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Ambra Liqueurs – Interview

One of the most recognizable and reputable businesses in South Australia has revolutionized the way Adelaidians can (and should) enjoy the true taste of limoncello.

Jointly run by two Adelaidian locals with Italian backgrounds, Nando Focareta & Peppe Fusco have managed to create a long-lasting trend of enjoying liqueurs that are made using an authentic, 100% Italian family-sourced recipe. Since taking over the business from Libero De Luca in 2015, Ambra Liqueurs has now extended their range to 8 delicious flavours of liqueurs:

  • Ambra Orange
  • Ambra Almond
  • Ambra Chocolate Orange
  • Ambra Limoncello Cream
  • Ambra Limoncello
  • Ambra Cappuccino
  • Ambra Tangelo
  • Ambra Blood Orange

In addition to that, Nando and Peppe have also introduced a great range of summer-friendly sweet treats that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone who loves limoncello. Their website also offers a recipe section, where you can add a touch of Ambra to your baked goods and become a bartender in your own home!

What has appealed to me most about Ambra Liqueurs is that the products not only taste AMAZING (read: silky smooth, velvety flavours that just melt in your mouth with the first bite / sip), but that they are run by two seriously genuine people, who are all about pleasing their customers and sharing a family recipe of Limoncello – a flavour that has so many versatile ways of being enjoyed – with the rest of Adelaide, South Australia, and Australia!

Having happily supported this business since 2015, I was fortunate enough to do a short and sweet interview with Nando, where we talked about the evolution of the business and the many ways people can enjoy and experience all the wonderful things that it has on offer – have a read of our exchange below:

Tema: Who are the faces behind Ambra Liqueurs?
Nando Focareta and Peppe Fusco are old school friends, who saw an opportunity to create a special business and local brand. 

Tema: How did the concept of Ambra Liqueurs become a reality?
Nando: The business was started in 1998 by the original owner Liber De Luca, as a hobby to be the first Limoncello producer in Australia. Since then, the business has become recognizable as South Australia’s source for authentic Limoncello.

Tema: Why a focus on Limoncello?
Nando: Given how it’s known worldwide as a favourite Italian Liqueur, we thought it would be imperative to make it using an authentic recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation.


Tema: What would you say is the most popular item at your shop?
Nando: I’d say the Limoncello and Cappuccino are among crowd favourites.

Tema: What do you hope for your customers to experience, when purchasing anything from Ambra Liqueurs?
Nando: We hope that our customers will get to experience the authenticity and delicious flavours of our liqueurs and simultaneously appreciate a product that is locally made and handcrafted right here in South Australia.

One of the newest additions to the Ambra Family – Ambra Blood Orange

Tema: What would you say is an ideal “Ambra experience”?
Nando: The ideal Ambra Experience would be taking the opportunity to have a tasting of all of our products (we have torrone, chocolates, ice pops – all made with limoncello as the signature ingredient!), and also coming along to our monthly events, where you can try some of our Ambra Spritz’s or Cocktails.


Tema: Why should people come and visit you at your Thebarton home?
Nando: By visiting our cellar door, you will receive a free tasting of all of our products and get to hear how they are all made right on the property!

Tema: Where else can people buy Ambra merchandise and products?
Nando: You can find Ambra Liqueurs stocked at your local First Choice Liquor, Dan Murphys, and Fassina SA Family Liquor Stores.

Tema: Do you primarily use your shop front + online store or do you make appearances at markets as well?
Nando: While we run a number of events and functions at our Cellar Door, we also make appearances at local markets, events, and food shows – in Adelaide / South Australia as well as around Australia. We also have a 3-wheeled Italian Piaggio mobile bar, who goes by the name Sophia, which is fully stocked with Ambra delicacies to be enjoyed by plenty of customers at local events and functions. Sophia is available for hire for private functions – we provide the catering, the products, and the glassware – all you need to do is enjoy what Ambra goodness and even go ahead and take photos with the showstopper!


Tema: What do you think is rewarding about being a local, small-scale business in South Australia?
Nando: By buying from a small scale business in South Australia, you are not only supporting local quality products (which we ensure are at a very high quality), but you also have the chance to meet with local suppliers and see the effort, hard work, and dedication that goes on behind the scenes to produce something that is exquisite and wonderful to enjoy, wherever you may be.

Tema: What do you think is challenging about being a local, small-scale business in South Australia?
Nando: Being a small scale business in South Australia can be challenging, with regards to competing with large global brands in a very small marketing space. However, we do the best we can and we hope that our customers will be able to pick up our products and find every aspect of it (from branding to marketing to quality of the finished product) appealing and attractive.

Tema: Is there anything else that you’d like our readers / your customers to know about Ambra Liqueurs?
Nando: Please don’t hesitate to come to one of our events, as you can truly experience the essence of Ambra Liqueurs and also understand our story and how we’ve evolved to become the business that we are today!

43 Phillips Street, Thebarton SA 5031

Opening hours

  • Cellar Door
    Wed – Fri 9am – 5pm
  • Spritz Bar
    Friday 5pm til late.
  • Open first Saturday of the month from 1-5pm

Official website

Social media
Facebook // Instagram

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