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Gathered SA x Pixie At Home – Q and A

Adelaide local Lucy has been running Pixie and Co. for quite a while now and after years of establishing herself to be a connoisseur of personalized candles, she has now rebranded to bring her candles home and add some home organization into this creative mix.

In anticipation of her participation at the upcoming physical Gathered Design Market on October 24 and 25, 2020, we had a chat about how the revamp came into play and what customers can expect from the new and improved Pixie at Home:

Tema: Can you please tell us a bit about yourself, Lucy?
Lucy: Sure! I’m Lucy, a high school teacher, candle lover and super organiser. We love a neutral and organised home filled with beautiful things that smell amazing.

Tema: What has been happening since last being Pixie and Co. Candles? What urged you to have a revamp of the brand?
Lucy: We thought long and hard at the end of 2019 about our future direction and wanted an opportunity to expand our business and not limit ourselves to Candles. The branding was at a point where we were outgrowing it and felt it was time to really explore the concept of ‘Home’ and what that means for each of our wonderful customers.

Tema: What does the new and improved Pixie at Home range offer to their customers?
Lucy: We are now offering DIY vinyl decals for all of your home organizing needs. Thinking of those Instagram-worthy pantries – they are achievable with our DIY decals. We also have some amazing things coming for Christmas, including customizable gift tags; and baubles.

Tema: Will you still be doing personalized candles that you previously offered under Pixie and Co.?
Lucy: Absolutely – it’s what we thrive on! At the October Gathered Market, we are upping the antics and offering personalized candles on the spot and will also include our ever popular name candles. We have also streamlined this process on our online store to make it super easy to purchase a unique and one of a kind candles.

Tema: Let’s talk a bit more about what Pixie at Home has to offer – what are some products that you are marketing under this brand and is there a particular reason for focusing on this range?
Lucy: We are still very much the same candle brand offering our luxe range. But we have also revamped our Originals Range. These 10 scents have been chosen from our customer favourites over of the past three years. They are available in a beautiful clear glass jar and simple label in our new colourway branding. We are also offering DIY decals for pantries, water bottles, home storage, coat hangers and loads more. My focus would be bringing locally made decals in our font selection to help the lovely people of Adelaide organize and label their homes. They are a very affordable way to make your space pop!

Tema: What are you hoping for your customers to experience, when purchasing from Pixie at Home?
Lucy: To take a little piece of my heart back to their homes. We pour our heart and soul into every product. Whether it’s fighting with our etcher at midnight to get that label exactly perfect or spending as much time as necessary with a customer to get their vision of a custom candle spot on – we love it all.

Tema: Do you offer a standard range of products or are you open to customization as well?
Lucy: We do have a ‘standard’ range of candles. We are calling them our Originals as they speak to our origins and offer something a little different. Our customized candles are a different glass jars that make that custom label pop.

Tema: Are you primarily an online store or do you also have a few stockists around the area, where people can access your beautiful products?
Lucy: We are primarily online, with all our products available on our website and Etsy. But we do stock a few florists with our candles and offer corporate candles tailored to individual businesses wanting their own candles.

Tema: How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your business and what ways did you employ to adapt to this modified lifestyle of conducting your business in this uncertain climate?
Lucy: We took it as an opportunity to rebrand whilst it was quieter. We were fortunate to use the down time wisely and rethink our creative direction. We worked with a fantastic print and design company in Sydney who specialize in small business and worked hard for a few months making the tweaks perfect. This is how Pixie at Home came to be.

Tema: What do you think helps your products stand out from the rest who may be in the similar industry of homewares and candles?
Lucy: We offer few things that are different and unique. We have also swapped to wooden wicks in all our candles which offer a cleaner and more unique burn (the flame is horizontal not vertical). They look stunning when they burn and crackle a bit when they are burning. Another concept that we believe stands out is also our customized service. We love working with each customer to offer a unique quote candle. And we love our new originals range with a subtle blend of pinks and greens in the colour way for the labeling.

Tema: How long have you been part of the Gathered SA family for and what has the experience been like so far?
Lucy: I’ve been going to the Gathered Markets since 2017 and our brand has come so far. Jenna is an amazing event organiser and it is something we always look forward to. Our experience is always amazing and we love the vibe of the Queens Theatre.

Pixie At Home will be participating in the upcoming Gathered Design Market at the Queens Theatre on October 24 + 25, 2020.

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