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Gathered Virtual Design Market: Businesses In Focus (Part 3)

Hello again, fam!

A hearty congratulations to all of us for making it to the midway point of this (very short but sweet) week!! If there is anything that the last four weeks has taught me is to take solace and comfort in finding joy in the smallest of things that make it worthwhile.

So, today, I thought I’d talk about the joys of being at home during these crazy times. I will admit, it has taken me a couple of weeks to reach this state of contentment and there are some days that are tougher than others, but I am slowly (and surely) learning to adapt to this new lifestyle that the virus has descended upon us and am growingly appreciating just how wholesome and enjoyable it can be to be confined to your home – all in the spirit of keeping yourself and others around you as safe and protected as possible.

While most of my friends are currently self-isolating or self-quarantining or simply spending all their days and nights at home, I still have the luxury of being able to go out for work, as it is considered essential (thank goodness, because I don’t actually qualify for any government support if it goes tits up)! However, while my life four weeks ago almost always involved catch ups with friends and the occasional brunch dates here and there, not to mention the Fringe season which kept me on my feet non-stop for a month, it has certainly been a learning curve to follow the cycle of home-work-grocery store-home (and repeat).

The long weekend just gone was one that was worrying me extensively, because I have never spent more than 24 hours inside the house without at least going out for a drive. However, I would like to proudly report that my car was stationed in its spot from Thursday afternoon right up to Tuesday morning and I honestly loved being a lil homebody with my home bae J.

I found myself in a bit of a creative flux lately, where I wanted to keep my mind stimulated by making content for local businesses. However, it’s been a bit of a struggle, because I am not used to working at home. I LOVE exploring different locations and seeing how they would benefit me and the business that I’m trying to please by creating aesthetically-pleasing content. I also put way too much pressure on myself in delivering this, even though I am not expected to – I just really like photographing stuff and sharing it with the world if I’ve had a good experience, guize (ugly crying face commences).

Anywhoozle, I decided that it would be really romantic to have a lil outdoor picnic in our backyard using some of the gorgeous products that I’ve either been kindly gifted or have purchased from the stellar line-up of businesses who will be at the Virtual Market this weekend.

First up, I’d like to bring your attention to Durand Distillery‘s Gin – The Good Wife. Now, if you have known me for a while, then you’d know that I’m a real sucker for quality Gin. To be honest, I had not heard of Durand till very recently, but I’ve been kicking myself for being so uncultured (!!!), because I did not realize that they had a Gin school, which is the coolest thing ever! Moreover, they are based in the Barossa Valley and I kid you not, in the 10 or so years that I have been here, I’ve only been to the Barossa…once (hides face in hands from utter shame)! I know, I know – it’s a travesty and I agree! There are so many wonderful gems like Durand that call Barossa their home and as soon as all this virus $#!t blows over, I’m going to make my way to the region and stay there for a solid weekend (or perhaps go over a couple of weekends) to make the most of my visit there! And of course, attend the Gin school, because from what I’ve tasted so far, the Good Wife coupled with the Maggie Beer Sparkling Ruby Cabernet is a smash hit for my tastebuds. It is a bit dangerous though, because before  I knew it, I had gone through about 3 drinks – it is deceptively smooth!

Next up, we have the delicious drops by Sew and Sew Wines with their eclectic bottle – 2018 Sashiko (Adelaide Hills) Chardonnay. I never used to be big into wine until my 28th birthday last year, where I started training my palate to enjoy the beauty and blend of fermented grapes. After a few hits and misses, I have settled on liking wines that are sparkling or white (unfortunately, reds give me the worst hangover / migraine with just a few sips – maybe I’ll give it another go in a few years, though)! I’ve cracked open this bottle as of the long weekend and so far, I have to say that the bottle sitting at 1/4 of its quantity should speak for itself about how much I have thoroughly enjoyed this drink. Best served chilled – either in the form of an outdoor picnic or with a warm bubble bath drawn for the ultimate evening of rest and relaxation! The Continental Taralli Biscuits are a fantastic little accompaniment that provides just the right level of savoury goodness to devour alongside a glass from these local legends.

Speaking of the Taralli Biscuits, I am obsessed with their versatile flavour range! They’ve got something for everyone – if you are after something subtle, go for the rosemary + sea salt or parmesan cheese + onion. If you’re after something spicy and with a tangy taste, opt for the sundried tomato + basil or the cracked pepper + lemon. While I didn’t get a chance to try this out, I’d get my favourite dip(s) such as hummus / pesto / beetroot and dip the little circular bites for that extra zing (you’re welcome)!

As you can see in the second photo above, I’ve also included some beautiful blooms from Hope Blooms Floristry, which is run by an adorable and hardworking mother and daughter duo and who creates some brilliant arrangements of flowers to instantly brighten up any nook of your home, in addition to getting you to sport one of the biggest smile on your face! The colors I opted for were moody tones of purples and pinks, to celebrate the onset of autumn (my second favourite season after winter!). When I arrived home after work, I was surprised by this gorgeous bunch and haven’t stopped going back to it and check up on it (it’s my little baby at the moment)!


I’ve also got some fun and bright designed reusable food wraps from Humblee Eco, which has quickly claimed at least one entire drawer in my kitchen! What can I say – I’m instantly drawn to anything bright and vibrant, plus it’s super kind on the environment, so double win right there! They’re also awesome for cutting to size and while I may have many odd-shaped wraps, they do the job so damn well!

As you’ve probably noticed by now, there’s been a mix of indoor and outdoor shots – let me explain. The idea of an outdoor picnic was ideal, however, since we are renting, we haven’t really taken any time in investing in backyard furniture so as much as the ants loved my peach, it just seemed to dampen the mood, so I set one up indoors and surprisingly, that worked out just fine! Ample natural lighting illuminating the gorgeous local produce in their element and a peach that doesn’t look like a war zone – yeah, I like this alternative!

So, the indoor picnic was a hit and we devoured our beautiful cheese platter (which included a creamy camembert as the centre piece, which I purchased as part of this insane (read: amazing) Maggie Beer pack that was packed with the best quince paste, Pheasant farm paté, brie, and camembert). So put on your cutest dress, wear some fabulously textured earrings from Shaker and Co. Designs,  and make the most of what your home is capable of achieving during these crazy times (which is a lot more than you think)! I would highly recommend checking out each business listed below and if something catches your eye, then make sure you go shopping with them at the market this weekend!

The Gathered Design Market – Virtual Edition will kick off at 10am Saturday (April 18, 2020) and end at 4pm on Sunday (April 19, 2020).

There are a range of discounts and specials that are currently being offered by the businesses participating in the Market, which will be valid till 10am Saturday (April 18), after which new discounts and specials will kick in for the purposes of the market.

xx Tema

It’s all in the details

Durand Distillery
✔$5 off
✔Free Delivery using code GATHERED

Hope Blooms Floristry
✔$5 delivery

Humblee Eco
✔Free delivery

Sew and Sew Wines
✔20% discount
✔Free delivery using code SewGathered20

Shaker and Co. Designs
✔Free Shipping over $50
✔Free pair of studs with every order

Continental Taralli Biscuits
✔Free Shipping for any orders over $50

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