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What’s In A Wine? Masterclasses at the National Wine Centre

Wine lovers – run, don’t walk!

The National Wine Centre will be hosting an exciting series of six wine tastings that will be packed with equal levels of entertainment and education around one of the most loved fermented drops made right here in Australia!

Open to people from all over the wine spectrum – those who have a dedicated wine cellar in their home to those who are still learning the art of appreciating wine – the masterclasses will be aimed at offering their attendees with the opportunity to expand their wine knowledge that will be complemented by wine varietals and food pairings. Expect to walk in and find yourselves immersed in a fun and interactive evening, where your tastebuds will be ready for a party unlike any other.

Hosted by the National Wine Centre’s charismatic head sommelier James Boden, attendees will be taken on a sensory-filled journey, where your tastebuds will be introduced to contrasts between grapes of the same variety grown in different locations, and how wine-and-food pairings are essential to make the most of the flavours mixing together. Throughout the masterclass, will also be short and informative guides around learning about the history of winemaking and wine variety trends.

Your entry to each masterclass will include the following:

  • Samplers of 6 wines
  • Step-by-step tutorial through a sensory interpretation of each wine
  • Knowledge and experience of our head Sommelier
  • A different (and stunning) venue within the National Wine Centre for each masterclass
  • Blind tasting (bonus)


Details about each masterclass are highlighted below:

  • Masterclass #1: Nebbiolo, A discovery – Australia vs Italy
    August 28 from 6pm – 8pm
    How much?
    What’s it about?
    Learning about Australian wineries that work with one of the greatest Italian grape varietals – Nebbiolo. Includes 3x Italian examples and 3x Australian examples for a compare and contrast.

  • Masterclass #2: Grenache – a battle of the Valleys!  Barossa vs Rhone
    September 25 from 6pm – 8pm
    How much?
    What’s it about?
    Learning about GSM, GMS and SGM blends and discovering the Southern Rhone. Includes 3x examples of Grenache blends and 3x examples from the Barossa Valley.
  • Masterclasses #3 + #4: Champagne Fest Masterclasses
    Two scintillating masterclasses for Champagne lovers that simply cannot be missed! Hosted by Sommelier, James and a panel of some of the best sparkling wine makers in Australia.

    Champagne Fest Class # 1

    October 27, 12pm – 12:45pm
    How much?
    $75 (includes complementary GA ticket to Champagne Fest)
    What’s it about?
    Learning about six (out of 3500) different producers from various parts of Champagne from Agrapart to Pierre Peters.

    Champagne Fest Class #2 : Better late, than never
    October 27, 2pm – 2:45pm
    How much?
    What’s it about?
    Learning about some of the favourite Late Disgorgement (L.D.) Champagnes and comparing them to the local varietals.
    Side note: LD (dégorgement tardif) refers to the late release of a Sparkling wine with an extended time on lees.


  • Masterclass #5: Is Chardonnay back in trend?
    November 27, 6pm – 8pm
    How much?
    What’s it about?
    Learning about the best Chardonnay in Australia – from the Adelaide Hills to Yarra Valley and a gem from Margaret River.
  • Masterclass #6: Aged Red Wine. Why bringing your best bottle to Christmas lunch is a bad idea
    December 4, 6pm – 8pm
    How much?
    What’s it about?
    Learning about the importance of savouring aged Australian reds and being introduced to some well-aged Aussie red wine gems.

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