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Sweetface Sprinkles – Interview

I think I’ve found a new, lovely friend, who goes by the name Kristy Rebbeck. A quick scroll through her Instagram account for her brilliant, little business Sweetface Sprinkles has already got me drooling to the point that my sweet tooth can’t take it anymore!

Sweetface Sprinkles is exactly what it sounds like – a selection of sweet treats that are adorned in sprinkles of every possible color of the rainbow! Stepping up the baking game by incorporating the power and beauty of sprinkles, Sweetface Sprinkles by the Royal Adelaide Show first place award winning macaron maker aims to offer their customers with the opportunity to try something new, exciting, and delectable to indulge in – guilt-free, of course – along with enjoying something that not only looks pretty, but tastes naughtily delicious!

Credit: Jody Allen Photography & Sweetface

In anticipation of their appearance at the upcoming Gathered SA Markets next weekend (March 30 + 31), I was fortunate enough to conduct an interview with Kristy via Jenna O’Dell (owner of Gathered SA) – have a read of our exchange below:

Tema: Can you please tell us a bit about yourself, Kristy?
Kristy: I work in marketing for my day job, but am a baker by night! Sweetface Sprinkles is definitely my side hustle, but it gives me the opportunity to delve into my creative side and also have some fun. I found that I was always happiest when I was in a creative space, so I wanted to do something extra that made me happy. Sweetface Sprinkles is an outlet for me to show my creative side, and also a great excuse to have a house full of sprinkles!

Tema: How long have you been running Sweetface Sprinkles for? How have you found the journey of your business so far?
Kristy: It’s been going for around 18 months now – slow and steady. I definitely can’t retire any time soon, but my sales and my following have increased a lot over the last year.

Tema: What would you say about Sweetface Sprinkles to someone who may not have heard of you before? What do they need to know about your business, straight away?
Kristy: We create vibrant sprinkle mixes for creative bakers. We comb the globe looking for the best sprinkles and cake toppers that we can find and create innovative mixes. All have individual names and personalities, so not only can you top your baked goods with these beauties, but you can hopefully get a bit of a giggle as well.

Tema: What inspired you to open a business and create your gorgeous sweet treats? What does the creative process look like? How long does it take you (on average) to create your goodies?
Kristy: I am a baker myself and was struggling to find sprinkle mixes that I loved and that were unique. While I love the generic hundreds and thousands, I was finding that I wanted something a little different to use on my own creations – that’s where Sweetface was born. I often come up with the names while I am lying in bed at night, or in front of my computer at work – mainly times when I am supposed to be doing something other than thinking about sprinkles! Then, I come up with the colour combinations that I think would fit the personality of the mix name and story. The creating side is definitely the fun part! I also create custom mixes for people – so, if they have a particular colour or theme that they are after, then I can create something that matches. I have made mixes for all sorts, anything from Hungry Little Caterpillar parties to a Lego theme.



Credit: Jody Allen Photography & Sweetface Sprinkles

Tema: What would you say are some of your most popular products?
Kristy: It really depends on the time of the year. I have a couple of limited edition Christmas themed mixes, such as “All The Jingle Ladies” and “A Frosty Reception”, so they are, of course, popular at the end of the year. My most popular mix at the moment is my Easter creation, “Now You’re Just Some Bunny That I Used To Know”. That one has a lovely combination of pastel colours and some teeny Easter eggs, so they are flying out the door!

Tema: Do you have a physical shopfront? If not, where can people purchase your super cute sweet treats?
Kristy: No physical shop front yet, so I primarily sell online through my website
 and my Etsy shop. But, as I am based in Adelaide and I really prefer not to add an additional price for postage, I often arrange delivery or pick up for local customers. I often meet people in a central location for what feels like a seedy sprinkle exchange! Plus, I sell at selected markets throughout the year too.

Tema: How do you keep things new and fresh at Sweetface Sprinkles?
Kristy: I try and come up with different mixes as often as I can, but really, I try to keep my marketing new and exciting. We often do creative photo shoots, where I bake and come up with a variety of ideas to show off the sprinkles. They are a lot of fun!

Credit: Jody Allen Photography & Sweetface Sprinkles

Tema: Are there any specific events that you cater for / make regular appearances at?
Kristy: I often sell at Etsy Markets, but also at other various markets around Adelaide.

Tema: How did you get involved with Gathered SA?
Kristy: This will be my first Gathered SA Market and I am super excited about it. Another maker friend of mine suggested it to me as she loved participating in one before. I also haven’t sold at a two day market yet either, so I am looking forward to meeting lots of people.

Tema: What do you hope for your customers to experience, when they purchase from Sweetface Sprinkles?
Kristy: I hope that they love not only the mix but also the story and thought behind each packet. As I do everything myself from buying, mixing, packaging and brand creation, I am really passionate about all of my products. I have occasional help selling at markets from my lovely niece, but the majority of Sweetface Sprinkles is myself. So, I do hope that all of my customers can see my passion and they love my sprinkles as much as I do.

Tema: What do you think is rewarding about being a small scale business in SA?
Kristy: The making market in Adelaide is amazing and super supportive. I have had so many other people who are as passionate as I am and help me out with a variety of things, which has been excellent.

Tema: What do you think may be challenging about being a small scale business in SA?
Kristy: Definitely the pool of people. Market selling is so dependent on the community and obviously larger cities get larger crowds. But, selling online definitely helps to bridge that gap. I sell all over the world and have some great supportive customers all around Australia.

Credit: Jody Allen Photography & Sweetface Sprinkles

Tema: What do you think helps your business stand out from the rest?
Kristy: There aren’t a lot of businesses like Sweetface Sprinkles locally. My product is quite unique and that’s something I am proud of. I try to make a point of difference too with the brand that I have created. Also, hopefully the personal touch for locals’ sales helps me to stand out too!

Tema: Why should people support Sweetface Sprinkles?
Kristy: I have always had the philosophy that buying local is better. There are a lot of big players in the baking scene and some similar companies in Canada and the US, but, I think local makers deserve support. You can speak to me directly and see me face to face at markets – you can’t do that with other sprinkle suppliers! Plus, my products are really unique – I can even make a special mix just for you (the supermarket can’t)!

Tema: Is there anything else that you’d like our readers and your customers to know about Sweetface Sprinkles?
Kristy: I think that baking and creating in the kitchen should be super fun and not a chore, and I really believe that Sweetface Sprinkles can help make this happen. I love what I do and I hope that shines through in every single pack.

Official website

Etsy Shop

Social media
Facebook // Instagram

Interview conducted by Fatema Sitabkhan
Photos by Jody Allen Photography & Sweetface Sprinkles.
With thanks to Jenna O’Dell from Gathered SA

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