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Gathered Design Market – Virtual Edition (August)

It doesn’t seem like that long ago when we were celebrating all the market holders who were part of the June edition of the Gathered SA virtual market – what a colorful and delightful weekend that was!

After a few weeks of rest and relaxation, we are now back with a range of returning and brand-new vendors, who are participating in this weekend’s edition of the Gathered SA virtual market. I have personally found so much joy in getting to know about them and their ethos around their businesses, which directly aligns with my ethos of supporting small and supporting local.

With the market kicking off very soon, I thought I’d take this moment to bring you some of the fantastic specials that will be offered by our beautiful local makers and shakers and highlight some of my personal favourite items from each business. These are products and services that deserve their time in the spotlight for their pristine quality, their statement pieces that you won’t find anywhere else, and the level of detail that goes into making every single item a one-of-a-kind.

Happy shopping!

Olivia Green of Alluvia has been around for just over 12 years and throughout her career in beauty and lifestyle, Green has experimented with a range of products and services that she offers to her customers.
I was kindly gifted a generously-sized candle with the most relaxing vanilla bean scent that almost always makes me want to settle in for the day / night with a tub of vanilla bean ice-cream (it’s a shame, really, that you can’t eat candles!). I have been burning it consistently over the past two weeks and it is only half-used, which I am thoroughly impressed with!
Starting today (August 22nd, 2020), Alluvia is releasing a Candle of the Month subscription, where you can enjoy a limited-edition scent that will be made with a mix of natural soy and coconut wax.
If you prefer receiving your candle in a bundle, the Heartbeat of Alluvia might be just what you need. This is a great starter kit for those who are new to the magic of Alluvia, where you can tick all the boxes for the ultimate self-care pamper package – a soy candle of your choice, a trial pack of the skincare range as suited for your skin type, a glow face serum (one that I have personally tried on my very sensitive skin and that has, indeed, given me a makeup-free glow), a mint coffee scrub to tingle your senses and give you smooth skin by exfoliating the dead skin cells gently, and a mascara to give you naturally longer-looking lashes.

Discounts on market weekend (August 22 + 23, 2020) only
50% off the 3rd candle when purchasing 2 candles

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Vanilla-bean scented candle by Alluvia

I honestly don’t know how much more I can rave about Christine Maxwell from BeSpoke2 than I already have, but just when I thought that I had a piece of BeSpoke2 in every nook and cranny of my home, she goes ahead and creates a personalized acrylic block that instantly won my heart over!

Coupling Christine’s elegant writing with her eloquent form of embossing on pretty much any surface, there is a level of joy sparking on seeing the process of embossing from start to finish that we are, undoubtedly, missing out on by not being able to interact with her face-to-face. HOWEVER, if you jump on her socials, she often posts teasers and timelapses of her projects that offer with a level of euphoria that you get from watching ASMR videos. So, please do me a favour and get as many personalized goodies from Christine that you can, because they are so worth what you pay for. If you need any #inspo, here are some of my BeSpoke2 treasures that have taken up residence in our home:
Tote bag + A3 print , personalized water bottle 1 , personalized water bottle 2 , embossed A5 print with our names , bespoke pink vase , flower journal (sparkly version) – also pictured below under acrylic block

Discounts on market weekend (August 22 + 23, 2020) only
20% discount site-wise
Free shipping on orders over $55

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Personalized acrylic block for a couple + unique journal by BeSpoke2

Chatterbox City
OK so a few of you may have known that I was recently in a semi-major car accident that gave me a minor chest injury. It’s been a painful recovery and the long-term emotional and mental effects will take time to deal with. But, in the meantime, the neck wraps and heat packs from Chatterbox City have been an absolute godsend in relieving the muscular pain in my upper body region and as I mentioned in a previous post, I particularly love the packs from Chatterbox because they are wheat-free and therefore, don’t have that ~disgusting~ smell that most traditional wheat packs have upon being heated up (as you can tell, it’s a dealbreaker for me!). PLUS there are some seriously awesome patterns and designs that Kelly-Skye of Chatterbox City will be releasing, including this stunning Playful Birds pattern by creative Kasey Rainbow (pictured below) and a Rainbows pattern that has my name written all over it!

Discounts on market weekend (August 22 + 23, 2020) only
20% storewide
Free shipping Aus-wide on orders over $49

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Wearing the Chatterbox City neck wrap with a pattern designed by Kasey Rainbow

Cobbs Hill Estate
They say that wine pairs nicely in the company of good friends and I could not agree more!

If you haven’t been to one of the most underrated wineries in the South Australian region, then I humbly ask you to change this ASAP, because the 250-acre land of Cobbs Hill Estate offers more than your typical winery experience. Offering services of a cellar door, a bed and breakfast, and a botanical garden, I have had the sincere pleasure of regularly visiting Cobbs Hill over the past year and a bit with a few friends from around that area and every single time, I was left astounded and impressed by the ambience of their lush space, their velvety smooth wines, and their star of the family – resident wine dog Chap, who is eveready for pats and snuggles!

I may not live in a fancy house with a cellar door, but my future plans of owning my own home will demand the space of one, because the amount of Cobbs Hill wines that I have accrued over the past year or so deserves at least that! My go-to’s often revolve around the Southern Cross Sparkling and the Shooting Star Sparkling Rosé, while my friends can’t get enough of the Shotgun Shiraz Pinot Noir and the Stagecoach Shiraz.

Discounts on market weekend (August 22 + 23, 2020) only
Purchase 6x bottles and receive a $50 voucher to spend at the cellar door
(valid for 3x months from date of purchase)

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Sparkling Rosé by Cobbs Hill Estate

Continental Taralli Biscuits
I wasn’t kidding on Instagram when I said that 1/3rd of my pantry is filled with Continental Taralli Biscuits – that may have changed since, because I have been munching on the sweet and savoury treats as my preferred go-to snack in between work shifts. So OBVIOUSLY, I will be restocking by putting in another mega order this weekend at the Gathered Design Market – and you should, too!

I don’t talk much about sharing it with friends (mostly because I can scoff down a whole packet by myself, thank you very much!), but it is such a good addition to your cheese platter, especially when paired with brie or camembert! I would also suggest complementing it with some delicious infused olive oils by B2B Traditions for the ultimate mid-arvo snackish delight!

Discounts on market weekend (August 22 + 23, 2020) only
15% off site-wide
Free shipping on orders over $50

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Sweet options by Taralli

Now, I know that we are approaching the end of winter (and I am particularly sad about it because who doesn’t love snuggling up in bed while it’s freezing outside? Just me?), but I need you to take a moment and read up on how I feel about this luscious and ~warm~ shawl that resonates with the colors of a beautiful sunset!

This shawl by JANICKA in particular caught my eye because of the colors, but also because Hana Jelinek from JANICKA posts tutorials on how to style this shawl, which can instantly add a level of va-va-voom to an otherwise simple outfit! Not only is the fabric ridiculously soft and insulating (just like a cuddly // cozy hug!), but it also boasts of a level of versatility by being transformed into a cardigan or even a poncho with a few accessories thrown into the mix! While I haven’t tried making the poncho yet, it is on the cards, so keep an eye out for when I post about it over the next few weeks here.

Discounts on market weekend (August 22 + 23, 2020) only
10% off store-wide
Free shipping

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Juice Institute
Life is all about living ~fruit~fully and these juices by Juice Institute are so worth the squeeze!

Boasting of recipes that are 100% raw, vegan, gluten-free, and unpasteurized, Juice Institute has whipped up some yummy options of juices to suit everyone’s palates. Creating cold-pressed juices that are packed with all the nutrients that may otherwise get lost through traditional juice-making methods, Juice Institute’s options make it convenient and easy to enjoy the rainbow-colored range for your detoxing needs*.

*Disclaimer: If you have any questions or concerns around undertaking juice cleanses, consult with your doctor first prior to committing to the cleanse.
It is also stated under their FAQ’s:
We recommend consulting with a medical professional before undertaking a cleanse. Our cleanses are not recommended for minors under 18 years of age, pregnant or breastfeeding women, the elderly, or those with pre-existing health conditions for which prescription medication is taken.

Discounts on market weekend (August 22 + 23, 2020) only
25% off store-wide

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Paws For Change
If you’re all about supporting local AND supporting our furry, four-legged friends, then Paws for Change is a registered Australian not-for-profit organization that you need to get behind!

Working towards improving the overall quality of life for stray dogs, those rehabilitating from an injury, or simply those who need to be loved post-abandonment or abuse, Paws For Change encourages people to pause and change the lives of a human’s best friend in need.

There are so many ways to contribute towards this fantastic organization and help with their mission – you can purchase clothing for yourself, get these stylish bandanas for your poochy pal to strut around on their daily walkies, sip on the yummy prosecco – Pawsecco – that has been created in collaboration with Artwine Estate, virtually adopt a dog and become their Fairy Godparent (I give you permission to cry tears of joy here) or simply donate towards the cause (all donations over $2 are tax-deductible).

Discounts on market weekend (August 22 + 23, 2020) only
20% storewide

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Overalls + dog bandana by Paws for Change
Pawsecco made in collaboration with Artwine Estate

Rangi Saba Designs
I have spoken at length in a past post about the power of Rangi Saba Designs’ stunning clothing and that still holds true today – the vibrancy and design in Chandni’s products are the kind that will catch your eye and help you stand out in the crowd for all the right reasons. There is a beautiful marriage of culture, tradition, and color that reflects on her multicultural heritage and it beautifully showcases a love for diversity in its purest form. What’s even better is that 5% of your purchase cost will go towards their Pay It Forward mission, with this month being dedicated to a range of mental health services – something that a lot of us have needed to access amidst the chaotic run that we’ve had so far in 2020!

Discounts on market weekend (August 22 + 23, 2020) only
15% off orders over $65
5% of all sales donated towards the Pay It Forward mission

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Dress by Rangi Saba Designs
Earrings and dress by Rangi Saba Designs

A brilliant business that prides itself on sustainable living, SummerBOAT is an Adelaide-based design company that has managed to keep the art of hand-printing art and craft techniques alive, giving them an upper hand in creating unique forms of homewares, apparel, and accessories that will dazzle with their details.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home with bright and complementary tones, want to welcome the onset of Spring that is mere weeks away, or are looking for the perfect present for dad on Father’s Day (which is not too far away now), there’s something for everyone in their small but diverse little online store!

Discounts on market weekend (August 22 + 23, 2020) only
25% off storewide
Free delivery

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Sourced from official Instagram page

The Gathered Design Market – virtual edition kicks off at 10am on August 22, 2020 and finishes up at 4pm on August 23, 2020. With three ways to shop, you can attend the virtual market directly on the picturesque Cobbs Hill Estate grounds, access the vendors via the directory, and also shop via Instagram! Use the code GATHEREDSA to access all the above-mentioned discounts.

Make sure you use a laptop or a desktop for the best shopping experience.

Vendor Q&A’s
If you are interested in knowing more about our vendors (past and present), you can find all the vendor interviews via the link here:
Notable ones for this market in particular include:
Rangi Saba Designs:
Juice Institute:

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