Sea Shepherd Community Beach Clean-Up

It is estimated that every year, 1 million seabirds and 100,000 turtles and marine mammals such as dolphins, whales and seals die due to plastic pollution in the oceans.

In order to curb this issue and help preserve the beauty and sanctity of our beautiful oceans for our marine wildlife, Sea Shepherd Australias Marine Debris Campaign, which has been in operation since 2016, will be hosting a beach clean-up this Sunday (August 25) at Port Noarlunga between 10am 12pm.

Sea Shepherd Australias Marine Debris Campaign has been responsible for over 550 beach and waterway clean-ups across the country, which was made possible through the participation of 23,000 volunteers.

The aim of this community event is to offer everyone with the opportunity to not only have a great day out in the sunshine, but also play a pivotal role in helping keep our beaches and oceans clean from lethal plastic pollution that threatens all marine life. Port Noarlunga Jetty was selected as the location of choice for this prime event, in accordance with its celebration by Department of Environment and Waters (DEW) as the Marine Park of the Month.

Participants and spectators can expect to enjoy a range of fun and educational activities hosted by DEWs marine park rangers. The team from Experiencing Marine Sanctuaries will also be present, to talk about their public snorkeling events – many of which happen off the Port Noarlunga reef over summer.  Additionally, representatives from the ‘SA Men’s Health Club’ will also be around, where they will chat to those present about their welcoming social group, where the focus is to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of members and set a positive example for all men.

There will also be a 4.5km fun run at 10:15am that will be hosted by Jonathan McMillan, who is keen to raise awareness for his entry to the Bali Hope Run/Walk’ that will work towards raising money towards recycling facilities and education in Bali. Runners can either do the whole track or simply run as far as they’d like, followed by walking back to the Jetty and collecting rubbish along the way.

Event details
What? Sea Shepherd Community Beach Clean-Up
Where? Port Noarlunga Jetty
When? 10am – 1pm
Why? Because we’re running out of time to save our environment and our planet
What to bring? Buckets, gloves, tongs (although, these will be supplied in limited quantities)

Official website

Social media
Facebook – Page // Event


With thanks to Foster Hill PR for the information + images.

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