Coltish Boutique Moves To Goodwood

Coltish has been one of my favourite fashion boutiques to visit in Adelaide. Specializing in stocking Australian fashion labels that boast of stylish patterns that are placed on clothing that is comfortable, affordable, and timelessly on trend, Kate has collated a range of clothing and accessories that makes you feel like summer all-year-round and has a level of quality that allows for us to outfit-repeat with confidence and exuberance!

After spending a couple of years on King William Road in Hyde Park, Coltish moved to their new home on Goodwood Road a couple of weeks ago. I did an interview with Kate late last year to bring you her story. Now, after nearing a month in her new shopfront that is decorated in pastel pink and white hues, is decorated with straw-bamboo blend hammocks hanging from the ceiling, has shrubs and plants brightening up little nooks of the space and overall, looks like a mini tropical getaway, I was able to chat with Kate about her anticipation from moving her shopfront to a new location. Have a read of our exchange below:

Tema: How long have you been on Goodwood Road and how are you settling in?
Kate: It’s just been a month – and it’s flown by! 
We are absolutely loving it! It’s been like starting off with a clean slate. We love the space that we’re in and we love the Goodwood community. All of our neighbours are fantastic and so friendly.

Tema: What are you hoping for your customers to experience at your new location?
Kate: We’re providing exactly the same warm & friendly service, but because of this location, we get to offer our customers a much wider range of beautiful clothing that we weren’t able to, back at our old location. We have the same vision – to provide the every day woman with beautiful, effortless fashion, at affordable prices, with a relaxed, down-to-earth atmosphere.


Tema: How have you found the move to Goodwood Road so far?
Kate: It has only been a month, but I can already tell you that it was the best decision we’ve made. We’re able to offer our customers a lot more, without the hassle of ongoing roadworks.

Tema: What are you anticipating from the move?
Kate: We’re anticipating growth! Because we are able to cut down on our expenses by being on Goodwood Road, we’re able to put more money back into the business and that is why you’ll be seeing a reintroduction of some amazing Australian brands that we have had in the past, as well as some new favourites.


Tema: What would you like your customers to know about you – particularly those who may be new to your business?
Kate: Coltish has been in business for 3 years now. We were originally located on King William Road, but because of the significant disruption to trading due to the roadworks, we decided to make the move to Goodwood Road when our lease ended in July. We’re a super small, family-run business (it’s just Mum and myself!) and we’re very down-to-earth, slightly shy women who love beautiful clothes that make us feel good.

Wearing the Jaase Celine Mini Dress – Julieta


Tema: What do you currently stock at Coltish?
Kate: We carry some amazing Australian labels at affordable prices without compromising on quality, with a strong focus on slow-fashion and sustainable practices. Some of the slow fashion labels you will find in our boutique are Kinga Csilla, Lune Resort, Indian Summer Co. and Buddha WearWe are also stockists of the insanely popular Jaase brand, who provides with gorgeous, Bohemian-inspired styles at really affordable prices, in a diverse size range (8-16), and Australian favourite Staple the LabelIn the future, you can expect to see Rue Stiic, Bird & Kite, The Wolfgang, Superga, Rolla’s Jeans and so much more. Keep your eyes peeled and sign up to our newsletter for all the updates!

Wearing the Jaase Delia Mini Dress – Adora


Tema: Is there anything else that you’d like us to know about you and your business?
Kate: Only that we love what we do, we get such a kick out of helping customers find something that they love. Mum does an actual happy dance after each sale – it’s the cutest thing you’ll ever see! We hope that we can keep bringing our customers the most beautiful fashion, for years and years to come.

Wearing the Jaase Clover Top – Priska


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