ADL Film Fest – Pop Up Event


The Adelaide Film Festival Pop Up Event is happening THIS WEEKEND from April 5 – 7 and while it is a short and sweet off-season event, it’s going to be nothing short of glamorous and film-tacular!

Held at the G U Film House on Hindley Street, guests will be able to enjoy Gala screenings of two ADL Film Fest-funded films – Animals and Top End Wedding – both of which celebrated their world premieres at the Sundance Film Festival. There will be red carpet events, meet-and-greets with filmmakers, and Q&A opportunities to learn more about each of these films’ stories and BTS action, so all in all, a very wholesome three days that will be jam packed with the best of local cinema goodness.

What’s Animals about?

A story of two friends – Laura and Tyler – who live in Dublin and tackle the expectations of being a modern woman in the acting industry. As they progress in their lives (and careers), they come across a fork in the road, where they must decide whether “living a life […] might mean leaving someone else behind”.

Book your tickets to Animals
Gala screening // Q&A


What’s Top End Wedding about?

Following the story of a newly engaged couple – Lauren and Ned – who embark on an adventure in the Northern Territory in the search of a family relative, there will be picturesque landscape shots of the Top End and memorable characters that make this dream of a Top End Wedding come true and simultaneously learn a bit about family in the process.

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Gala screening // Q&A


And if you want to make the absolute most of this 3-day extravaganza, why not head to the new Sparkke Bar on Whitmore Square for Books and Booze?

Books and Booze is exactly what it sounds like! A chat with Animals director Sophie Hyde and screenwriter and novelist Emma Jane Unsworth, guests will be able to hear of the story of the adaptation of Emma Jane’s novel into Sophie’s critically-acclaimed feature. Accompanied by a drink (or few) supplied by female-led Sparkke at their brand new bar on Whitmore Square.

Buy tickets to Books and Booze here:

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I’ll be attending all three events, in collaboration with Adelaide Film Festival, so if you see me around, don’t hesitate to say hi and share a drink (or few) with me at the Gala screenings or at the After Party events at West Oak Hotel and Lion Arts Factory on Friday and Saturday respectively! I’ll also be posting lots of BTS goodness and event stories on my Instagram, so come join in the fun and get social with me!

*With thanks to Adl Film Fest for the information and images.

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