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Pixie & Co. – Q & A

Lucy Pickering of Pixie and Co. has been creating candles that boast of a unique blend of character through its design, aromatic scents that will instantly freshen up any room of your home, and a cursive writing of words or quotes that are imprinted onto the candle canister to give it that personalized touch to spark up a sense of curiosity behind the scent and its connection to you on an individualistic level!

When I first chatted to Lucy about her business in April last year, she was close to nearing a year as a small-scale business. Now, she’s back for this year’s Gathered Design Market in Hahndorf from December 13 – 15, 2019, so I had a follow-up Q&A with Lucy about her anticipations around participating in the market as a stall holder – have a read of our exchange below:

Tema: Hello again, Lucy! It’s been a while since our last chat – how are you doing?
Lucy: Hi! It has been a while… a few years I think. I am doing great! We have had some major life events occur for us and Pixie & Co has slowly built up over this time as well. I have started a new role this year for my full time job which has been an added pressure in our household. Pixie & Co has always been my creative outlet as long side of my career. This has always worked fantastically for me.

Tema: How are things going with the business?
Lucy: Things are always changing for Pixie & Co. We never like to sit still for too long and are always looking to improve our brand and expand our range of products. Since we last spoke, we have updated the labelling and packaging for our products and altered our scent range. I had always wanted to have unique packaging (boxes) created. I worked with a small graphic designer in Adelaide to create our box design, which was then printed by a company in Sydney. We love putting our candles in these boxes – the silver foil just sparkles so nicely! We have also moved to applying decals on our quote jars. This gives the products a more professional feel and allows us to not have a clear label underneath. The feedback from these products has been extremely positive. It also means that we can offer a bespoke service on the spot at markets like Gathered.


Tema: How does it feel to be returning to Gathered SA for their Hahndorf edition?
Lucy: I have always wanted to do a market in Hahndorf, but life has always been so busy! However, I can not wait for this year! I love Hahndorf at this time of year and the 3-day night market is going to amazing. Jenna is such an incredible stylist as well and the vibe that is created at Gathered is beautiful. We are staying overnight in Hahndorf as well to fully immerse ourselves into the Christmas spirit.

Tema: What did you experience from your previous market experiences with Gathered and how do you think it helped your business?
Lucy: We have always had such a positive experience with Gathered. We love our customers and the regulars that always give such positive feedback. Gathered has allowed my business to reach a wider audience and wholesale our products in a retail environment. It is also great to catch up with all the stall holders and develop some ideas.

Tema: Can you tell us a bit more about your newest range that you’re adding to your business, please? How did you come up with the idea to add more to your collection?
Lucy: We are always wanting to expand and build our business. We have wanted to expand beyond candles for a while. Moving house this year has allowed us to have a formal studio in the garage to work with diffuser base and room spray base. We are looking at adding these products for Christmas 2019 – we will have them available at Gathered in Hahndorf. We will also be releasing our Christmas gift packs, which are always popular. These packs are something we do every year in December and by changing designs each year, we help by keeping things fresh and on-trend. This range also includes our Christmas Quote Candles and our bespoke (on the spot) Christmas name candles, along with some exclusive designs for Gathered.


Tema: What can people anticipate from your newest range?
Lucy: Diffusers offer our customers an alternative to candles. They are great for bathrooms and bedrooms or as a décor piece in the living room.

Tema: How do you think your new range will stand out and being uniquely a ‘Pixie and Co.’ brand?
Lucy: Our luxe packaging is unique to our branding and we strive for producing premium-quality products. Our Christmas range includes 100% original designs, which we apply to our candles.


You can visit Pixie & Co. at the Gathered Design Market from December 13 – 15, 2019 from 4pm – 10pm at the Thiele House in Hahndorf. Entry to the market is free and there is plenty of free street parking available nearby.

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With thanks to Jenna O’Dell from Gathered SA for the interview opportunity
Interview conducted by Fatema “Tema” Sitabkhan
Answers and images supplied by Pixie & Co. // Lucy Pickering


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