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Gathered Virtual Design Market: Businesses In Focus (Part 2)

Hello again,

Long time, no speak!

So, I was actually quite surprised at how many people resonated strongly with my previous post about thankfulness and gratitude – I really loved hearing your perspectives on how you choose to find a bit of positivity and light in these crazy times and I’m so happy to report that I’ve not only been able to inspire a few of you to adopt some ways to look after yourselves, but have also simultaneously learnt a few more fantastic strategies to manage my anxieties and worries a bit better, thanks to you warm responses!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for not only doing your part in looking out for me, but also looking out for yourselves, because I cannot stress enough just how important it is to look after your mind and body.

So, Part 2 – what’s it all about? Well, I’m not going to lie – it’s going to sound like I’m a bit salty at my entire high school chapter of my life (and look, it is what it is), but I also want you to hopefully see through all that and realize that I have been able to teach myself to start at rock bottom and work my way up to become a lady who is learning the art of feeling and embracing a sense of empowerment and to celebrate that strong energy with every passing day.

Now, I’ve mentioned in my previous article that I’d like to see myself as a walking rainbow (even though I can’t really do that at work, which is fine). However, that doesn’t mean I can’t do it outside of work, right?

If you’re based in Adelaide, then you’ll know that there is a certain mural that has been adorning the walls adjacent to ARGO Espresso in Norwood, which was created by one of my good friends Nicky Create, who is a lover of colors and exuberates with this form of free-spirited goodness that will (either by choice or not) instantly bring a huge smile to your faces! I have been getting to know Nicky via Instagram and most recently, we met up for a long overdue catchup, which took place after she spent an incredible couple of months in my 2nd hometown – India. Through our regular conversations, I learned the importance of assertiveness, standing up for yourself, and living your life exactly how you want to live it (rather than being constricted by the society’s expectations from you).


I have been wanting to visit this mural for months since I saw little sneak peeks of her work in progress, followed by countless Instagram posts that highlighted the bright and bubbly colors of this specific wall. I was also recently kindly gifted an absolutely stunning dress by Rangi Saba Designs (who will be at the Gathered Design Market this weekend FYI) and while it is something that I have never had grace my wardrobe before, upon trying it on and practically living in it for a good 5-6 hours, I felt like I was living in a fluffy little cloud! It is super lightweight and deceptively boasts of a one-size-fits-all type of deal, whereby it is designed like a wrap dress and is accompanied by a matching patterned belt to wrap the overflowing fabric around your waist.


Little side-note: I have always had some reservations about dresses that advertise themselves as being a one-size-fits-all because they are never true to their description / name and tend to flare up my self-image and weight-related issues that I’ve been dealing with since high school.

Progressing on to a major tangent (but it is important for context, I promise!) – how many of you struggled with the high school chapter of your lives? My golly gosh I absolutely loathed it!! It was the worst time and there were so many unrealistic expectations set up by girls and on girls about how they should look, how they should behave, how any size above a US size 0 was considered ‘too big’ / ‘too heavy’ / ‘too fat’ (vom!), and how the fairer the gal, the more prospective she had of being liked / desired (double vom!). I’m sure a lot of my peers from high school might disagree and say that it was all in my head but I was that dark-skinned, overweight gal who was new to a school with guys AND girls in the same classroom (!!!) and it was a hella awkward phase, where I was made to feel like an outsider without even trying to get to know me and my story.

To all of them, I say,
Look at me now, sis! If you’ve been adding (and/or been attempting to) add me on Facebook and I haven’t accepted, take a hint and move T.F. on ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ♡

OK OK, I got side-tracked, but I needed to give you some context about why:

  1. I have hated on my skin (for far too long)
  2. I detested wearing anything white because it brought out my tanned skin
  3. This kind of self-hating talk needs to end right here

Rangi Saba Designs gave me the confidence to embrace everything that I hated / was conditioned to hate about myself and while it’s been a work in progress, I promised myself that I would push all that negative Nancy nonsense out of my system and donning this dress in public did just that! I felt like I was having an out-of-body experience and I felt like people were staring at me, but I wore my heart on my sleeve and mentally made a note that this was a rocking dress design and I felt fabulous in it (and it is the first one-size-fits-all attire that has actually fit my hourglass shape!!), so I was going to twirl in it as much as my heart desired and at the same time, learn to love myself and all that I’ve been born and blessed with.


The chappals (‘footwear’ for all my non-Hindi speaking folk) were an added adornment that made me reminisce of my younger years when I’d travel to India with my family on our annual trips and head over to the bazaar (‘market’) to find something that was quintessentially traditional. For the first time in nearly 8 years, it has also made me want to go to India ASAP and surround myself with the hustle and bustle of the Mumbai shopping areas, where you gotta haggle your heart out to get a decent bargain!

As I also mentioned in my previous article, I have been obsessed with the subtlety of the delicate bracelet by Forever Aesthetic Jewellery, which I have been wearing to my coffee runs in between work shifts… sometimes I tend to get heavily lost in the tiny little discs and what reflections they catch on their tiny little surfaces and then enter a state of awe at the beauty that is so often overlooked and not appreciated enough. Yes, fine – maybe I’m a just bit airy-minded at the worst of times, I don’t know! But, I do love finding joys in the littlest of things, even if they are things that would easily go unnoticed by others – it’s just how my mind works, guys, gals, and everyone in between!


So that’s my spiel for the day! Hope you enjoyed my (oof far too long of a) ramble! As always, remember to support local in ways that will leave you feeling inspired and empowered!

The Gathered Design Market – Virtual Edition will kick off at 10am Saturday (April 18, 2020) and end at 4pm on Sunday (April 19, 2020).

There are a range of discounts and specials that are currently being offered by the businesses participating in the Market, which will be valid till 10am Saturday (April 18), after which new discounts and specials will kick in for the purposes of the market.

xx Tema

It’s all in the details

Rangi Saba Designs
Discounts valid till 10am April 18, 2020
✔Free shipping Australia-wide for orders over $100
✔5% donated in line with our ‘Pay it Forward’ mission.

Forever Aesthetic Jewellery
Petite sequin bracelet
Discounts valid till 10am April 18, 2020
✔25% off storewide
✔Free Delivery


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