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Lady Burra Brewhouse’s Newest Beer For Aussie Farmers

With thanks to Girl About Town for the information and images.

You know what’s better than realizing that tomorrow is Friday? Realizing that tomorrow’s choice of an after-work drink can be a brand new type of beer – all in the name of supporting our Aussie farmers!

Adelaide microbrewery fave Lady Burra Brewhouse will be pouring a limited edition strawberry beer, which has been crafted by talented head brewer Eliot Kirby. In addition to providing an aromatic essence and delivering in presentation and taste, $1 from each strawberry beer purchase will be donated towards Aussie Helpers – a Queensland-based charity that is currently providing support to our Aussie farmers, who have been impacted by the severe drought this year.

Boasting of a balanced combination of the brewery’s session ale + blended strawberries, the strawberry beer will present with a mildly bitter albeit refreshing strawberry tartness, with a creamy finish.

We added 20 kilos of fresh strawberries to a brew of session ale after four days of primary fermentation. It is the perfect beer for the warmer weather! – Eliot Kirby.

Since starting as Head Brewer in August this year, Eliot has had a strong vision for the Lady Burra brand, one which puts an emphasis on supporting local suppliers by incorporating seasonal fruits into the brewing process.

The strawberry beer will be available at Lady Burra Brewhouse from October 19, 2018 for a limited time. 

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