Seed & Bliss – Q & A

The ethos of Seed & Bliss is simple – “for women of all ages to feel connected and supported“.

Formerly known as MyelmaSeed & Bliss rebranded to offer their customers with minimalistic and aesthetically-pleasing jewellery that would add an elegant and sophisticated touch to every woman’s accessory game, whilst still boasting of fun and trendy characteristics to allow these pieces to be paired for any and all occasions. All of the jewellery pieces offered by Seed & Bliss are inspired through owner Anne-Marie Puglisi‘s surroundings that bring her positive energy – such as the beach, her family and friends, the power of crystals, and her sense of creativity.

With the upcoming Gathered Design Market in Hahndorf from December 13 – 15, 2019, I had a Q&A with Anne-Marie about her anticipations around participating in the market as a stall holder – have a read of our exchange below:

Tema: Can you please tell us a bit about yourself, Anne-Marie?
Anne-Marie: I am a creative and have been since I can remember. Professionally, I am a Clinical Hypno-psychotherapist.  My loves and passions are my family, being at the beach, enjoying the squishing of my feet against the sand, and walking along the water’s edge. I love to create, sew, and make clothes for my children and grandchildren. I absolutely love working with textiles – I find it extremely relaxing. I try to meditate twice daily, as it helps my very busy mind hit ‘reset’ mode, especially when things are crazy! It also helps me re-energize myself for the day ahead.

Tema: What made you decide to open up your own business Seed & Bliss?
Anne-Marie: With a love to create and experiment, I felt I needed to share my beautiful designs. What I create comes from my heart and I wanted to share that warmth with other women.  My designs are simple in design, make, and wear. Using crystals with my designs makes them energizing and healing for any of your lives’ journey.

Studio Session-226 copy

Tema: What attracted you to the idea of basing your business around jewellery in particular?
Anne-Marie: Passion and the love of sharing whatever comes from my soul. I love working with silver, a little gold, and crystals.

Tema: When Seed & Bliss progressed from being a concept to a reality, what were the key principles that you based your business around?
Anne-Marie: ​Initially, my brand name was ‘Myelma’ – an acronym that was created from a combination of my own name and my daughter’s name.  It became clear that no matter how emotionally attached I was to the name, people could not remember it. So, in the last couple of months, Seed & Bliss was born: “Seed” meaning beginning and growth of everything, and “Bliss” meaning that no matter how difficult life is, you know deep in your soul that everything will be ok.

Tema: How did you decide on the range of jewellery that Seed & Bliss was going to offer to its customers?
Anne-Marie: I wanted to create meaningful jewellery that was simplistic and organic in design.  I guess my designs evolved over time and were thoroughly influenced through me meeting my customers and listening to what they like to wear. Many of my designs have crystals for energy, healing, and support. However, this is also because it adds a little sparkle in your day.  I am currently working on a new range, which has quite a few pearls – they are classic gems and have amazing powers of energy, purity, and calming.

Tema: What do hope for your customers to experience when purchasing from Seed & Bliss?
Anne-Marie: My wish is for women of all ages to feel connected and supported everyday, bringing to life their own personal bliss and engaging with their strength. Every piece I create is inspired by an experience in my life as a daughter, mother, grandmother, wife and friend. I strive to create pieces filled with energies that make me feel good.  I draw on moments in my life to create pieces that share all that I have learned from the beauty around and within us.  I want them to feel the love and warmth from which they were created.

Studio Session-285

Tema: Why was it important for you to incorporate crystals into your jewellery designs?
Anne-Marie: I began using crystals for my clients’ healing journeys and found the attachment they had to the crystals was important to them, whether they believed in the energy or just loved the attachment to the crystal for their journey. Personally, I believe in the energy of healing and love that comes from the crystals I choose – that when I get ready for the day, I can wear a gemstone that will make me feel supported.

Tema: Do you offer standard designs or are you open to custom orders as well?
Anne-Marie: I have a standard range on my website – however I am open to customer designs as well.  A particular design from my range with a different or personally-chosen crystal is made quite often. A popular demand is for crystal bracelets to support a personal journey as a gift from a friend.

Tema: What do you think helps Seed & Bliss stand out from the rest in the industry?
Anne-Marie: Standing out in the jewellery world is very difficult and takes time, energy, and a level of awareness of what your customers are seeking.  My crystals add that personal touch. I also make shell designs, which are cast from shells found on my beach walks. These (in particular) are popular and make my designs unique.  I am authentic and make my designs from my heart and soul. The difficult job is getting this message across to my lovely customers.

IMG_0035 copy

Tema: What have you found rewarding about being a small-scale business in SA?
Anne-Marie: ​Living in a regional town (Port Lincoln) creates obstacles in expanding my business. Attending markets in Adelaide is quite tricky as well. I was so grateful when I was accepted by Gathered SA and Jenna, and this in turn has created a small group of like-minded creatives.  They are supportive in their own personal way and I enjoy supporting them as well. Jenna has also been very helpful in providing encouragement and exposure to so many other opportunities.

Tema: What have you found challenging about being a small-scale business in SA?
Anne-Marie: Mainly being in Port Lincoln, getting your brand name known.  Many businesses know each other in Adelaide and it is hard to become known and accepted, without being able to be seen attending lots of markets, which is simply not a feasible option for me.

Tema: Do you primarily operate online or do you have a shopfront / stockists?
Anne-Marie: Mainly online and markets.  I do have a few stockists all over Australia. I’m currently doing the financial figures for a shop front and also working on a collaboration with a local gift store.

Tema: How long has Seed & Bliss been in business for and how has the journey been like so far?
Anne-Marie: I have been in business for around 3 years! Truthfully, it has been a hard slog. From creating a website, to running my accounts via social media, to getting professional photos done and uploading them – and all the while promoting your business is so much work.  The best part is the creating side of things. I have recently been using a marketing company here in Lincoln to help with my brand change and social media and it has been life-changing, despite the expense.

_DSF4178 copy

Tema: Where do you see Seed & Bliss in the next 5 years?
Anne-Marie: ​A household name for anyone looking to purchase a gift for themselves or a loved one. Knowing that my customers will be buying a unique piece of jewellery that is handcrafted in South Australia and made with so much warmth and is designed for easy wear and easy care. 

Tema: How long have you been participating at Gathered SA markets?
Anne-Marie: This is my first year – I have been following Gathered SA markets for some time and last year, when they were advertising their Christmas Market and all the posts during the market weekend, I was just like “Next year, I want to be part of the Gathered SA markets). and I am, I am so grateful!

Tema: How has the experience of being part of the Gathered SA family been like so far?
Anne-Marie: It has been amazing – Jenna has always been extremely helpful and all the other stall holders are fun and supportive.

Tema: Is there anything else that you’d like us to know about you and Seed & Bliss?
Anne-Marie: Seed & Bliss offers consciously-created jewellery to help you connect and heal on your soul’s journey. The pieces are ethically sourced, thoughtful, minimalist, and made with love in South Australia with most materials sourced from Australia and always using recyceled sterling silver.

You can visit Seed & Bliss at the Gathered Design Market from December 13 – 15, 2019 from 4pm – 10pm at the Thiele House in Hahndorf. Entry to the market is free and there is plenty of free street parking available nearby.

Official website

Social media
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With thanks to Jenna O’Dell from Gathered SA for the interview opportunity
Interview conducted by Fatema “Tema” Sitabkhan
Answers supplied by Anne-Marie Puglisi
Images by Joseph H Puglisi

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