WaCreationStudio – Interview

One of the most powerful social media tools – Instagram – has helped me get to know and fall in love with a number of local, South Australian businesses. It’s a truly special feeling to be a part of someone’s business venture, someone’s personal journey, someone’s passion to success and while it may primarily be a virtual connection that is created with businesses nowadays, there is still a sense of connection that resonates through maintaining regular interaction with the business owners / managers. One such beautiful business that I recently had the pleasure of getting to know is WaCreationStudio! With the upcoming Gathered SA Markets this weekend, WaCreationStudio will be one of the many local vendors that will be engaging in a fun-filled weekend of market festivities. Catching my attention with their unique and crafty crane earrings, I was so intrigued to learn more about the face behind this cute little business. After having a friendly exchange with Noriko Farrelly (owner of WaCreationStudio) a couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to get an e-interview, where I learned more about her and her business – have a read of our exchange below:

Tema: Who is the face behind WaCreationStudio?
Nori: I am Noriko, the creator of Origami jewellery at WaCreationStudio. I was born and raised in Japan, so Origami was naturally a huge part of my childhood. I have been in Australia for more than 10 years altogether. I have 2 gorgeous daughters and a supportive husband. We used to live in Sydney and in Japan, but moved to my husband’s hometown (Adelaide) in 2016.


Tema: How did you come up with the name of your business – WaCreationStudio?
Nori: “Wa” means Japan, Peace, Circle and Harmony. I wanted a name that reflects what I hope to offer through my creations. Authentic Japan, a calm peaceful feel, a circle of friends a circle of life, a harmony that balances modern Western culture and the traditions of Japan. “Wa” is a short word with so many different meanings!

Tema: How long have you been in business for?
Nori: I started in August 2017, so just over a year. Not much happened in the first six months – it was primarily me finding my way around running a business. I was nervous to talk to customers at markets, and very desperate to make sales to cover the stall fees. Once I started to really enjoy the market experience and not worry about each sales (or non-sale), things kind of started working. I’m happy with my achievements so far and thankful for everyone involved.

Tema: How did you decide on setting up a business that sells such beautiful and uniquely crafted jewelry?
Nori: We moved to Japan for almost 3 years when our eldest was 3.5 years old. So, naturally she started to embrace Origami. Upon returning to Australia, she started school in Term2 with very limited English. As a way of introducing herself, she folded Origami animals for everyone in her class. She was so determined, proud and happy! A few weeks later, we got invited to our first play date, and this new friend still had the rabbit origami on her table. I realised that what I took for granted was actually very special to many, and my daughter revived my joy of being a creative soul! So, I decided to do something with Origami, as a way of introducing a piece of culture to Australia (and a bit of pocket money!) as we started our new life in Adelaide.


Tema: What made you decide on creating origami earrings in particular?
Nori: When I first started, I was selling more crafty things like handmade cards,or Origami flowers. I had Origami jewellery, but they were only a side dish! And believe it or not, there were no crane earrings until much later on! I always thought of the crane design as “trying too hard to be Japanese” and avoided it for the longest time. But I got requests, so I had to started making crane earrings. I also make other types of earrings, as I try to show the beautiful colours and designs of papers. I want people to think that Origami can be modern and cool, not daggy!

Tema: What are you hoping for your customers to experience, when buying from WaCreationStudio?
Nori: Quite often, people talk about their recent trips to Japan, exchange students they’ve had, family members studying the Japanese language, grandchildren who love doing Origami, making 1,000 cranes for wedding….they talk about their connections to Japan. It really thrills me that customers who buy my jewellery not only buy it because it looks good, but also because they feel a sense, a connection to the culture! I’m hoping that my pieces of jewellery will ignite conversations and hold memories.

Photography by Nicole Fang

Tema: Is it true that you source your Washi from Japan direct?
Nori: Yes, I source most Washi ( traditional paper) from Japan. Although, if I see beautiful paper here, I cannot resist getting them, so I cannot say 100% from Japan. Whenever I go back to Japan, I spend hours choosing papers. Textures and colours are very unique and I’m fussy when it comes to Washi. When I run out of Washi, I contact my supplier in Japan (that is, my father!) to send some more over. Many Washi are quite big, so he cuts them all into my desired size – he is (hands down) the best supplier!

Photography by Nicole Fang

Tema: How long does it take (typically) to create your origami earrings?
Nori: This is the most common question that I get at markets. It normally takes me 3 minutes per crane to fold. I have had people watching me fold the whole process. I often say I should start train my daughters soon (6&8 years old) and I’m only half joking! I apply 4 layers of 3 different coatings, so as to let them completely dry. Each steps can add up to about 4 days or so in total. Washi is delicate and absorbs liquids much more than normal craft paper, so it takes time making sure the coatings do not change the original colours.

Photography by Nicole Fang

Tema: Is your business primarily run through Etsy or do you have a storefront as well?
Nori: Primarily doing markets at the moment! I am very fortunate to have a dozen stockists, who were brave enough to take on this “something different” jewellery that they’ve never seen before. They are very supportive and more like mentors. As I cannot mass produce, I can only distribute to limited stockists, which gives exclusivity. You can check your nearest stockists and upcoming markets on my Instagram.

Photography by Nicole Fang

Tema: Do you offer other forms of jewellery or accessories, in addition to earrings?
Nori: I offer necklaces, brooches and I also have hair clips and hair ties for children. I also had a pleasure working with young local talents in fashion photo shooting recently. I created headpieces, giant crane earrings and belts for Kimono inspired couture. It was out of my comfort zone, but a worthwhile experience. It really challenged me to express the possibility and beauty of Origami in different form.

Tema: What does the creative process look like? How do you gain the inspiration to create each item to make it look like a one-of-a-kind?
Nori: I have cardboard cutout in different shapes to decide which part of paper I make into jewellery. Sometimes I have only one piece of 10cm x 10cm paper, so deciding the perfect cut is a fun process. Talking to fellow creatives across different areas is very inspirational and also customers always come up with great suggestions! That is why I keep going back to markets – to see and hear what customers are after!


Tema: What markets are you currently involved with and how did that collaboration come around?
Nori: You can often find WaCreationStudio atGathered, Gilles at the Grounds, Chicks at the Flicks at Event Cinemas Marion by Etsy. Also I’ll be at Japanese related events. Recommendations from other stall holders are always helpful, especially since I am still learning the ways of running a small-scale business in Adelaide.

Tema: What do you think has been rewarding about being a small-scale local business here in Adelaide / South Australia?
Nori: I think South Australia has this great sense of supporting local small businesses like the I Choose SA campaign. People are interested in knowing how it’s made, where it’s made and who is making it. My hometown – Kobe – in Japan also had a “Let’s do it together”, “we are all creating our community together”, kind of similar mindset. The welcoming, supportive environment has made me feel like WaCreationStudio has become a part of this great SA community.


Tema: What do you think has been challenging about being a small-scale local business here in Adelaide / South Australia?
Nori: I suppose small businesses can be affected by events and festivals. Although Adelaide has a lot going on, it’s still quite seasonal and relying on SA locals. Let’s be honest, not many international travelers choose to come to Adelaide on their short holiday! Imagine being at Rocks market or Bondi Beach market…the amount of spontaneous foot traffic and exposure is what we don’t get on a weekly basis in Adelaide.

image1 (1)

Tema: Is there anything else that you’d like your customers and our readers to know about WaCreationStudio?
Nori: It is my great joy and has been a priority, that I can contribute to create closer ties at a grass-roots level between Japan and other countries. So even if you don’t purchase anything on that particular day, please feel free to just stop by to test your language skills, tell me your favourite Japanese food, show me the photos from your trips! You are already helping me to achieve that goal. Also, as gifting season fast approaching, we have limited number of paper or tin gift boxes available for a gold coin donation. I will then donate this money to a charity so people in need can have a slightly happier and healthier festive season. When you give gifts from WaCreationStudio to your family, friends and loved ones, you are not gifting once but twice!


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Wrapped in Style – Exhibition

With thanks to Girl About Town for the information + black and white image of Zoe Bradley.

Rundle Place in Rundle Mall has become home to Australia’s first largest paper couture dress! On display since November 2 and taking up residence in Rundle Place till , the gorgeous art exhibition Wrapped in Style was created by internationally recognized artist Zoe Bradley to celebrate the upcoming Christmas season.

With the hopes of combining art, fashion and imagination, Wrapped in Style aims to resonate with Rundle Place’s one-stop shop where the mantra “Be Your Own You” decorates Level 2, while Level 1 is saturated with attractive stores that scream trendy fashion, creative innovation, and impressive artwork.

Originally hailing from London, Bradley is a renowned global icon in the arts industry, who has taken her beautiful creations all over the world. Collaborating with fashion brands in the glamor and luxury sectors, Bradley has worked with the likes of Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, Tiffany & Co., Christian Louboutin, Dior, Harrods, Chopard and Selfridges.

Over the last decade, Bradley’s work is notable for its ability to bring a balance of fashion, theatre, and intrigue; through her sculptures from unique materials. Using techniques such as laser cutting, sculpting and hand-folded origami, Bradley’s paper art boasts of a style that is modern, elegant and fashion-focused.

“I’ve always considered it a great opportunity to take contemporary paper art installations outside the usual gallery walls to a wider audience. My work has taken me all over the world and it has been so rewarding to see how my showpieces fit into different environments and cultures. I am excited to be coming to Australia on behalf of Rundle Place and creating something special for the people of Adelaide, just in time for Christmas.” – Zoe Bradley

zoe bradley portrait Ram Shergill
Zoe Bradley – portrait by Ram Shergill (image supplied by Girl About Town)

Event details

Exhibition: Wrapped in Style

Location: Rundle Place (Rundle Mall)

Dates: 05/11/2018 – 28/12/2018

Times: During business hours of Rundle Place and available for public viewing




Lady Burra Brewhouse’s Newest Beer For Aussie Farmers

With thanks to Girl About Town for the information and images.

You know what’s better than realizing that tomorrow is Friday? Realizing that tomorrow’s choice of an after-work drink can be a brand new type of beer – all in the name of supporting our Aussie farmers!

Adelaide microbrewery fave Lady Burra Brewhouse will be pouring a limited edition strawberry beer, which has been crafted by talented head brewer Eliot Kirby. In addition to providing an aromatic essence and delivering in presentation and taste, $1 from each strawberry beer purchase will be donated towards Aussie Helpers – a Queensland-based charity that is currently providing support to our Aussie farmers, who have been impacted by the severe drought this year.

Boasting of a balanced combination of the brewery’s session ale + blended strawberries, the strawberry beer will present with a mildly bitter albeit refreshing strawberry tartness, with a creamy finish.

We added 20 kilos of fresh strawberries to a brew of session ale after four days of primary fermentation. It is the perfect beer for the warmer weather! – Eliot Kirby.

Since starting as Head Brewer in August this year, Eliot has had a strong vision for the Lady Burra brand, one which puts an emphasis on supporting local suppliers by incorporating seasonal fruits into the brewing process.

The strawberry beer will be available at Lady Burra Brewhouse from October 19, 2018 for a limited time. 

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TOP PICKS: Adelaide Film Festival – Made in SA

All images sourced from the official website

October in Adelaide // South Australia is proving to be one of the busiest months of the year since the Adelaide Fringe Festival! With a line-up of exciting events, such as the Adelaide Fashion Festival, VOGUE Festival, OzAsia Festival, and the Adelaide Film Festival, it’ll be no surprise to find yourselves satisfactorily exhausted by the time Halloween comes around!

Having only heard about the Adelaide Film Festival, but never having had the opportunity to actively immerse myself and experience the beauty of it in the past, I was fortunate enough to go as a +1, where I was able to be part of one of the most celebrated nights of this 10-day festival – Made in SA Gala Screening.

Showcasing the works by some of the most talented emerging screen extraordinaires in South Australia, this night was a wonderful way of recognizing, appreciating, and commending the efforts of those who have mastered the skills around (drone-based) cinematography, storytelling, SFX, and documentary production.

With a colorful selection of 9 films that were featured, there was no doubt at the versatility and diversity in talent, production, and execution and each film resonated with a lasting impact of emotion, drama, and visual captivation.

These were my top picks (in no particular order) and I’d highly recommend you to check them out on YouTube if you have a spare 30-45 minutes. As you will notice, these primarily fall into the comedy category aka my favorite genre (with the exception of Running 62, which also presents with a more soulful and meaningful connection, through its documentary style production):

  1. Running 62 (15 minutes)
    A tear-jerker (particularly towards the end), Running 62 is about a man named Zibeon Fielding (who is also the director of this short film), who is of Aboriginal TSI origin and takes on the task of running 62km from Iwantja to Mimili, in the hopes of raising awareness around following a healthy lifestyle within his community and raising funds for dialysis delivery to those in need of the procedure in the APY Lands. The visuals of the Australian outback is spectacular, as are the raw and real emotions demonstrated by young children of Aboriginal TSI origin, who join in the fun and help Fielding spread a very important message around overall health and wellbeing.


  2. Lucy & D.I.C. (10 minutes)
    5 seconds into this short film and I was in stitches! D.I.C. is a lovable robot, who is a companion to a girl – Lucy – who is a nearly 30 year old woman that we can all relate to, on so many levels. Giving off hilarious and all-too-real vibes similar to Ted and Wilfred, Lucy and D.I.C. mixes together the perfect balance of humor and ‘adult comedy’ that playfully mocks the familiar dependance on technology, social media, and the irresistible need to ‘fit in’. Directed by Jeremy Kelly-Bakker, this short film has beautifully created one character that is easy to bond with and another that resonates with all our adulting struggles so effortlessly. If you’re looking for something light-hearted and fun to laugh at, this one’s for you!1
  3. Small Town PD (7 minutes)
    If you’re looking for something wholesome, then Small Town PD might be your golden ticket. We all know a certain someone who tries to beat the system by purchasing some booze, while being under 18. And while we should, in no way condone that form of behavior, being caught off-guard could create a snowball effect that involves all members of the Police force who have nothing better to do on a quiet, sunny afternoon by a liquor store. Directed by Josiah Allen and Indianna Bell, this fun-loving short film will leave you confused in the best manner possible.1 (1)
  4. Wild
    You know how younger siblings can be a bit of a pain in the rear end? Well, Rosie Fields is having none of her brother’s BS, who is caught by the police for petty crimes. The way she reacts to the situation is…unconventional? Sure! Hilarious? Absolutely! Warranted? Probably, but it could’ve gone better! Directed by Kiara Milera, this comedic drama will give you all the funny feels!


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Adelaide Fringe Wine Collection

The Adelaide Fringe season is the highlight of my year, every single year. Being the second biggest arts festival in the world (after Edinburgh), where artists, performers, and storytellers come together for a jam packed month of festivities, fun, and fabulousness, the city of Adelaide always comes alive during this time and attracts locals and tourists alike on a large scale.

Being a part of the Adelaide Fringe over the last 2 years, my love for this season has only blossomed with time. Just like wine – it simply gets better with time!

Speaking of wine, long-time partner and supporter of Adelaide Fringe – Tomich Wines -has just announced their brand new Tomich Fringe Wine Collection. Available from January 2019, 5% of the proceeds will support Fringe artists through the Adelaide Fringe Artist Fund, to support emerging Australian artists. What makes this deal even sweeter is that all Fringe 2019 venues will also have exclusive access to these wines from $10 LUC (landed unit cost).

Sporting the artwork of the 2019 Poster that was created by Matthew Clarke as their wine labels, the unique and local boutique range of wines (that have been specifically created for the Festival) will boast of a velvety red wine (NV Adelaide Hills), a classic white Sauvignon blanc (2017 Adelaide Hills), and a “gutsy” Shiraz (2017 South Australia) – all of which will be the perfect accompaniment to the balmy evenings and nights that await us around Fringe season early next year. By using the same artwork, Tomich Wines hopes to inject Clarke’s idea of representing himself at the Fringe and offer the similar concept of making people happy through the delicious drops of wine that are on offer.

Supporting the Adelaide Fringe festival beyond the city limits, lovers of this festival can also expect to enjoy a Fringe Festival In The Vineyard, which will be held in Woodside (Adelaide Hills), where a number of installations and shows will be on offer across the vineyard. Lunches under the trees, tents with a Roman theme, and art installations throughout the vineyard will be just some of the exciting Fringe-y experiences that will be a part of this unique venture.

The Tomich Fringe Wine Collection offer will be available from January 1st 2019 – March 30th, 2019.

With thanks to Cassie Young from Be Young PR for the invite to this event.


Adelaide Central Market: Stories, People & Recipes

With thanks to JP Media for the information + images

When I first heard about how there was going to be a book around the stories of people and businesses of the Adelaide Central Market (ACM) family, my heart did a little happy dance! The ACM is such a tight-knit community and it is no secret that there is a lot of love and passion that goes towards keeping this little family as local and true to their beliefs as possible. The market space is filled to the brim with a diverse range of products and services that are available to the public – it makes sense why it attracts locals and tourists alike, because there’s always something to do and explore at the Market!

And after months of spending the time and energy on their little baby, co-authors Katie Spain and Fiona Roberts are finally letting us have the opportunity to get to know and appreciate this project, where we can learn and celebrate what makes the Adelaide Central Market such a vibrant and social hub.

Launching their 1st ever hardcover book that is due to be released just in time for the ACM’s 150th anniversary celebrations in 2019, Adelaide Central Market Stories, People & Recipes will bring together an eclectic mix of stories about this iconic heritage location.

Mural 2 (from google)

The book is packed with pages that detail everything that you can possibly envision, when thinking of the ACM – from the memories of former + current traders to a delightful selection of over 130 recipes that have been shared by the Market’s passionate stallholders (think of Comida’s famous paella and Asian Gourmet’s laksa for a start – is your mouth watering already?). Family favourites from local and regional producers, such as Maggie Beer, Adam Liaw, and Simon Bryant will have you feeling like you’re a master chef in the comfort of your own home! What’s better is that these recipes also come with tips and tricks to seriously step up your culinary skills and inject a sense of the multicultural community of the Market simultaneously.

Wild Loaf-15

While there may only be a limited number of copies of this book available for purchase, people will be treated to 500 pages of pure storytelling, stunning imagery, and mouthwatering recipes that will make it worthy of a spot in your home.

“The Adelaide Central Market has been feeding our city, body and soul, for nearly 150 years. This book brilliantly tells the Market’s story from humble beginnings to a world renowned cultural and culinary cornucopia.” – Dr Nick Begakis (Adelaide Central Market Authority Chair)

Pre-orders for the Adelaide Central Market: Stories, People, and Recipes are now available here and will be delivered around early December – make sure you jump on this ASAP or risk missing out on one of the greatest books to come out this year!

Promo image

Spring Racing Carnival, Morphettville Racecourse

With thanks to Girl About Town for the invite.

The race that stops the nation is just under a month away and to celebrate, the stunning Lexus Melbourne Cup Tour made an appearance tonight at the Morphettville Racecourse. Taking a tour across the states and territories of Australia every year, the Lexus Melbourne Cup (which sits with an impressive price tag of $200,000) will be residing in Adelaide tonight and tomorrow, after which it will make its way to Mount Barker (October 10), before heading to Victoria October 12.

“Lexus is passionate about delivering Amazing Experiences and the 2018 Lexus Melbourne Cup Tour will bring the amazing experience of the People’s Cup to more Australians than ever before.” – Scott Thompson (Lexus Australia Chief Executive)

Tonight also saw the launch of AAMI Spring Carnival of Racing, and what better place to hold this epic event than at the Morphettville Racecourse! Saturated with a huge selection of race days + activities, there will be a brand new trackside look, thanks to the collaboration between Morphettville Racecourse + White Marquee Event Hire, which is an iconic events setup crew that has made notable appearances at the Adelaide Fashion Festival and Polo in the City.

“We have been working closely with Morphettville Racecourse to create a bespoke and unique trackside area for the 2018 AAMI Spring Carnival of Racing. Our aim is to bring a touch of Flemington to Adelaide; we want to give race-goers all the the thrills of Flemington at South Australia’s most prestigious racing venue.” – Greg Evangelou (White Marquee General Manager)

Expect to be a part of some fantastic family-friendly events that are part of the Spring Carnival program:

  • Romeo’s Family Race Day (October 13)
  • Ladies Day at Caulfield Cup (October 20)
  • Derby Day (November 2)

There is also the opportunity for guests to have the ultimate Melbourne Cup experience on November 6, where they will be able to be part of the brilliant AAMI Marquee and enjoy some quality VIP treatment, as they enjoy the race that stops the nation!

“Morphettville will be taken to the next level this season with our partnership with White Marquee and we can’t wait to reveal the new-look trackside village.The 2018 Spring Racing program offers the perfect opportunity to get together with family and friends to experience the thrill of live racing at South Australia’s most iconic racing venue.” – Grant Meyer (Morphettville Racecourse CEO)

The 2018 AAMI Spring Carnival of Racing at Morphettville Racecourse launched on Monday, October 8th 2018 with the Lexus Melbourne Cup Tour.

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Hot Off The Press: CLIQUE Mag In Print

“Welcome to the new Clique. Reworked. Re-energised.” – Clique Magazine

Clique Magazine has become a household name that is synonymous with style, sass, and substance and after a year-long hiatus, the beloved magazine has made an epic comeback with their latest print issue!

Resurrecting the freshest and latest magazine in print with the theme of sustainability, the new edition of Clique boasts of a colorful selection of individuals and small-scale businesses that are local, that promote sustainability, and that are powerful enough to make an impact in our society for all the right reasons.

Gif supplied by Clique Magazine

“There’s a perception that the fashion industry doesn’t care about ethics. We’re going to show you how to think differently…consider this our little piece to inspire, shine light on new talent, and to show things in a new way.” – Selena Battersby (Editor of Clique (print))

Look out for these freshly pressed copies of Clique at your local cafe, restaurant, or boutique and don’t be surprised if you can’t put it down, because it’s a real page turner!

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Photography by Meaghan Coles

Celebrate World Smile Day With The Aussie Smile Co.

With thanks to Neon Moose for the information
Images by Fatema “Tema” Sitabkhan

Guys, gals, and everyone in between – do you know what day today is?

Hint – it’s something to do with your oh-so-beautiful faces (yes, I’m talking about YOU)!

October 5 (Sorry, no Mean Girls reference here!), which is also affectionately known as World Smile Day!


And what better way to show off those pearly whites than by celebrating with local business The Aussie Smile Co.!? Operating on delivering all-natural teeth whitening products that use activated charcoal as their main ingredient to polish those ivories, this wonderful little business has landed a collaboration with Stevie K Cosmetics to bring YOU a kit that is bound to make you smile for all the right reasons!


If you love lipstick and love showing off that million dollar smile, then you need the Super Smile Pack – enjoy a complimentary Stevie K Lipstick (valued at $24.90) with every purchase of an Aussie Smile Co. teeth whitening kit ($89.99). Embossed in their minimalist logo, the Stevie K. Lipstick is the perfect accompaniment to bring some more oomph to your look, not to mention a decent lasting shade of lipstick that won’t rub off as easily – just like your chops, which will shine like diamonds, thanks to the whitening kit by the Aussie Smile Co.

“We’re excited about World Smile Day and think everyone should get behind it. Your smile is your best accessory and what better way to show it off than with white teeth and lips!” Loren Arther (Marketing Manager)

This offer is only available THIS WEEK / END, so I suggest you jump on the website and grab yourself a bargain that will surely make you smile!


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Eat. Drink. Shop. At the Bowerbird Design Market

With thanks to information supplied by Neon Moose and images supplied by individual food vendors

Market season is upon us and what better way to make the most of this gorgeous weather than to step out and explore what small businesses across Australia have on offer!?

Image by Public on Franklin Street (Adelaide)

The Bowerbird Design Market will be hosting a 3-day community affair at the Wayville Showgrounds, where visitors can expect to enjoy a bit of everything – think of artisan-made food, craft beverages, contemporary fashion, art, and design (to name a few). Notable businesses that will be making an appearance will include:

antipodes_line_up_summer_2017 copy
Image by the Antipodes Gin (South Australia)

Grab a couple of friends or plan a family outing at the wonderful Bowerbird market! With Christmas around the corner, it’s the perfect excuse to go and stock up on all the gifting essentials – be it for yourself or for your loved ones! And make sure you check out the incredible food and drink vendors that will be around to fuel your energy, as you wander through the ever-so-vibrant Showgrounds!

Event details
What?             Bowerbird Design Market
When?            November 23 – 25
Where?           Wayville Showground
What time?    4pm – 9pm (Nov 23) | 10am – 5pm (Nov 24 + 25)
How much?    $5 (adults), FREE for kids

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