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Gathered Virtual Design Market: Businesses In Focus (Part 1)

Here’s a lil story – I have been going to the Gathered Design Market (which has traditionally been held at the Queens Theatre in the Adelaide CBD) for a bit over 2 years now and most recently, I made the effort to go both days of the weekend, because nothing beats that sweet face-to-face interaction with the faces behind the businesses. It has always been a moment sprinkled with pride, joy, and awe to see what the talent brimming amongst our state-based individuals and their level of craft, finesse, and quality that is often unparalleled, thanks to their attention to the little details, which makes their products and services stand out from mass-produced competitors.

However, for the first time ever, this weekend’s edition of the Market is going to be a bit different as it will be held online. Now, while I’m going to miss that personalized experience of checking out the businesses in person and meeting the brilliant makers, I do think this is going to be such a fantastic way to be able to go forward with the movement to #supportlocal – all from the comfort of our own homes! There is an eclectic selection of businesses that will be joining in on the fun and I thought I’d highlight some of them, from whom I have either been gifted a few products or have purchased at previous Market gatherings.

So, I’m going to start off by delving into the themes of thankfulness and gratitude. It has undoubtedly been an extremely challenging time for a lot of people and businesses alike, in light of the recent pandemic that has all but brought life as we know it to a(n almost) complete standstill. However, it has also ~forced~ us (in a way) to take a step back and think of trying to get through this time in the most efficient and positive way possible. This does not mean that you should discount those feelings of fear, uncertainty, sadness, sense of overwhelming, and any other emotions and feelings that may have been triggered in the process – in fact, you should take acknowledge these feelings, like I have grown to do (a lot, especially in the past week) through the art of journalling. I have been journalling on and off over the past few years – be it through blog posts or little notes that have been scribbled in books with no proper organization or linear continuity. BUT despite it being seen as a somewhat ‘tedious’ task, the past week has been spent with my trusted black leather journal by Rustic Wren by my side, where I found that my mind felt a lot more weightless and a lot clearer at the end of the day, simply by putting pen to paper and letting all those thoughts – the good, the bad, and the seriously scary – flow out of my head and into a book that has allowed me to reflect and appreciate the resilience of the human mind (which is far greater than one thinks)!

Black leather journal by Rustic Wren


I’ve also been working on putting together a small care package for a couple of close friends. You see, we have always had regular catchups with each other over a period of two – three weeks at best, but since the stages of the lockdown, it has been nearly a month since seeing any of them and…well, we miss them terribly! Sure, we have FaceTime and House Party and Netflix Party and all those other handy apps and forms of technology to stay connected whilst maintaining a safe physical distance, but that social connection will never be as good as being in close proximity. So, while we do our part in waiting for this scary pandemic period to hit a (hopefully soon-ish) end-date by staying put in our homes, I used the Thank You cards by BeSpoke2 to let our friends know how much they are missed and that we are all collectively counting down the days till we’re back in each others’ homes and enjoying some fun and memorable forms of socialization that will most definitely involve board games, homemade feasts, and tantalizing cocktails (or a combination of all)!

Thank You card set by BeSpoke2

For those of you who may not know, I am so thankful to be part of an ‘essential service’ through social support work, where I visit clients all across Adelaide for a range of tasks, including showering, cleaning, shopping, and transport to and from appointments (to name a few). My uniform is a very glamorous all-black attire, but I have been learning to embrace the all-color persona. So, while I can’t go to work looking like a walking rainbow, I try to do what little I can to inject some pops of color and character through my accessories. I have recently been taking around my cute little pink clutch by Rangi Saba Designs, which is made out of jute and has a distinct round beaded detail. Most of my clients who do get a glimpse of it have always commented on how much they enjoy seeing this clutch in my car / in my hand, as it takes away from the sterile, formal, and/or cold nature of the job and instead, incites a welcoming and friendly atmosphere that seems more fun, playful, and/or magical (especially from the multicolored detail of the beads). It’s also a fantastic conversation starter and – even if temporary – momentarily makes you forget about the uncertain and almost-apocalyptic doom and gloom state of our society at present. I’ve also been filling up the clutch with the Thank You cards that I have been dropping off into my friends’ mailboxes for a little surprise element to brighten their day, and every time I have walked around with the clutch, I have almost always been stopped and complimented on its vibrant style and colors.

Pink clutch by Rangi Saba Designs

I have also been wearing my petite sequin bracelet when I go for my regular grocery runs or the much-needed caffeine pick-me-ups in between work shifts as a way of ‘dressing up’ or ‘chucking on something that’s extraordinary’. It’s something that I have parked alongside my wallet and keys, because it’s a little accessory that brings me a lot of joy with how simple and delicate it is! While I can’t wear it when I’m working, it is something that has been adorning my wrist every day and is a far better alternative to wearing ye ol’ faithful (but not the prettiest to look at) worn-out hair ties!

It’s the little things, you know?

Petite sequin bracelet by Forever Aesthetic Jewellery

I hope you are all staying safe and looking after yourselves during these strange times. If you see anything here that you like, please go to the businesses’ websites (listed below) and support local, whilst also supporting yourselves! If there is any sort of panic buying that you must do (and I don’t approve of it HOWEVER, if you absolutely must), at least make sure it’s locally sourced and produced (and that it’s stuff that you actually need).

Finally, while it may be weird to suddenly have all this ‘free time’, take that time to reflect and re-evaluate what works for your wellbeing and health and consider some positive and nurturing steps that can be taken to survive these times and come out stronger than ever.

The Gathered Design Market – Virtual Edition will kick off at 10am Saturday (April 18, 2020) and end at 4pm on Sunday (April 19, 2020).

There are a range of discounts and specials that are currently being offered by the businesses participating in the Market, which will be valid till 10am Saturday (April 18), after which new discounts and specials will kick in for the purposes of the market.

Remember to support local as much as you can!

xx Tema

It’s all in the details

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