Sandra Girardo (Fridge Detox Project) – Interview

Hoping to help individuals with choosing a healthier and more nutritious way of living, The Fridge Detox Project by Sandra Girardo is a movement that has been designed to start making good choices in the kitchen and simultaneously, create an aesthetically pleasing fridge that will be stocked with all the good stuff required for a nurturing and healthy mind, body, and soul.

I was fortunate enough to score an e-interview with Girardo, where we talked about her passions around maintaining a nutritious and healthy lifestyle and how the concept of The Fridge Detox Project became a reality – have a read of our exchange below:

Tema: Can you please tell us a bit about yourself, Sandra?
Sandra: I am a local gal, who worked in Allied health for 7 years, During this time, I completed a certificate in Personal training, health, and nutrition coaching. I started this journey 10 years ago. I’m currently on a path to nourish my gut health problems that were so extreme from gut pain, tiredness, mood swings, brain fog, bad skin and hair… the list goes on! I started reading, watching, learning and attending seminars on how certain foods could nourish and prevent illnesses. I was amazed with what I was learning. I wanted a career change and focused on healing others in a manner that would make them feel the same way that I was feeling about foods. I was inspired to teach others what I knew. I wanted to empower others to be all things healthy, fit, and expand their wellness. If I’m not at home experimenting with the next amazing recipe for my clients and my guinea pigs (the family!), you’ll find me at the gym getting my butt kicked by my fiancé at his boutique gym E-Squared Studios; 5-6 times weekly! However, my love lies at the beach – in the water, enjoying the sand between my toes, and having fun with my teenage daughters and fiancé. When I’m researching for recipes, I’ll often head off and visit the Adelaide central market or you’ll even find me supporting the small local business supermarkets / fruit and veg shops / and organic fruit and veg places.

Tema: What are you hoping to achieve through the FDP?
Sandra: I want to help others achieve their goals around getting good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. I want to help them make better choices for their unique bodies. I want to help others gain a sense of balance in their lives. I want to help others on eating foods that nourish the body and soul. I also want to help them understand how certain foods can help them individually, and not worry about dieting or calorie counting.

Tema: What are some ways that you’re aiming to improve people’s lives by making good nutritional / healthier choices?
Sandra: I’d like to be able to use my skills, my knowledge, and my resources to help others fall (back) in love with their bodies. We are unique in every way and we need to feed our bodies with what works for us and un-diet themselves. I want my clients to nourish from the inside to the outside. Being healthy is about how we think, how we move our bodies, and how we feed it. Every client is an individual with their own needs – no one client is the same. That’s what I love about my job – there’s always someone unique waiting for your expertise to step in and embrace that uniqueness!


Tema: Where do you think people tend to (typically) struggle the most, when it comes to being nutritionally conscious about what’s in their fridge / when they go grocery shopping?
Sandra: I think a supermarket can be overwhelming, but they just have the most amazing items on offer. So, we tend to over-buy and then waste. The big struggle; I believe; is that we are all becoming busier and busier – be it with kids, with careers, or with families. So, meal planning doesn’t happen and as a result, there’s not enough nutrition that is factored into the meals, which is due to over-exhaustion, burn-out, or tiredness. People tend to resort towards having easy meals, which may not necessarily tick the boxes for good nutrition for their bodies.

Tema: Have you been in this career for a while or did you recently make a switch from another career pathway?
Sandra: I have been meaning to have a career change and focus on what I love the most. The past 10 years of learning have led me to this career change. In addition, I’m also learning about wellness and nutrition daily. It’s a world full of new diets and new foods that have been recognized for something new that can help heal or nourish the body. There’s never a dull moment in the day for me at Fridge Detox Project!

Tema: Can you briefly talk us through your different packages that you offer? How did you come up with the different options?
Sandra: All the packages are simple and fairly straightforward on the Fridge Detox Project website, but they all go hand in hand to understand how we can make changes to our eating habits. If they’re wanting a day with me, which I’m easy to entertain with coffee ha-ha no seriously the entire services I have to offer. It’s a day to overhaul themselves and get a on track with who they are and be educated with some amazing tools. We talk goals, visit the local supermarket and get an understanding of what not to get hooked into with supermarket marketing. Learn how to understand and love reading labels and look out for what can be harmful for your body. Then we shop together and go back into their humble home and enjoy making some wholesome meals and help them meal plan. Discuss how not to waste and conserve what they’re buying. Strategies movement in their journey and mindset on how to stick with this new Project. Ahhh its amazing. What can I say the options I have also can be on a single service and you’ll still be amazed with the information I will upload in to your mind?

Tema: With your local supermarket tour, what supermarkets would you primarily focus on helping your customers make better choices, with regards to their grocery shopping?
Sandra: I focus on what’s available to the clients we are so busy already I want them to have more time enjoying life and less time running around sourcing produce. If I had to endorse Id say the Adelaide Central Market. One stop deliciousness every turn you make. We are very lucky to have supermarket now supplying amazing fruit and vegetables. And have a great selection for every kind of foodie.

Tema: Do you have a favourite (or a bunch of favourites) that you are hoping to support through this journey?
Sandra: No, we are spoilt these days supermarket have come along way, they make sure the consumers and happy. And the supply of fresh produce is amazing!

Tema: What do you think is great about starting your own business?
Sandra: I love work, life balance. And the fact that I can wake up everyday and be grateful that I can work with clients that are amazing, they love my food that l supply and plus love the fact that I can do what I love for my clients and be accountable with them on their journey. Its happiness for everyone.

Tema: What do you think is challenging about starting your own business?
Sandra: No challenge I love what I do. In Business we tend to lend ourselves too much and I try to make sure that I always, always finish at the time that I say, and I stand by my work life balance. This is so important to my clients because I want them to have a fresh and cantered me.


Tema: Is there anything else that you’d like your audience / our readers to know about the FDP?
Sandra: FDP. I started this to support and encourage everyone to UN DIET and love and enjoy what foods are to offer. To not obsess over calorie counting. To nourish the body to protect it from illnesses as much as we can. To have life balance. To enjoy cooking again and be confident with what they buy and how it should be used. I’m here to help you…. Sandra xo

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With thanks to Girl About Town for the interview opportunity + images supplied.

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