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The (October) Gathered SA Icon – Katie Long

If you haven’t come across Katie Long‘s impeccable kaleidoscope of colours blending together in the form of funky earrings and jewellery through Hello There Cheeky, then I suggest that you go to her website and find your Spring and Summer essentials that will brighten any and all looks effortlessly!

When I interviewed Katie in March 2019, I instantly fell in love with her line of ear candy. If you think there are certain colours that may clash, Katie proves otherwise, with her eclectic mix of colours and patterns that make each set unique and a real eye-catcher for all the right reasons!

With the upcoming Gathered Design Market in October, I had a Q&A with Katie about her anticipations around participating in the market as a stall holder and also being named the Gathered Design Market Icon for their October Edition – have a read of our exchange below:

Tema: Hello again, Katie! It’s been a while since our last chat – how are you doing?
Katie: Hello!! Yes, going great thanks! Busy as always, which I really don’t like to use as a personal descriptor, because really, aren’t we all?! I have been crazily working on so many collaborations with amazing designers that I feel like my year is just racing past. At the risk of sounding cliché, time really does fly when you’re having fun.

Tema: How do you decide on your collection of earrings that you have advertised on your website?
Katie: Inspiration is usually drawn from on-trend fashion, patterns, and colour. I do like to play a lot with colour combinations, and at the moment, I am particularly attracted to nature, flowers, leaves, and plants. A lot of planning goes into the collection before it’s even started from clay, but sometimes through the creation process, tweaks are made to concepts and I love this creative push and pull. I look at what may be too much or perhaps too little and try to use my eye and judgement. I tend to release 3-5 collections per restock, which falls around the six-week mark. This is a solid amount of time to play, create, and tweak, before settling on my final release. Sometimes, things make it and other times, I sit on them for a bit longer, until I truly love what I have created.


Tema: How does it feel to be the Gathered SA market icon?
Katie: Oh my gosh, what an absolute honour! I was quite speechless when I was asked at first – I mean, I am a creative, who is working from my home studio with very humble beginnings. My objective as the Icon is to be exactly that: to be an icon of guidance to those who endeavour to grow their passion.

Tema: How long have you been involved with Gathered SA and what has the experience been like so far?
Katie: My first ever Gathered market would have been in 2015, when I had just established Hello There Cheeky. I was so grateful to be accepted into a market that was supporting local. Since then, I have tried to attend as many Gathered events as I could squeeze into my calendar.

Tema: How frequently do you create new pieces / collections of your bright jewellery?
Katie: I am forever creating! It’s absolutely my passion. I often get asked if I need to take leave or a break, but creating for Cheeky has never felt like a job or a chore, rather my chance to break away from the day-to-day and go to a happy creative place.


Tema: I see that you’ll be running a workshop as well – what will it entail?
Katie: I’m super excited to share some tips and tricks with colour choices, theory, and balance along with how and where to seek inspiration for authentic creation. I will demonstrate some creating too, with links to what I’ll be sharing! I think it can be really challenging in a saturated market to be different or perhaps stand out from the crowd. My aim through my demonstrations and artist talks is to build the confidence of those who are looking to grow their creativity.

Tema: What are you hoping to introduce to your customers (new and returning) at the upcoming Gathered SA market?
Katie: I’m hoping that the customers of Gathered will come together to support SA Makers and Creatives. I cannot wait to share with them my new collections that I’m currently working on, which will offer something for everyone.


You can visit Hello There Cheeky at the Gathered Design Market onOctober 26 + 27 from 10am – 4pm at the Queen’s Theatre in the Adelaide CBD.

Entry to the market is $2 and there is $4 (flat rate) parking available on Saturdays and Sundays at K Park along Playhouse Lane.

Official website

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With thanks to Jenna O’Dell from Gathered SA for the interview opportunity.
Interview conducted by Fatema “Tema” Sitabkhan.
Answers + images supplied by Katie Long // Hello There Cheeky.
Featured image sourced from Katie Long + official Gathered Design Market website.


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