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Gathered SA – Style Challenge

It’s been just a bit over a year since I went to my first Gathered SA Style Challenge, but the magic of this unique event still stays strong, as I experienced at this year’s Style Challenge on Wednesday night (June 25), in anticipation of their upcoming Winter market!

Hosted by Jenna O’Dell (founder of Gathered SA), a myriad of wonderful South Australian businesses came together to create a playground that was much appreciated by influencers and market stall holders alike. While what we witnessed was just a handful of the many incredible businesses that will be participation at the Winter Market on July 13 + 14, the night provided with an excellent snapshot of what market-goers were in for. The grand and majestic space of the Queens Theatre (on Playhouse Lane, just off Currie Street), offered a haven for local businesses to congregate under one roof and provide us with a range of their products that we styled across the different stations.

Station #1: Black & White Station
A favourite station that included elements of a minimalist look was the black and white station. A collective and rustic set-up by Gathered SA, By The Oaktree, Caso Light N Sound, Hope Blooms Floristry, BeSpoke 2, and Festival Hire, the space encompassed my favourite dried flowers – fluffy cotton flowers – that were carefully installed in a white pot, as it sat in front of dried and dreamy leaves that might as well be a staple in any modern household. The station also featured a range of beautiful embossed and engraved works by BeSpoke 2, which were also complemented by the beautiful photographic works by Amelia McLeod Photography and Sophie Mosss.

Clutch by Scarlett Bird Handmade, scrunchies by Three of Me, wines by Sidewood Estate

Station #2: Pink Station
An obvious favourite station of mine was the pink station, which was adorned with a welcoming peacock chair that was decorated in flowers, as it sat aside an impressive feature wall that was covered in lights and leaves – all of which was lit up in a moody and sultry pink backdrop. A collaboration between the team efforts of Gathered SA, By The Oaktree, Caso Light n Sound, and Hope Blooms Floristry, it’s safe to say that I spent a majority of my night here!

Pink station

Station #3: Blue & Green Station
The blue and green station was another fantastic installation that perfectly captured the colors of the Gathered SA logo for the Winter edition, thanks to the innovative ideas by Gathered SA and By The Oaktree. This station was dressed with a gorgeous, royal blue / emerald blend + gold princess chair with velvet and silky tones, along with an attractive light display of the lines of the Gathered SA logo that was lit up in tones of turquoise and teal, thanks to the efforts of Caso Light n Sound. A particular addition that almost gave me Christmas-in-July vibes was the (literal) star-studded flower display by Hope Blooms Floristry, which was illuminated in a moody light from the Gathered logo installation.

Blue and Green station with the Gathered SA logo

Station 4: The Flat Lay Station
A flat lay station by Gathered SA, Festival Hire, and Caso Light N Sound (fully equipped with step ladders!) was exciting the foodie in me! I don’t think I was able to keep track of just how many delicious foods and drinks were making their way to this station, but I was consistently drawn back to it, through the aromas emanating from each dish. There were sweet and savory options on the table and it’s no surprise that by the end of the night, we were mostly busy eating our props rather than photographing them (oops!). Nonetheless, I was able to scour what little remained and here’s a snapshot of just some of the vendors, who will be delivering market-goers with the much-needed fuel to keep us shopaholics on our toes:

Baos, wines, Gin, coffee liqueurs, and cakes galore in the food & drink scene at Gathered SA

What to expect from the upcoming Gathered SA market

In the clothing department, we have Scarlett Bird Handmade with the ever-so-colorful and eye-popping patterned clothing, the minimalist and elegant jumpsuits and clothing by Valente The Label, and the perfectly stylish clothing for the wintery days in Adelaide, courtesy Iris & Wool. For the little kiddies who aren’t afraid to venture out of their comfort zones, kids clothing by Cobolt Kids is all about injecting a sense of individuality and character through their label.

Of course, no outfit is complete without the charm of accessories, and rightfully so, there are a ton of choices available:

Household accessories
Every house can be made into a home with a bit of TLC and lucky for you, there are so many wonderful businesses offering just the right stuff to make your abode an environment-friendly, stylish, and inviting space:

  • Kitchen items
    For the kitchen, practise some sustainability and keep your food feeling fresh for days, thanks to the vibrant and nurturing patterns reusable wraps by Humblee Eco. If you’re not a chef (yet) in the kitchen, why not have a go at cooking up a storm and stepping up an otherwise bland dish with some gourmet condiments by the aptly named SpiceGirlz Gourmet? And while you’re at it, why not marry the artisan knives (that are produced using recycled materials) by Richard Cooper of Dog Boy Knives with the custom-made timber chopping boards by MS Wood to create that perfect salad or stir-fry or whatever else you’d like to make to feed your mind, body, and soul? You can also add to your kitchen with your signature style ceramic tea set, courtesy Xanthe Murphy! Murphy will be running 2x workshops on July 14, where you will learn to make your very own mug, saucer, and spoon (all materials included)!We promise that by buying something from each of these businesses, you’ll most likely have one of the most celebrated kitchens that is equipped with some of SA’s finest!
  • Artworks
    Spruce up the house with calming scripted prints by BeSpoke 2, who will be doing custom embossing live on-site! From journals to printed artworks to diaries, you can be rest assured that Christine will use her magic to create calligraphic wonders in no time! To complement them, you can also purchase oceanic-themed resin artwork from Belong Design or Bec By Design, which can be placed against gorgeous dried flowers / wreaths by Flowers in Nature.
    Want to make your own watercolor pieces of art? Well, you’re in luck, because Pizzle Paints will be offering 4x workshop opportunities during the market weekend: July 13 10am slot // 1pm slot, July 14 10am slot // 1pm slot, as will Belong Design (workshop bookings: July 13 at 10am and 1pm).
  • Candles and essential oils
    If you want the house to smell as fresh as a sunny spring day in the meadows, make sure you get a candle (or five) from Primrose Hill Set, who stocks up with floral and unique aromas (Roses & Sunshine vs cucumber Gin & Tonic). Essential oils by Meridian Essentials or Earthie by Kate will bring a new level of calm and tranquility to your home, while the funky designs of cushions, tea towels, and glass accessories by Georgia James will add that extra oomph to your space.
Multicolored tray by Bec By Design, flower crown by Bloom Flower Crown, earrings by Ali Bull, scrunchies by Three of Me, clutch by Scarlett Bird Handmade, embossed bottle by BeSpoke 2

Photography services + works
We will be seeing two extremely talented photographers join the Gathered SA tribe this upcoming market – Sophie Mosss, who specializes in capturing beauty in black and white tones, and Amelia McLeod, who nails the art of portrait photography quite eloquently.

Photography in frame by Sophie Mosss, earrings by Ali Bull, trinket tray by Belong Design

On Style Challenge night, I was fortunate enough to be photographed by Amelia and she was able to work around my awkwardness so well, by giving me tips on how to pose, where to look, how to position myself and my accessories, and generally made me feel comfortable enough to get some stunning shots:

Food & Drink
No visit to the market is complete without some sustenance and the Gathered SA market scene is always brimming with a range of multicultural items on their menu:

  • Food
    Select from the zingy, wholesome, and flavour-filled paella by Hen’s Nuts Catering that will warm that winter belly up in no time, to the cute-looking and beautifully tasting baos by Bao Plus. Gathered SA regulars Gang Gang Co. will also be around and you simply won’t be able to go past their Cardi B (you’re welcome!), as will Moi An Vietnamese, whose chicken satay is to die for and probably the best authentic chicken satay meal that I’ve had in Adelaide thus far.
Paella by Hens Nuts Catering


  • Desserts
    If you’re like me and have a sweet tooth the size of a tiny human, then you’ll have so much fun exploring through the options of sweet treats and desserts that are lined up for the upcoming Gathered Design Market! We will be graced with the presence of Sassi Ice Cream, which specializes in creating unique ice cream flavours with a Middle Eastern twist. We will have some of the prettiest cakes ever by Thistle & Whey, adorable sweet treats by Astonish Patisserie, and quality pastries by CBD favourite Abbots & Kinney. We will also have crunchy waffles that are packed with gooey caramel syrup by Tachs Stroopwafels (which taste just as yummy the next day with a quick re-heat)!
Sweet treats from Thistle & Whey + Tachs Stroopwafels

Throughout the 2-day market weekend, market-goers will also enjoy the dreamy acoustic tunes by local vocal powerhouses Kat Raynor, Nathan Hansen, and Bek O’Neill. Having seen and heard all three of these talented musicians perform at previous Gathered SA markets, they have proven themselves to be just the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing and enjoyable time at the Queens Theatre.

Musician Nathan Hansen

Whether this will be your first time at Gathered SA or you’ve been a regular at these markets for a while, make sure you take a moment to bask in and appreciate the power of supporting local businesses. There’s something unique, authentic, and powerful about embracing our community and with this exquisite selection of individuals and businesses, you know that you’ll be paying for prime quality. I’ll be there on July 14 from 10am – 4pm, probably having a laughing fit / having an animated conversation with one or some vendors / participating in some workshops / snapping away some content for social media coverage, so don’t by shy (because I’m hella shy) – come and say hello! And whether it’s a small purchase or a big one at the market, know that you’ll be making someone do a happy dance by buying from them first-hand.

It’s cool and trendy to support local, so don’t be afraid to boldly represent that notion within the Gathered SA family of South Australian businesses!

Event details
What? Gathered Design Market
When? July 13 + 14
Where? Queens Theatre – Playhouse Lane (off Currie Street)
What time? 10am – 4pm on both days
How much? $2 entry fee 

With thanks to Jenna O’Dell from Gathered SA for the invite to the Style Challenge event.


3 thoughts on “Gathered SA – Style Challenge

    1. Hey Stephen! I think you did such a brilliant job by coming to the event and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone! You did such a great job getting content for others as well as yourself, so don’t discount your efforts in the slightest! If anything, it has hopefully ignited an even stronger sense of creativity within (you’re already amazing at it)!
      I hope to see you at the market for a snack and a drink! Thanks again for coming along with me – you have no idea how happy I was to see you!


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