Pete Evans + Line & Label at Central Market THIS WEEKEND

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Adelaide Central Market is the place to be, especially on a Saturday morning. Bustling with people from all parts of Adelaide, South Australia and even the world, the stall holders are always ready for a congregation of people from all walks of life. Walking through the different ‘aisles’, people can expect to enjoy a versatile range of products and services to add to their culinary skillset.

This weekend, the Adelaide Central Market will be brought to vibrant life with a guest appearance by Pete Evans (co-host of Channel 7’s My Kitchen Rules).

Customers of the Market will also be treated to the Producer in Residence – Line and Label – a restaurant from Port Lincoln that will be bringing with them their popular food and wine until 06/10/2018.

Offering free cooking demonstrations, Evans will be teaming up with Line and Label chef Josh Harris to present customers with free wine tasting at the U-Install-It Community Kitchen in the Gouger Dining Area this Saturday at 9.30am, 11am and 12.30pm.

“Line & Label has done such a great job since opening on December 1st last year, sharing the best Eyre Peninsula produce for diners in their Port Lincoln restaurant – and now it’s Adelaide’s turn to sample their food and wine. They are the only restaurant in Australia using Greenly Island Ocean Jacket Snouts, which are absolutely delicious – so visitors to the markets for the next three weeks have to try them – they have to be seen (and tasted) to be believed!”

Opening their doors to the public in December 2017, L & L has achieved several impressive milestones, including receiving 13 Australian Good Food Guide Chef Hat awards in January 2018 and being listed in the 2019 Australian Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Guide. The menu is decorated with a dynamic selection of local produce, including the Ocean Jacket Snout, Spencer Gulf King Prawns, and specialty dishes such as the Pig Skin Linguini and Port Lincoln Vongole.

Event details
44-60 Gouger St, Adelaide SA 5000

Chef Josh and Chef Pete 2018

Celebrate the Melbourne Cup At Electra House

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Featured image from the Electra House Hotel website

With the Melbourne Cup less than 2 months away, it’s time to plan where you can enjoy the races without having to leave the state!

Get more bang for your buck at the Electra House Hotel on King William Street, which will be offering 4 Melbourne cup packages across their grand 3-storey establishment:

  • Dining Packages
    Level One

    $110 pp, which includes food and drink
    Expect to enjoy an Omakase style dining experience, with delicious, fresh drinks by SA based Freddy Nerks (crafted by Justin Lane)
    Ultimate VIP
    $160 pp, which involves a 3-course feasting menu + beverages
    Expect to enjoy a non-stop flow of Pol Roger Champagne in a NY-inspired private space


  • Party Packages
    Chamber & Garden Bar Package
    $40 pp, which includes a relaxed dining ambience
    Expect to enjoy a hearty serve of BBQ pulled pork (or pulled eggplant as a vegetarian alternative) served with brioche, pickles and slaw
    For drinks, enjoy either a glass of Pol Roger or 2x Mismatch beers.
    After Party VIP
    $20 VIP tix will get you a front row in entertainment provided by DJ Tim Bos + Entertainment Adelaide
    Expect to enjoy express entry, a glass of either Pol Roger or G+T

“For Melbourne Cup, Electra House has something for everyone, whether you want to sip French champagne in our stunning function venues, or drink G&Ts downstairs and party the night away. Make sure you pick up your ticket today, it’s sure to be one hell of a sell-out celebration!” – Chad Hanson (General Manager)

Event details
November 6, 2018 from 11am onwards

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Call (08) 7123 4055 or email to book your tix



Adelaide Fringe 2019 Poster Revealed!

Information + images sourced from the official Adelaide Fringe website
Matthew Clarke headshot image by Trentino Priori

While the Adelaide Fringe (my favourite time of the year in South Australia) may still be a good 4 months away, the excitement never stops in the Fringe realm. The latest news that has made the rounds across local publications and newspapers is the brand-spanking-new poster that was revealed early yesterday (September 6) for Adelaide Fringe 2019!

Holding annual competitions for highlighting the Fringe season’s official poster, Matthew Clarke‘s successful and winning poster submission has instantly won the hearts of Adelaide Fringe lovers, with a vibrant and colorful self-portrait as a Fringe performer. This year’s competition received 357 entries from around the world.

“I like using bold, bright colours so it attracts people and makes them feel happy about art.” – Matthew Clarke

Hailing from Warnambool, Clarke is a painter by trade, who identifies as one with an intellectual disability and has been creating impeccable works of art since 2005. His talents are primarily focused on using acrylic on linen

“For me, painting is about wanting to express my happiness to others. I like using bold, bright colours so it attracts people and makes them feel happy about art”  – Matthew Clarke.

Matthew Clarke – winner of the Adelaide Fringe 2019 poster competition (Photography by Trentino Priori)

With his mega win with the Adelaide Fringe competition, Clarke has a number of exciting events to look forward to, such as being a part of the Adelaide Fringe marketing campaign on the Adelaide trams, after creating paintings for the Melbourne Art Trams project in 2017.

“I’ve got a disability, so I’m quite proud to show there’s no barriers between that and making artwork.” – Matthew Clarke

Clarke’s poster submission presents with a dynamic and unique shift from the classic and traditional designs that were used in past Fringe posters, where a level of abstract and iconic themes that brought back the art of painters into the spotlight.

“We chose Matthew’s entry because of the striking, fiery brush strokes that convey a sense of risk-taking and adventure and the vibrant colours that encapsulate the energy of Fringe. It all comes together to create a stunning self-portrait of the artist putting on a Fringe show. We love the story behind the poster and the way it celebrates the performer in all of us,” Heather Croall (Adelaide Fringe director + CEO)

Upon attending the Adelaide Fringe last year, I had inquired about disability-friendly shows and venues that may have been a part of the program. While the selection was fairly limited at the time, I was promised that there would be an initiative put into place to have a larger space and an increased level of inclusivity and accessibility available to the public in 2019. With Clarke’s success and background as an individual with a disability, we are more than hopeful that this promise will be delivered to an already fun and fabulous event that connects locals and tourists alike for a jam-packed month of festivities in the arts capital of Australia!

“We’re an open access festival, so it comes with the territory that we want everyone to be able to join in on the wonderful artistic experience our Fringe has to offer. To achieve this, Adelaide Fringe is constantly looking for ways to cater for all artists and audience members – everything from detailed venue information to initiatives like audio tours for the visually impaired. We’re looking forward to introducing new measures to make the 2019 Adelaide Fringe our most accessible festival yet so everyone can come along for the ride.” – Heather Croall (Adelaide Fringe director + CEO)

Street art enthusiasts – listen up! There is a large scale reproduction of the poster design that you can go and visit NOW on Union Street (East End) – just off Rundle Street. As part of The Adelaide Fringe Street Art Explosion movement, Clarke’s brilliant work is available to the public for viewing as a beautiful mural that brings a level of happiness, wonderment, and even a sense of calm!

Look out for the full line-up of shows, acts, and events that will be coloring the streets of Adelaide and South Australia in all its Fringe-y glory in December!

Event details
Adelaide Fringe 2019: Feb 15 – Mar 17

Official website

Matthew Clarke – connect with him on social media

Watch Matthew Clarke’s art in the making here.



Pirie Street Welcomes Levant Eatery

Yalla habibis and habibtisLevant Eatery 2 is here!

Having set up their first store in the prime and revamped university precinct – The Adelaide West End – it wasn’t a surprise at how quickly Levant Eatery became so popular. Wallahi, after 3 years of offering themselves as a hub of a Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean restaurant where the East meets the West, the eatery has now made its way to another prime spot with their second store opening up on Pirie Street.

After feeding university students and staff members at the new RAH site down by the West End, it’s the turn of the folks by the shopping and business districts to get a taste of what the Eatery has on offer. Consistency is key here, where the end of the semester won’t mean less foot traffic, because there will always be businesses looking for some energy in the form of food (rather than multiple cups of coffee alone)!


A small family business with humble beginnings, Levant Eatery‘s owner Husam Al-Sweedy is hoping to provide the people of Adelaide with a taste of their colourful and exotic culture.

“After three years of love and support at our Hindley Street restaurant, we decided it was time to bring Levant Eatery to the CBD. We specifically picked this location to cater for the office staff who were making the trek to the West End for lunch each day.” – Husam

The Eatery is named “Levant” to associate with the Levant region, which includes countries like Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, and Turkey (to name a few) that border the East Mediterranean Sea. The spices and flavours originating from these countries are what add to the magic of their menu. There are so many wonderful options of foods and drinks (and is the same as what is available at their Hindley Street counterpart).


Customers can enjoy a range of authentic dishes, which include freshly baked bread, homemade sauces made by Husam’s very talented mum Faten Al-Sweedy, silky smooth hummus dips (mashallah!), and combinations of haloumi with chargrilled meats / with salads, thereby bringing flavours with a healthy component to it all! With dietary requirements such as gluten-free and vegetarian options available, customers are also invited to create their custom bread pockets, wraps, and salads, which further adds a level of creativity and ingenuity to their dining experience!

“We understand that, for the CBD crowd, time is of the essence – that’s why we focus on offering freshly baked bread and grilled protein at a quick pace. Our aim is to bring our customers quality food that is fresh, filling, affordable and above all, delicious.” – Husam

Renowned architect Vian Baban was able to bring an ambience that resonates with the rich Middle Eastern culture that is coupled with a modern twist. Elements such as bright patterned blue tiles, wrought iron chairs, and pops of colour splashed across Al-Rasheed Street may just as well make you feel like you’re dining in the middle of a beautiful and picturesque oasis (whilst simultaneously providing shade from the sweltering heat). The space invites a feast and that is exactly what customers who dine in can expect to enjoy!


“We wanted our customers to get a glimpse of the Middle East through the new location. Eating at Levant Eatery is an experience, we want to showcase our heritage and allow people to engage with our culture through our food, family and design.” – Husam

70 Pirie Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Opening hours
Mon – Fri 630am – 3pm

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With special thanks to Girl About Town for the invite to the launch event.


Sip On Bubble Tea At Tea Degrees

Bubble tea lovers rejoice, because there’s a new kid in town and it goes by the name Tea Degrees!

Taking on the reins to become “Adelaide’s 1st gourmet bubble tea store”, Tea Degrees is a proud South Australian business that is hoping to bring a modern twist on the Taiwanese dessert by incorporating bold flavours such as Rocky Road, Salted Caramel, Nutella,  After Dinner Mint, and even pre-workout Whey Protein bubble tea.

Co-owned by Anthony Till and John Luong, the store has been set up to provide customers with a new and improved way of enjoying bubble tea, which is often adorned with a gracious serve of toppings (tapioca balls, fruit jelly, aloe vera, and puddings, to name a few). After realizing a gap in the market for healthy bubble tea, Luong embarked on a quest to start up his own business with Till, which ended up with naming their store Tea Degrees (suggested by Luong’s wife Uyen Mai) to represent the different degrees needed to bring out the best flavours in the individual teas, as well as the versatility in their menu.

Matcha and strawberry milk teas

What’s even better is that you are also free to customize and make your own bubble tea – who knows, if it’s a huge hit, it might even find its place on the menu!

Looking for a little pick-me-up in the morning? Till and Luong also have in stock Elementary Coffee, Dutcha cocoa, and high quality milk that will give you a much needed caffeinated kick within the magic of bubble tea goodness! There are also plenty of vegan and protein-rich options available, to add to the element of being a healthier option of a drink.

Gorgeous wings mural by local artist Nicky Create

Tea Degrees officially opens to the public August 3rd at 12pm and to celebrate, the first 100 people to walk through the doors will receive a fruit tea on the house! Additionally, there will also be 2-for-1 bubble tea specials on Friday and Saturday (till 9pm). So grab a mate, get your selfie on, and choose from one of the delectable flavours on their menu! And if you’re lucky, you might even be able to score a YEAR’S WORTH OF BUBBLE TEA!

Special thanks to Anthony Till, John Luong, and the staff at Tea Degrees for their generous hospitality and to Tempting Palates for the opportunity to attend the event.

9 / 82 King William Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Opening hours
Mon – Fri: 10am – 6pm
Sat – Sun: 10am – 5pm

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Winterfest – Port Adelaide’s Winter Wonderland

If you have stocked up on layers upon layers of sweaters, jumpers, gloves, and beanies, then it’s time to put them to good use by heading the winter wonderland in Port Adelaide.

Back for a bigger and better year, Winterfest has been set up in the iconic Harts Mill (on Mundy Street) and everywhere you look, there’s something exciting, fun, and interactive for adults, kids, and families alike! Surrounded by a picturesque view of the Port River and with lots of winter breeze adding to the inviting ambience of this annual festival, the team at Renewal SA has outdone themselves to present with an incredible, family-friendly event, with the hopes that it will help boost the economic development of The Port.


Grab those skates and maybe even some penguin helpers to help you make the most out of the wondrous experience that is ice skating! This is such a fun way to learn a new sport and take in the views of The Port River that engulf the rink in all its glory.

A market space by Posh Markets has also been stocked with a number of SA-owned businesses, such as Blush & Co., Wili Heat Bags, and Luna & Luxe, Hunt Jewellery, and Primrose Hill Set Candles (to name a few), who have just the right accessories to add to your wardrobe and home – in terms of quality, value, and aesthetic!

On a tight budget? Never fear, because there are a ton of free activities, which include market hopping, live music and entertainment, and roving performers who will leave you breathless with awe. There’s also a snow lounge, which can provide a space for individuals to unwind and relax from the social atmosphere of the event.

Adding to the versatility of the event this year, the popular Ice Cube is the place to be! Hosting an array of workshops, such as the Choir Workshops and The Art of a Natural Christmas (for adults), and craft activities, such as Cookie Creations and Little Picasso (for kids), along with live acts, Long Table Lunches by local chefs to give you a taste of a hearty winter meal, Gospel brunches, tastings and so much more, there’s something for everyone in this quaint area of the event.

With indoor and outdoor spaces that provide plenty of warmth and comfort, through their smoky fire pits and tartan blankets, not to mention the delicious options of food and drink (coffee, Gin, or mulled wine, anyone?), guests can be rest assured that they’ll be kept nice and toasty during the crisp evenings down by The Port.

Gin by Applewood Gin
Bagels and burgers for lunch, thanks to Brooklyn Bites

Winterfest in Port Adelaide will be running throughout the school holidays this year, so make sure you gather your friends and family members and head down to the Port to treat yourself to a seriously awesome time in this gorgeous winter wonderland!

Event details
When?           06/07/2018 – 22/07/2018
Where?          Harts Mill (Mundy Street, Port Adelaide)
How much?   FREE entry with free parking onsite

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FREE wifi available via Kern WiFi


Dark Thorn Clothing – Paris Fashion Week Fundraiser

Press release information supplied by Tori–Anne Gill of Dark Thorn Clothing
Photos by Mayanthi Dharmabhandu (The Gracious Life) + Rachael Sia (Your Bae Ray)

“To think a young woman from the country can get invited to the fashion capital of the world, you only ever dream of that as a kid. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime and I’m taking this opportunity and giving it my absolute all. I’m designing a whole new collection to be released and launched specifically in Paris.”
Tori-Anne Gill (founder and owner of Dark Thorn Clothing)

When I first heard of Dark Thorn Clothing ~2 years ago, I was instantly attracted to its ideology of being based on the Victorian era. The line of clothing boasts of a simplistic yet elegant look – with its super smooth velvet fabric, its delicate gold embroidery, and its fitting that is comfortable and roomy, yet stylish and on-trend. But most importantly, the range captured my attention for its ability to bring the timeless sense of fashion from the Victorian era with a modern twist.

Sure, the cost of the clothing may be a bit steep, but given the amount of hard work that is put into its overall look, not to mention that it is a small scale business started by young South Australian entrepreneur Tori-Anne Gill, you definitely get your money’s worth by buying a product from this ever-growing fashion brand.

The success and popularity of DTC has grown so much in the last 2 years that it has now embarked on a new journey – being invited by the Oxford Fashion Studio to showcase its new range of clothing at Paris Fashion Week in September 2018 at the Le Grand Paris. After raising funds for this trip to become a reality in Port Broughton, Tori-Anne Gill is now bringing a show to Adelaide, where proceeds from this event will go towards funding her DTC trip to Paris. If you’ve ever been curious or don’t know much about the story of how DTC came into existence, then this is the perfect opportunity to get to know Tori-Anne Gill and her brand! As part of attending the fundraiser, all guests can also expect to enjoy a generous 30% discount on full-priced DTC items (all of which are proudly Australian made with quality fabrics) on the day. 

Fundraiser event details





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