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An avid lover and follower of the plant-based lifestyle, Adelaide local Gabrielle Taylor has launched her business Juice Institute that not only supports suppliers and producers based exclusively in South Australia, but also refines the cold-pressed juices to the needs and likes of individual customers of the business. Setting the juices apart from the rest, Juice Institute also works at maintaining the integrity of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and natural properties in each drink – something that is pretty much impossible to find in most juices that are commercially sold out in the shops. While this dramatically reduces the shelf life of the juices to just four days, you can be rest assured, however, that you’ll be getting so much more out of drinking the juices offered by Juice Institute for your health benefits.

In anticipation of their participation at the upcoming Gathered Design Market – virtual edition on August 22 + 23, 2020, I did a social-distancing-friendly Q and A with Gabrielle “Gabby” to learn more about the ethos around Juice Institute – have a read of our exchange below:

Tema: Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?
Gabrielle: Hello! I’m Gabrielle – an Adelaide girl, a mum and a wife. For many years, I have been passionate about the plant-based lifestyle. I had a strong desire that there was more for me than what I was currently doing and when I discovered juicing, I absolutely fell in love and went for it. In August 2018, I took the leap and launched Juice Institute from my home kitchen.

Tema: Who are the faces behind Juice Institute?
Gabrielle: I am definitely the main squeeze, but our growth and hard work takes more than one. I have the most amazing team of juicing chefs – special shout-out to Lee-Ann, Lauren and Kate. These girls inspire me and we work together to fine-tune every single thing we do in our kitchen, crafting our recipes to making our procedures more efficient. I believe your vibe attracts your tribe and I have been very fortunate to have some wonderful mentors and friends around me, who have provided their services, experience, and knowledge to guide me through these first two years of business.

Tema: What is your personal story?
Gabrielle: I come from a fitness background and spent 20 years around Adelaide gyms, personal training clients and teaching group fitness classes. In 2010, I discovered plant-based living and immediately changed my diet and educated myself about the benefits of living this way. It became a huge part of my life and a passion that I needed to share. I was a plant-based endurance runner for 10 years, having run 20 marathons in 10 years. In early 2018, I begun juicing at home, spending 1, 2, sometimes 5 days drinking only juice and felt the best I had ever felt. I knew then, I was going to bottle my juice and share it with my community.

Tema: What made you decide to open up Juice Institute?
Gabrielle: Personally, I dreamed for more than what I was currently doing in life. I also knew that juicing was a game changer, an honest and real product that made people feel better and become healthier. We were taking fresh whole foods and pressing them into fresh juice and this was a way for me to bring my passion of the plant-based lifestyle into my local communities lives.

RFP - Juice Institute - Full Res-5

Tema: What are you hoping to offer your customers through Juice Institute?
Gabrielle: My mission has always been to offer nutritious, delicious, affordable and accessible cold-pressed juice. I understand that people are time-poor and juicing takes time, not to mention it creates a mess. Quite simply, we take the mess and the fuss out of your juicing and work on serving beautiful, made-to-order juice in recyclable glass jars. Our juice offers a chance for customers to efficiently and effectively increase their fruit and veggie intake and we also guide our customers through juice cleansing, by preparing the juices, offering support and detailed instructions on what to drink and when and what they can expect throughout the process.

Tema: How long has Juice Institute been around for and what has the experience been like so far?
Gabrielle: We are celebrating 2 years this August and what a ride it has been! Starting a business is harder than I ever could have imagined, I’ve had some amazing highs and some major challenges. Our growth has happened quickly and Adelaide has been amazing. Word of mouth, social media, and the support we have received has been heart-warming. At the end of the day, it comes back to our products and the beautiful juice we craft. I have built an amazing community of juice lovers, who are living healthier and drinking their fruits and veggies. Their ongoing support, beautiful feedback and commitment keep me going every day to continue to grow, innovate, and remain passionate.

Tema: Can you tell us a bit more about the flavours and options of products that you offer via Juice Institute?
Gabrielle: Our juice is based on four pillars – greens, roots, citrus and nuts. Each pillar has an important role to play within our bodies, providing essential plant nutrients. We specialise in juice cleansing and provide several different options, with an information brochure to guide our customers through their cleanse, making it a relaxed and enjoyable experience. We are also big on adding a daily juice into your lifestyle to increase your fruit and veggie intake. We offer boxes of four juice jars to enjoy a juice a day over 4 days.

RFP - Juice Institute - Full Res-17

Tema: What do you think makes your juices stand out from the rest in the industry?
Gabrielle: Our juice is raw and unpasturised – this way, we do not damage the integrity of the plant nutrients. We do not treat our juice in anyway, which means that it carries a 4-day shelf life only. We provide an incredible flavoured juice, we have mastered our recipes and share handcrafted juice rich in flavours, colours, and nutrients. We also use the world’s best cold-pressed juicing technology right here in Adelaide (a 200kg hydraulic press from the USA), which means that it is authentically cold-pressed and our juice has the highest concentration of nutrients possible. We focus on exceptional customer service and a whole experience when you are supporting Juice Institute. From the ease of our website and checking out, to our gorgeous juice boxes and smiling drivers on delivery. This is a business with its roots firmly planted in love, passion and our community.

Tema: Do you primarily operate online or have you got a few stockists around the area where people can purchase your juices?
Gabrielle: We are an online store, where our juice is pressed to order for each customer. We offer local delivery and are lucky to have partnered with four Adelaide businesses, who are our collection locations: Cosmic Yoga West Lakes, Brother Bear Mt Barker, About Face Norwood and the Belair Supermarket/café.

Tema: How have you found navigating through the COVID-ocalypse in terms of running your business?
Gabrielle: We are extremely fortunate to have navigated through COVID-19 and come out the other side stronger. We were honoured to be able to serve our community and provide our healthy, immune supporting juices. As Covid-19 took flight, we introduced our Immunity Box, reduced our delivery rates to service and support our community, and continued to make our juice boxes affordable and accessible.

RFP - Juice Institute - Full Res-7

Tema: What have you found rewarding and challenging about being a small-scale business in Adelaide / South Australia?
Gabrielle: In terms of rewarding – our amazing customers and their word of mouth. Juice Institute has grown organically and this is from the support we receive from each and every one of our dedicated customers, telling their friends and family, sharing on social media and generally just being incredibly supportive and believing in the wonders of juice and what we are creating.
In terms of challenging – my most recent challenge has been finding our next location to operate from. I have spent months searching for a location. The commercial kitchen spaces in Adelaide are few and far between. It has been incredibly challenging, but just the other day, I have secured our next larger space, so we can continue to grow. Hooray!

Juice Institute - Glenelg-1

Tema: How did you get involved with the Gathered Design Market?
Gabrielle: I have been a big fan of the Gathered Design Market since following them on Instagram and the fact that they focus on and support local business. As the market is currently online, this aligns with Juice Institute perfectly and I am so excited to be involved.

Tema: What are you anticipating from your participating in the virtual edition of the Gathered Design Market?
Gabrielle: For us, it is all about awareness and letting Adelaide know who we are, what we do and how incredible our juices are.

Tema: Why should people support Juice Institute?
Gabrielle: It’s true what they say – when you support a small business, an actual person does a happy dance. That person is me. We are locals, you are supporting a dream and we want to be around a long time, as we share our incredible juice with you. We need support to grow and evolve. We are passionate about supporting local suppliers, from farmers to our packaging suppliers. Supporting local is vital to South Australia and now more than ever.

Juice Institute - Glenelg-38

Juice Institute will be participating in the upcoming virtual Gathered Design Market on August 22 + 23, 2020. There will be discounts on the market weekend so keep your eyes peeled on the Gathered Design Market’s social media platforms (Facebook + Instagram).

In the mean time, you can support Juice Institute by following them on social media and/or peeking at their website for what’s currently on offer:

Official website

Social media
Facebook // Instagram

All photos in this article credited to Ryan Formosa.

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