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Age Your Own Whisky at 23rd Street Distillery

23rd Street Distillery in Renmark may have been around for a while (a little over a 100 years now!), but since being resurrected in 2016, the distillery has been in the spotlight consistently for their quality Gins that are produced right here in the Riverland region of South Australia!

After recently launching their new (and slightly more convenient) location on Melbourne Street, 23rd Street Distillery has had some pretty exciting ventures that have attracted their audiences (new  and prospective) time and time again.


Having known to recently expand beyond their expertise of producing Gin, 23rd Street Distillery is now offering a unique interactive and luxury experience to their whisky lovers with an Age Your Own Whisky experience. Customers engaging in this exclusive adventure will be given the prime opportunity to personalize their own whisky by the barrel – selecting barrel size, strength and aging time – to create the ultimate custom blend.

Whether you decide to take advantage of this experience at their location in Renmark, on Melbourne Street, or in interstate outlets, you will also be spoilt with a private tour of the Distillery (in real time at the Renmark location or through the VR experience at the Melbourne Street location) and enjoy a whisky tastings run by Master Distiller Graham Buller, where you will learn about the distilling process, see their individual barrel, and return in 2 – 10 years’ time to take home the final product.

We are passionate about crafting premium whiskies, and want to give our audience a taste of what we love about the distilling and aging process through the ‘Age your Own’ Program.
– Graham Buller (Twenty Third Street Distillery’s Master Distiller)

Interested in the Age Your Own experience? Register your interest by emailing

Official website

– Twenty Third St, Renmark SA 5341
– 129 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide SA 5006

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With thanks to Girl About Town for the information + images.

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