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Tomich Wines Spring Launch

Last week, Casablabla on Leigh Street transformed their spacious beer garden and indoor bar into a party house, where a number of people came together to celebrate the newest in the Tomich Wines range – the Spring Release Wine.

Surrounding ourselves with quality cheese platters and a few (too many) vinos in hand, guests were treated to the pristine drops, whilst being in the company of the winemaker himself – Randal Tomich. With three generations of grape growers and winemakers, the Tomich family now owns one of the best sites in the Adelaide Hills and is implementing sustainable growing practices to create the widely popular fermented drink in an ethical and environment-friendly manner.

Tasting notes
The newest Tomich Wines drop that has a subtle pink tone to it boasts of an airy and fruity flavour that has captured the essence of summer in a drink. It is light and easy to sip on, especially on the days when the sun is abundant and plenty, as was apparent on the 37 degree evening of the event. It is the ideal drink to have on a balmy evening and it also incites the memories of the Adelaide Hills with a single serve.

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Cheese and the new range of Tomich Wines


With thanks to Cassie Young PR from Be Young PR for the invite to the launch event.
Featured image supplied by Be Young PR.


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