Gathered Design Market (Virtual Edition) – All the Discount Details

Here we are again! After weeks of spreading the word and highlighting some stellar South Australian-based businesses, we find ourselves in one of the most highly-anticipated market weekends this weekend, with the Gathered Design Market – virtual edition – kicking off it style with the perfect weather to stay in and get some retail therapy whilst choosing all things proudly SA-owned!

We are now on Day 2 of the virtual market and if you’re curious about some of the businesses participating in this special edition, I have some top picks that I’d love to share with you (and you will find many more on my Instagram feed!), so if you see something you like, then head to their website via the Gathered Design Market’s virtual edition (here) and be your fiercest at supporting local!


Whether you’ve been following me for a while or are new to my world, I have been a strong support of Christine Maxwell‘s beautiful biz BeSpoke2, which specializes in creating scripted prints, abstract artwork, one-of-a-kind art deco items, and personalized + embossed products at a competitive price point. I have personally purchased a range of her items for myself and friends and her items have the effortless power to light up a room and put the biggest smile on people’s faces upon being graced by her talented work. You’ll find lots of examples of her work featured on my website + Instagram, so make sure you check them out and find something to treat yo’self / or your friends this weekend.

✔30% Off your entire order when you spend $50 or more.

✔Free Shipping

Official website // Facebook // Instagram


Shaker and Co. Designs

When I met Giselle from Shaker and Co. Designs a few months ago for the first virtual edition of Gathered SA, I instantly fell in love with her plethora of earring collections that she has beautifully splashed across her website. There is a diverse range of designs, textures, and patterns to appeal to any earring fiend (like myself) who has a never-ending stash of ear candy to fit any and every occasion. My top recommendations would be the Flower Power Collection, the Kaleidoscope Collection, the Hot Air Balloon Collection, and the Evil Eye Collection. All at a very affordable price and brilliant for adding that extra oomph to your overall look!

✔Free Express Shipping over $75

✔Free pair of studs with every order

Official website // Facebook // Instagram


Hart Skincare

As some of you may know, I have always been skeptical about trying new skincare brands because I feel like I have already found the products that are kind to my extremely sensitive skin. However, I had heard rave reviews about Hannah McGregor-Shenton‘s biz Hart Skincare, particularly for her oil cleansers that were created with the intent of guiding through and aiding the menstrual cycle process as seamlessly as possible. Using the products below, I found that a little goes a long way and that it leaves your skin nourished and glowy – and not oily, as I initially feared.

✔Spend over $85 and receive a Free Sunshine Body Oil ($40 value)

Official website // Facebook // Instagram


Forever Aesthetic Jewellery

Jen from Forever Aesthetic Jewellery seems to have come into my life just as I was starting to lose hope on finding minimalist and aesthetically-pleasing jewellery at a cost that would be kind on my bank account! Her range of jewellery is pure, simple, and can fit every single occasion beautifully. Adding a delicate feminine touch with her stack of rings in particular, I have not gone a day without wearing my loop + textured rings AND they make my fingers look a lot daintier than ever! Certainly true to their name, the jewellery you’ll find on the website is ‘forever aesthetic’ for all the right reasons.

✔25% off when you spend $40 or more

✔Free standard shipping

Official website // Facebook // Instagram

Ring by Forever Aesthetic Jewellery
Bracelet and rings by Forever Aesthetic Jewellery

Back 2 Basics Traditions

Oh my goodness, so I remember receiving this bottle of Passioncello by Back to Basics Traditions and I was floored by how I didn’t know such a delicacy existed before this day! Delightful and refreshing in taste as much as it is from the look and aroma of the liqueur, I was involved in a very supportive conversation with the owners via Instagram, who gave me some delicious recipes to make the most out of this liqueur – so I infused it into a Passionfruit Yoghurt cake, in addition to making a Passionfruit Bellini and a Passionfruit Gimlet. The bottle you see below shows you exactly how much I used and how much remains – for 375ml, there is SO MUCH that you can make from just a few shots here and then. Oh and their alcoholic content is dangerously subtle, so less is certainly more, especially with a powerful flavour like that of passionfruit! They also do some wonderful infusions of oils + herbs that I purchased yesterday and am so excited for using it to entertain some friends when I have them over next!

✔10% off all orders

Official website // Facebook // Instagram


Chatterbox City

With the wintry blast that we’ve been experiencing (and especially this weekend in particular), you’re going to want to find ways to keep yourselves warm that ~won’t~ want to involve raising that electricity bill! I’ve been using the gorgeous Junglemania neck wrap by Kelly Skye‘s beautiful biz Chatterbox City that is adorned in one of my favourite plants – Monstera – that further pops with the pink patterns surrounding it. And the best part – it’s wheat-free! This means that it won’t have that all-too-familiar stench upon being heated that most wheat bags emanate (not to mention that the smell makes me sick!) so this is a HUGE plus for me, personally. These are brilliant to use as heat packs in the winter or cool packs in the summer and I’ve personally used the medium pack in the same design over my eyes and head on the days of a demonic migraine and let me tell you that it helped me cool my head immensely and provide the much-needed relief to fight off one of the worst things I experience on the daily without any meds on hand! There are also some fun and quirky statement jewellery options up on the website, including the obvious personal choice – the Unicorn Love – which I’ll be ordering later today!

✔10% off storewide

✔Free Shipping when you spend over $49

Official website // Facebook // Instagram

Continental Taralli Biscuits

OK, so I’m sure you know that I am high-key obsessed with all the savoury biscuits by Continental Taralli Biscuits but when I put my order in with them the last time for their biscotti packs, I became next-level addicted! My partner loves the savoury treats and I am an absolute fiend for their sweet treats and we both tend to wipe out our stash fairly quickly, so I put in an order to restock on ~all~ their packs this time around by buying multiple packs. So if you have been thinking of buying some yummy platter go-tos that are ridiculously affordable AND are gluten-free AND vegan-friendly AND burst with exuberant flavours AND are proudly South Australian, I suggest that you head on to their website like RIGHT NOW and put an order in, before I buy the entire store’s stock!

✔15% of all products

✔Free Delivery for orders over $50

Official website // Facebook // Instagram


Lobethal Road Wines

I have been meaning to try Lobethal Road Wines for the longest time, but still considering myself to be a novice to wine culture, I knew that I wouldn’t know where to even begin (except not go for reds in general because I think I’m one of those people who can’t tolerate it without having a migraine hangover from a single sip the next day). So, I was pleasantly surprised to receive the Gathered Market White Twin Pack, which has since been wonderfully enjoyed with friends and myself whilst lounging on the couch and binge-watching the newest season of Queer Eye. Super easy to drink, very smooth on the palate, and perfectly matched with cheese and nibbles by Continental Taralli Biscuits + Back to Basics TraditionsTorrone – yum yum yum!

✔2 bottles from $50, 6 bottles for $120

✔Free delivery

Official website // Facebook // Instagram


Paws For Change

A cause that is super close to my heart and works towards bettering the lives of our furry four-legged pooches on a global scale, Annie‘s not-for-profit organization Paws For Change deserves ALL the sup-pawt in their mission! By offering a range of items in their store (including the personalized clutch purse) for people to pause and take a moment to realize the impact that their purchases can make, PFC has also recently introduced a Donation page, where people can make a one-off or monthly donation to the pup-mazing (I tried!) cause (and all donations over $2 are tax-deductible)! Also, if you haven’t tried of their Pawsecco, I suggest you jump on board ASAP because it tastes divine and is made in collaboration with another wonderful SA-based winery: Artwine Estate!

✔20% Off Storewide

Official website // Facebook // Instagram


Clutch by Paws for Change, leather journal by Rustic Wren

The Naked Soap Company

Revolutionizing the way Sunday self-care sessions are all about, I have thoroughly enjoyed using the pink grapefruit sugar scrub by The Naked Soap Company, which is fine and melts with a few drops of water to effortlessly make their way into your pores and hydrate, exfoliate, and nourish the heck out of the dry / neglected skin around my shoulders. Plus, it offers itself as a great means of a soothing massage with the small amount that I have used in the photo below to leave it with a subtle glow!

✔Spend $25 to receive 20% off

Official website // Facebook // Instagram


While shopping from home, make sure you get proactive + creative and shout out your favourite business picks that you’ll be supporting. You are welcome to tag “gatheredsa” and/or “#gatheredsa” on your socials to share your purchased gems with us! We can’t wait to see you choose South Australian, as we have some rare finds in the industry who deserve a lot of love and support during these trying times.

As always, remember that it pays to support local!

Happy shopping!
xx Tema


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