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Enjoy Bottomless Pizza at The Noble Gentleman

Spring has finally sprung and it looks like the sunshine is here to stay!

So what better way to warm up than with some good ol’ wood-fired oven pizzas?

Oh sorry, I forgot the magic word: BOTTOMLESS.

That’s right – The Noble Gentleman in Topham Mall will be launching their Bottomless Pizza Wednesdays on September 4 (aka in 2 days’ time!) from 5:30pm onwards, where guests will be able to enjoy bottomless pizza slices from a menu that is prepared by  the Head Chef. Prepared fresh in their wood ovens, guests will be able to devour hand-served slices of pizzas, which will keep on gracing your plate and once you’re full, the pizzas will stop!

The Hump Day festivities will be stepped up a notch and the staff at The Noble Gentleman will be able to offer the opportunity for friends and family to come together and engage in a hearty feast for just $35 per person for adults (kids under 12 years can eat for free). Each table will be equipped with table makers in red and green – so, if you like what you’re eating (I mean, who doesn’t like pizzas?) and would like multiple serves flowing into your plate, leave the green maker on the table! Once you’re happy and satisfied with the indulgent meal(s), place the red maker on the table and the pizzas will stop. Of course, no hump-day meal is complete without a round of cocktails, so prepare to have a range of drink specials on offer to accompany this enjoyable night of dining.

Known for being a prime supporter of South Australian food and drink through their offerings on the menu, along with being the CBD’s only Cellar Door, The Noble Gentleman (which opened just over a year ago in August 2018) has created a setting that is equal parts intimate and social, thereby proving itself to be an ideal dining spot in the heart of the CBD for a number of occasions – be it a date, a group hangout, or a corporate event. They are also known for showcasing a different South Australian winery every month, so you can have the opportunity to meet and greet with the local winemakers, who offer complimentary wine tastings and take you on a deliciously educational journey to learn about their wines on the first Thursday of each month.

“Our CBD cellar door concept enables small, boutique wineries to show off their creations in a bustling, central location. These wineries don’t have their own cellar door, so we open our doors and allow them to use The Noble Gentleman as their very own for an entire month.”
Steven Kidd (The Noble Gentleman owner)

Bottomless Pizza Wednesdays kicks off September 4 from 5:30pm onwards at The Noble Gentleman in Topham Mall.

Official website

Social media
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Opening hours
Wednesdays: 4pm – late
Thursdays & Fridays: 11:30am – late
Saturdays: 5pm – late

Pizza with espresso martini and wine

inside chairs and tables

With thanks to Girl About Town for the information and images.

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