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High Fashion Meets High Tea at the 2019 VOGUE Festival with Paolo Sebastian & Mayfair Hotel

Paolo Sebastian (South Australia's couture brand) will be joining forces with the prestigious Mayfair Hotel at this year's highly anticipated VOGUE Festival to host two intimate and stylish High Tea events for fashionistas in the heart of Adelaide. Paul Vasileff (founder of Paolo Sebastian) will offer guests with a first-hand insight into his love for… Continue reading High Fashion Meets High Tea at the 2019 VOGUE Festival with Paolo Sebastian & Mayfair Hotel

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Hope Blooms Floristry – Q & A

Hope Blooms Floristry by mother-daughter duo Amber Hammersmith and Tanya may have just joined the Gathered Design Market family in July, but their efforts around floristry and floral arrangements have certainly not gone unnoticed. I still remember walking into the Queens Theatre on both days of the July market and always seeing Amber and Tanya working hard… Continue reading Hope Blooms Floristry – Q & A

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Three Of Me: The Clutch Edition

When I first interviewed Sarah Oster (founder of Three Of Me) for the Winter edition of the Gathered SA Market and then visited her at the Market, I remember thinking, "how am I going to fit ALL these scrunchies into my little purse?!". While I ended up choosing just three (yes, I will re-stock at the next… Continue reading Three Of Me: The Clutch Edition

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Chloe Gillespie Art – Q & A

I have only recently been acquainted with Chloe Gillespie's artwork but after skimming (read: stalking) through her website, my excitement to meet her and purchase some of her artwork is very (very) high on my list of things to buy at the upcoming October edition of the Gathered Design Market! The level of detail and intricacy… Continue reading Chloe Gillespie Art – Q & A

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The (October) Gathered SA Icon – Katie Long

If you haven't come across Katie Long's impeccable kaleidoscope of colours blending together in the form of funky earrings and jewellery through Hello There Cheeky, then I suggest that you go to her website and find your Spring and Summer essentials that will brighten any and all looks effortlessly! When I interviewed Katie in March… Continue reading The (October) Gathered SA Icon – Katie Long

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Jenni’s Garden to Gallery – Q & A

When I attended the Gathered Design Market in July earlier this year, I was drawn to these luscious, eco-dyed silk scarves that boasted of a variation of bright and neutral tones. Created by South Australian local Jenni Willis, the business marries her love for gardening and creativity in the form of fashionable and trendy wearable art… Continue reading Jenni’s Garden to Gallery – Q & A

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Mayde Studio – Q & A

Specializing in hand-lettering, design, and watercolour-based artwork, South Australian creative Lauren May Grieger incorporates her background in graphic design and art to produce unique pieces that are bound to brighten any space in your home. With the upcoming Gathered Design Market in October, I had a Q&A with Lauren about her anticipations around participating in the market… Continue reading Mayde Studio – Q & A

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Sophie Mosss Photography – Q & A

I first came across Sophie Mosimann's photography work at the July edition of the Gathered Design Market a couple of months ago and was instantly captivated by her eloquent style of black and white landscape and nature-based photography. Some of her work in particular caught my eye, because they were images that made me not… Continue reading Sophie Mosss Photography – Q & A

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Paper Pencil Stone – Q & A

Meet Nicole Taylor-Stone - an emerging artist and founder of the paper-cutting artistry business Paper Pencil Stone. Inspired by flora and fauna that surrounds her humble abode, Stone hopes to offer her customers with the opportunity to enjoy her beautiful artworks that are one-of-a-kind, playful, and is easy to connect with on a deeper level. Using 160gsm… Continue reading Paper Pencil Stone – Q & A

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Chaya Boutique Liputa – Q&A

Bringing together a beautiful collision of colour and culture, Chaya Boutique Liputa by Bee Loko aims to give their customers from all walks of life to feel a powerful embrace of the beauty of African culture through their headwraps and accessories. With bright patterns encompassing their products of fashion that are primarily sourced from South Africa, the pieces offered… Continue reading Chaya Boutique Liputa – Q&A