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Every (T2) Tea Has A Tale

Can you believe that Christmas is literally around the corner? Less than 5 Mondays away, to be more precise!

And if you’re like me and are surrounded by lots of friends and family who are avid tea-drinkers, then T2 Tea might just be your one-stop shop for all your gifting needs.

T2 Tea’s newest range Every Tea Has A Tale is packed with so many goodies that have a nostalgic touch to it, that the literary fan in you will have you fluttering with happiness. Not only is their packaging completely on point, but the flavors are perfectly matched to their namesake in a manner that will whisk you away to a world of joy, happiness, and relaxation.


Think of lots of vibrant colors, intricate details in the packaging, and super cute and quirky elements that make anything from T2’s Every Tea Has A Tale range a truly festive and exciting one.

The new teas that have come in can be enjoyed hot or cold, but given how intense our Australian summer can get, I’d highly suggest investing in a Jug-a-lot, in order to enjoy the teas chilled:

Couple with the cute, bite-sized Apple Crumble Cookies and you’re in for a dessert in a drink!


Offering a range of teawares that are painted in bright colors of red, blue, purple, and green (to highlight a few), the new range is saturated with beautiful looking tea cups and tea pots that are fit to enjoy a tea party out in the balmy weather! My personal favourite, however, is the T2 x Matt Larkin Mug with Infuser, which comes with an impressive lid with a surprising message hidden underneath. Complete the look with a Nutcracker infuser and you’ll be the star of the party, no doubt!


Recently, I had one of those weeks that absolutely wiped me out. Working 6 days straight across 3 jobs warranted a day of a pure treat-yo’self-sesh, which involved a relaxing bubble bath. To add to the beautiful ambience, I used these new, limited edition candles by T2 separately on 2 different occasions:

The Night Market Nomad Candle is one that I used on a day when I wanted to feel rejuvenated and re-energized. Packed with ginger and lemongrass, this scent is so distinct that it freshens up the entire home in no time!


The Once Upon A Lullaby candle was used on a day that demanded a time to unwind, escape reality for a bit, and loosen up a bit! It has a subtle aroma that is bound to make you feel like you’re being taken away to a true dreamland. Involving the scent of jasmine and lavender, this one served up a real treat!


Bonus: you get all your tea goodies gift wrapped FOR FREE if you are a Tea Society member! And if you’re not, then you’re missing out on monthly discounts, exclusive tastings, and much much more, so make sure you jump on the benefits of being a Tea Society member here:


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