman that we can all relate to, on so many levels. Giving off hilarious and all-too-real vibes similar to Ted and Wilfred, Lucy and D.I.C. mixes together the perfect balance of humor and ‘adult comedy’ that playfully mocks the familiar dependance on technology, social media, and the irresistible need to ‘fit in’. Directed by Jeremy Kelly-Bakker, this short film has beautifully created one character that is easy to bond with and another that resonates with all our adulting struggles so effortlessly. If you’re looking for something light-hearted and fun to laugh at, this one’s for you!1
  3. Small Town PD (7 minutes)
    If you’re looking for something wholesome, then Small Town PD might be your golden ticket. We all know a certain someone who tries to beat the system by purchasing some booze, while being under 18. And while we should, in no way condone that form of behavior, being caught off-guard could create a snowball effect that involves all members of the Police force who have nothing better to do on a quiet, sunny afternoon by a liquor store. Directed by Josiah Allen and Indianna Bell, this fun-loving short film will leave you confused in the best manner possible.1 (1)
  4. Wild
    You know how younger siblings can be a bit of a pain in the rear end? Well, Rosie Fields is having none of her brother’s BS, who is caught by the police for petty crimes. The way she reacts to the situation is…unconventional? Sure! Hilarious? Absolutely! Warranted? Probably, but it could’ve gone better! Directed by Kiara Milera, this comedic drama will give you all the funny feels!


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