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Willow Bay Australia Launches Travel Bag Collection For Women

Having launched their brand in 2017, Adelaide-based fashion brand Willow Bay Australia (WBA) have created designs for women that can be seen as down-to-earth, urban, and most importantly, practical.

Co-owners Tammy Bishop and Hayley Norman are now taking their brand a step further by streamlining their label to offer a travel edit collection.

“This collection is hands-on and versatile, and is designed for almost any occasion. It’s a fun collection that blurs the line between travel, style, practicality and carry-alls.”
Hayley Norman (co-owner, Willow Bay Australia)

“The Weekender, Cabin and Duffel bags feature adjustable over the body straps for support. The Travel Edit collection is designed to be lightweight, so you can travel in comfort and style.”
Tammy Bishop (co-owner, Willow Bay Australia)

Some of the exciting options within the new collection include:

  • The Weekender Neoprene Bag, which is ideal for short and quick trips. The bag can be used to pack the essentials in their own designated compartments, thanks to the discreet internal pockets and spacious interior.
  • The Express Duffel Bag, which is made for the gym visits, brunch meetings, or even an overnight stay. It presents with a fun and casual look and has compartments that can carry the busy woman through her day-to-day tasks.
  • The cosmetic bag, which can be used on its own to store toiletries/cosmetics and can easily fit into the Weekender bag. This is going to be a huge hit for its level of functionality, in addition to being washable and lightweight – super ideal for those who are avid travellers.
  • The Neoprene Backpack, which comes in 4 colors, is equipped with 2 internal pockets and is large enough to carry a 13” laptop or iPad.


The ethos of WBA is to provide bags to women from any and all walks of life. Whether you’re a mom, a businesswoman, a student, or a backpacker, WBA hopes to combine the elements of functionality with style and elegance. Taking pride in their customer service, their beautiful designs, and the breathable (and washable) quality of their products, WBA works towards giving their customers a prime and positive experience through their bags that can be utilized for anything and everything.

However you choose to wear your Willow Bay bag, the brand has something for everyone, with exciting new ranges to be released soon.

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With thanks to Girl About Town for the information and images


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