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The Wharf, Glenelg – Interview

After a moment of downpour on a chilly Saturday morning 2 weekends ago, the sun came out to play for a bit, whilst myself and a bunch of friends – old and new – made our way to The Wharf in Marina Pier to celebrate their breakfast menu launch. From smashed avocado to bacon and eggs to Belgian waffles, there’s a decent and generous selection of dishes to enjoy by the beautiful Glenelg foreshore.

In anticipation of the breakfast service being offered by The Wharf , I was able to have a brief interview with manager Snehal Sinha – have a read of our exchange below:

Tema: Who are the faces behind The Wharf?
Snehal: The faces behind The Wharf are Darren and Sonya, They have owned and ran The Wharf for 10 years and do an amazing job to support the staff.

Tema: How did the concept of The Wharf become a reality?
Snehal: When we took over from the old Pizza restaurant, we could see that there was a need for the service and quality of food that we now provide. We have a fluid structure that keeps us modern with current trends.


Tema: How many people can be seated at a time at The Wharf (indoors + outdoors)?
Snehal: We have a full capacity of doing 125 people inside and another 35 outside.

Tema: How long has The Wharf been a part of the Marina Pier family?
Snehal: The Wharf has been on the marina for 10 years and it’s been an absolute dream so far, with the panoramic views of the Glenelg foreshore, the fresh sea breeze, and the abundance of local produce that goes towards the creations of some of our most delicious dishes.

Tema: What is the first thing that people need to know about The Wharf?
Snehal: Our passion to deliver quality food and service to our customers is paramount.


Tema: What type of atmosphere do you hope for The Wharf to provide to the customers?
Snehal: We like to think that we offer a relaxed casual feel to our customers, whilst being located minutes away from the Bay. 

Tema: What would you say is one of your most popular dishes?
Snehal: Seafood chowder – time and time again. No matter the time of year, customers love it and tend to devour the dish to their heart’s content!

Tema: What would you say is one of your most recommended dishes?
Snehal: We always recommend the chefs specials! With the creativity that comes out of the team in there, it would be foolish not to.

Tema: What made you decide to open The Wharf for breakfast?
Snehal: It was over a coffee with the Darren (the owner) discussing what the Marina is missing and we feel it is something we can deliver well.


Tema: What is the ideal Wharf experience?
Snehal: We hope that our customers leave loving the experience that we offer. We are not here just to take orders and serve food. From Sarah joking with the customers to Pete (our chef) coming out to chat with the customers, we like to think that we offer more than just food and beverage.

Tema: How long are you hoping to offer breakfast on weekends at The Wharf?
Snehal: We will be offering breakfast all year round. We really can not judge the success until we have done a full 12 months.

Tema: What do you think helps your brekkie menu stand out from the rest?
Snehal: The quality of produce used. We aim to use and support local as much as we can.


Tema: How would you describe your breakfast menu to first-time customers?
Snehal: Beachfront views with freshly made breakfast and a side of Mimosa’s (we don’t judge!), where you can sit and watch the waves crash, while biting into your smashed avocado!

Tema: Is there anything else that you’d like your customers to know about The Wharf?
Snehal: We are dedicated to creating a quality experience for our customers. Every person that walks through our doors deserves to be treated like a star celebrity and this is what we aim to deliver.

Official website

Social media
Facebook // Instagram

Opening hours
Sat + Sun: 8am – 11am for breakfast

With thanks to JLL for the invite to the launch of the event.

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