Hello there and welcome to Tema J – A Digital Portfolio!

My name is Tema – I am a freelance writer and amateur photographer based in Adelaide, Australia. Coming from Middle Eastern + Asian backgrounds, I moved to Australia at the age of 18 to pursue my studies in Media Arts and Disability Policy and Practice. I am thoroughly passionate about both these fields, even if they are extremely distinct. 

Having lived in Adelaide (South Australia) for just over 8 years now, I have fallen in love with the concept of supporting local businesses. There’s something truly magical and unique about not only buying local, but also understanding the story of how the business became a reality by having interviews / chats with the owners. I find this system allows me to appreciate the quirks that makes each business stand out and that’s what I’d (ideally) like my readers to experience as well.

I decided to set up this platform to give a voice to businesses that are primarily small, local, and proudly South Australian. You can also find my ramblings on Weekend Notes, which is where I started writing as a hobby and have developed my writing and photography skills over time.

Feel free to get in touch via email (fatemasitabkhan@gmail.com) if you would like to have a chat about your business or if you simply want to have a cuppa (always keen for a caffeine pick-me-up)!

Thanks again for visiting and hope to cross paths with you soon!

xx Tema

PS You can also find me on my social media profiles: Facebook // Instagram

Photography by Ekaterina Shipova Bell

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