Hot Off The Press: CLIQUE Mag In Print

“Welcome to the new Clique. Reworked. Re-energised.” – Clique Magazine

Clique Magazine has become a household name that is synonymous with style, sass, and substance and after a year-long hiatus, the beloved magazine has made an epic comeback with their latest print issue!

Resurrecting the freshest and latest magazine in print with the theme of sustainability, the new edition of Clique boasts of a colorful selection of individuals and small-scale businesses that are local, that promote sustainability, and that are powerful enough to make an impact in our society for all the right reasons.

Gif supplied by Clique Magazine

“There’s a perception that the fashion industry doesn’t care about ethics. We’re going to show you how to think differently…consider this our little piece to inspire, shine light on new talent, and to show things in a new way.” – Selena Battersby (Editor of Clique (print))

Look out for these freshly pressed copies of Clique at your local cafe, restaurant, or boutique and don’t be surprised if you can’t put it down, because it’s a real page turner!

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Photography by Meaghan Coles

Dream and Drive – INTERVIEW

Interview by Fatema Sitabkhan
Photography by Weronika Mamot // Kim Fisher
Models: Amy Dalton // Emily Peel
Make up + hair: Gemma Holmes // Ali Knight

Body positivity and inclusivity are fast becoming part of the norm and for it to make a significant imprint in the fashion industry is a BIG step for women of all shapes and sizes!

One such wonderful lingerie company is Dream & Drive – a South Australian-based feminine label that brings all the elements of sass, class, sensuality, and a hint of playfulness. With an array of choices from PVC to delicate lace, Dream & Drive offers its customers with the opportunity to enjoy lingerie that can be customized to their liking and presents with effortless underwear that hugs and supports your best bits seamlessly.

I was fortunate enough to score an interview with the lovely Carly Morrison, who is the brains behind this oh-so-fabulous business – have a read of our exchange below:

Tema: How did Dream & Drive become a reality?
Carly: The truth is – I needed to do more with my life! Once I came back after studying overseas and specializing in underwear design, I lost my job. While this was unexpected, I knew I needed to start working on something that I loved, in order to stop me from going into another deep mode of depression. It was also something that felt right to do. So, while I looked for another job to get some savings for a deposit towards my house, I also budgeted an amount that would go towards assisting the rundown of my business from home. I built my business by slowly buying what I needed, bit by bit – from supplies to machines. No one in my family has sewn – I’m the first to take this step, where I undertook studies and learned the skills through my own practice and research. It all comes down to persistence and I’m glad to have kept on going with it to this day!

Tema: Can you please tell me a little bit about yourself, Carly?
Carly: I’m 27, I live in and grew up here in South Australia. I design and manufacture all the lingerie you see in collections, organise photo shoots, work with models, and design the look books. Every piece of lingerie is handmade by myself with love and care and is finished with a lovely handwritten note, which is wrapped in tissue paper.

Tema: What made you start up your own business?
Carly: I wanted to continue what I had learnt in fashion school; both here and overseas. I simply didn’t want to stop! Studying underwear design in Milan reinforced that pursuing my idea of having my own business could be a reality. Within a month or so of arriving in Australia, I started designing and I’ve been going ever since.

Tema: Is there a story behind the name of your business – Dream & Drive?
Carly: In my graduation collection at TAFE (2012) was named the same, I based my designs on shapes and patterns of 1950s concept cars. It was named after a book called Dream & Drive – when thinking about naming my label, it seemed fitting. Dream & Drive Lingerie evokes something dreamy yet strong and driven.

Tema: Is Dream & Drive an SA-based business? Where do you source your fabric and other materials from?
Carly: I am based here in SA, so it’s all made here – from design to finished product. As for fabric and other materials, I source mostly from within Australia and a lot of my limited edition pieces have been end of rolls/off-cut remnants I’ve bought, which otherwise would have been discarded. I do my best to reduce waste, so it’s great to reuse my own off-cuts or others into lingerie; like quarter cup bras. Everything can have life again.


Tema: Why did you decide to base your business on lingerie?
Carly: I’ve always had an interest in lingerie since I was a teenager. It wasn’t until I began studying fashion that I did my own research. I started pattern making and sewing lingerie in my own time and I haven’t stopped since, so, it is a sector of fashion I’ve always been drawn to, more so than anything else.

Tema: What do you think makes your brand of lingerie stand out from what’s already out there? What do you think is your selling point?
Carly: I’m one of the very few lingerie designers and manufacturers here in Adelaide. Everything you see in collections are all handmade with love and care. The ethos has never been to be mass! There is a sense of uniqueness in design and personal service. Many of the designs are a modern take on different eras of fashion and their shapes and silhouettes in the form of lingerie.

Tema: How would you describe your style of lingerie to someone who has never shopped from Dream &Drive before?
Carly: Dream & Drive Lingerie is a feminine label, sheer sensuality and hints from vintage aligned with dark and light playful undertones. Think delicate yet strong silhouettes. The purpose is simple, locally based and a positive attitude to the physical form – lingerie as self love.

Tema: What inspires you to create the designs / patterns / styles of lingerie? What does the creative process look like?
Carly: I think a lot about different shapes, so the Golden Flowers collection was based on bows and flowers and I thought a lot about the shapes and broke them down into designs. So for example in the Evolve Bralette, I added pleats each side of the bust, wrapping the centre in delicate lace to give the impression of a bow and flower. I usually will be thinking designs over in my head for a while and then draw sketches. Design is 10% of what I do, a design might look great on paper, but once I begin pattern making and sewing, a sample it can start to change and adjust. Once again, after fitting, they take a new form.

Tema: Is there a new collection in the works and if so, when will it be released?
Carly: I’ve just released a new collection Dark Paradise. I’m working on designing and making one main collection per year, with limited edition pieces in between.

Tema: What do you hope for your customers to experience when purchasing from Dream & Drive?
Carly: Often a more personalised service – if it’s not through custom orders, which require more conversation – I always write a nice personalised note to each order. People feel comfortable approaching labels like myself, especially lingerie is very niche in a way that people who are into lingerie are interested in every detail and are very specific about their needs like sizing and fabric. There is definitely a sense of community on Instagram surrounding lingerie, which is quite unique, so there is a personalised touch to it. Often, people contact me after they receive their purchase and are absolutely in love with it!


Tema: What are some of your most popular options of lingerie?
Carly: Anything high waisted!

Tema: What do you think is the ideal form of lingerie that women can enjoy best?
Carly: The ideal lingerie is what feels comfortable for you. We are all different, different shapes like different textures, colours and styles – it is totally up to the individual and there is no right or wrong.

Tema: Do you do custom orders as well as stock-ready items? If so, what does the process typically look like?
Carly: I do custom orders. I work from measurements and make changes to the closest pattern size. I try to do majority of my cutting on one day of the week and space out my sewing and packing during the week. It doesn’t always work that way, but generally yes! I make to order, once I make an order I’ll make more of the same style to replace to stock on a shelf. I keep all my orders on racking, with a post-it labeling, that details what style and size it is. Once complete, they move to the top shelf to be sent.


Tema: Is this your full time work or do you do something in addition to running Dream & Drive?
Carly: I work full time in another job, so I spend on average 15+ hours on my business per week.

Tema: Are there any hopes of setting up a physical shopfront or do you prefer to run your business solely online?
Carly: I love the idea of a physical shopfront! At the moment, I do everything from a spare room and solely being online is the best platform for me.

Tema: Do you primarily tend to produce lingerie in neutral tones or do you offer colorful options as well?
Carly: At the moment, it’s all neutral and black.

Tema: What do you think is one of the most rewarding features of being a small business?
Carly: I feel being a small business, the connection to customers is closer and people often contact me freely with questions and feedback. It often feels like we’re just having a friendly chat. I love that there is something far more personal about being an independent brand.

Tema: What do you think is one of the most significant challenges of running a small business?
Carly: There are times I will have to admit it can take a real toll mental health. I do most things on my own from cutting, making lingerie and marketing to updating my website. All of those happen regularly, so becoming ill (for example) can be a real setback.

Tema: Is there anything else that you’d like your customers / our readers to know about Dream & Drive?
Carly: In October, orders over $100 will include a free pair of knickers – these are any style of knickers in your size (think of it as a lucky dip but for lingerie!).

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H&M In Rundle Mall Has An Opening Date!

With thanks to Girl About Town for the information

Adelaide, listen up! It’s the fashion news that we’ve been waiting for years and after much speculation and anticipation, we finally have a date for the opening of Rundle Mall’s brand spanking new H&M store!

*drum roll, please*

Clear your schedule and mark your calendar for November 2 is the holy day when H&M in Rundle Mall Plaza will open their doors to the public! Setting up their first ever store in South Australia, Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M) – the international fashion retailer known for fashion and quality at the best price in the most sustainable way – will be spanning across 3000 square metres and 2 levels. Offering its customers with an “unparalleled shopping experience” in the heart of the CBD shopping precinct, the newest H&M store will be decked out with all sorts of apparel, underwear, and accessories to cater to people of all genders + ages, in addition to catering to Home organization.

“We are excited to finally be able to announce the opening date for our Rundle Mall Plaza store on November 2nd, 2018 and to offer our customers an incredible fashion shopping destination within Adelaide.“We are also looking forward to introducing our H&M Home concept to Adelaide as we feel this really rounds out our wide assortment offering.” – Australian Country Manager for H&M Thomas Coellner

This will be the 32nd store to find a home in the Australian market, since opening their 1st in 2014. Further stores that have been announced include: Westfield Kotara, NSW, The Glen Shopping Centre, VIC, Westfield Coomera, QLD and Westfield Carousel, WA.

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Alexandra Lingerie, Adelaide Arcade

~ With thanks to Girl About Town for the information + images ~

Lingerie is something that has always been viewed to be pleasing and make you feel attractive – not only on the outside but also within. Finding a bra size that actually works for your body frame + overall support + aesthetic outlook has always been a bit of a mission for me personally. More often than not, only 1 or (in better cases) 2 of those 3 crucial components are fulfilled.

Brand new business Alexandra Lingerie in Adelaide Arcade has opened their doors with the aim of meeting the demand to provide women with “comfortable, tailored, [and] beautiful lingerie”. French Entrepreneur Alexandra Vaissière has carefully curated her boutique lingerie store to cater especially for women searching for the perfect bra.

Photo portrait Aix en Provence
Alexandra Vaissière – owner of Alexandra Lingerie

“Lingerie has been my passion since I was a teenager, as I’ve always struggled to find bras in my size. In my early 20s, I was working for France’s biggest lingerie chain and it was so frustrating to not be able to wear the bras I was selling all day. I dreamed of having my own concept of lingerie brought to life in a store – a store where I’d be able to find pretty and comfortable lingerie that fits perfectly,” – Alexandra. 

Bringing her years of experience working for leading lingerie brands, along with her knowledge and skills attained through a Diploma in Business Creation & Management, Alexandra opened her first store in the historically significant Adelaide Arcade in April 2015.

PrimaDonna - Deauville - Caffe Latte
PrimaDonna – Deauville – Caffe Latte (image supplied by Alexandra Lingerie)

“I was supposed to open my business in France, but my husband and I decided to visit Australia first and we fell in love with Adelaide.” – Alexandra

There is a generous selection of sizes available at this store, ranging from 8 – 22 and from cup sizes D – J. There is also a variety of bras to choose from – moulded, underwired, sports, maternity, swimwear, and sleepwear (mention a few) – all boasting a “distinctive” French touch. What’s even better is that there are options available for custom orders of any size / style / color.

“I have been a professional fitter for years and I know exactly how to fit busty women, because I am myself an H cup. I am always honest with my customers – I prefer to miss a sale than to sell the wrong bra.” – Alexandra


Alexandra’s French heritage is reflected in every element of the business – from her scrupulous customer service and elegant stock, to the store’s recent renovation to embody a Haussmannian Parisian style. The woman is never seen without a measuring tape draped around her neck and she is always dedicated to delivering only the best to her customers. Alexandra custom fits every customer and works meticulously to ensure that each woman leaves the boutique confident, happy and with the very best bra.

“For 10 years I had to wear ill-fitting bras because it was impossible to find my size, it left me with scaring on my skin and so much discomfort. I want to ensure that every woman finds their best fit. At Alexandra Lingerie, it’s the perfect bra or nothing.” – Alexandra

PrimaDonna - Madison - Caffe Latte
PrimaDonna – Madison – Caffe Latte (image supplied by Alexandra Lingerie)

31 Adelaide Arcade (Rundle Mall), Adelaide SA 5000

Opening hours
Mon: Sat: 9am – 5pm

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2018 Mercedes-Benz Unley Long Lunch

~ With thanks to Girl About Town for the information + images ~

Adelaide’s premier fashion event – the Mercedes-Benz Unley Long Lunch – is back this October and those with a love for fashion and luxury can expect nothing short of excitement for the upcoming Adelaide Fashion Festival 2018 event!

King William Road, which is renowned to be an iconic shopping and lifestyle precinct, will welcome back the glamorous event, in celebration of new season fashion, sumptuous food, fine, local wines and the return of the warmer months.

Held on Friday, 12th October, the Mercedes-Benz Unley Long Lunch presented by Mercedes-Benz Adelaide & Unley will treat guests to a preview to the Adelaide Fashion Festival, which will not only introduce new season trends, but also purchase their runway-ready looks and experience a taste of what is to come.

“Mercedes-Benz Unley is committed to supporting local businesses as well as aligning ourselves with Adelaide’s premier fashion events, and we see the Mercedes-Benz Unley Long Lunch as a perfect fit. This event brilliantly showcases all that King William Road has to offer and we are excited to be the naming rights sponsor for another year.” Drew Ford (Mercedes-Benz Unley General Manager)

Expect to see lots of Spring / Summer inspired fashion from a versatile range of Australian labels, as they take to the street to inspire audiences and their wardrobes for the season ahead.


This year’s event takes on a new look and feel, with a greater focus on the shared experience of fashion and the ways it connects people. Two elongated tables will stretch over 200m of the iconic strip, with sprawling grazing platters and shared plates spanning the length of the event, giving a whole new meaning to the ‘Long Lunch.’

The shared food offerings will be provided by King William Road’s leading restaurants, using the very best fresh local produce. Top models will showcase the highlights of the trader’s Spring/Summer collections as they weave among the crowd, giving guests an exclusive sneak peak of new season looks.

For the first time, the 2018 Mercedes-Benz Unley Long Lunch has partnered with local charity, Parkinson’s South Australia. The non-for-profit organisation provides support and information to people living with movement disorders and their loved ones, including the 8,000 people in South Australia who suffer from Parkinson’s disease.

“Parkinson’s SA is thrilled to be the charity partner for the 2018 Mercedes-Benz Unley Long Lunch. As a King William Road trader, it’s a natural collaboration as we already have long-standing relationships with many of our neighbours and use them as our suppliers when we can – both for business and personally.” – Olivia Nassaris (Parkinson’s SA CEO)

With headquarters located on King William Road, the charity is a fitting association for the Hyde Park event, and one that The Mercedes-Benz Unley Long Lunch is proud to support.

Event details

  • When?
    October 12 (Friday)
  • Where?
    King William Road, Unley
  • How much?
    $1500 for full table segments of 10
    $750 for half table segments of 5
    Corporate tables are also available
  • Tickets?
    Click here for tickets



Let Them Drink Wine Gala Dinner, The Manor

“Fire up the winter soul in the Adelaide Hills!”

And what better place to do it than at the beautiful and stunning Manor castle in Basket Range! This stunning piece of architecture that dates back to 1928 has preserved its historic charm and charisma, whilst undergoing a recent 100 million dollar revamp that added a touch of modernity to the establishment.

“And I will make thee beds of roses, And a thousand fragrant posies” – Marie Antoinette

Nestled in the Adelaide Hills and boasting of a priceless view, the Manor will be hosting a Let Them Drink Wine Gala dinner in collaboration with Tomich Wines and will be bringing wine, warmth, and wonder – all under one roof – as part of the Winter Reds Festival!


The castle is surrounded by ample indoor and outdoor spaces, all of which will be used to provide guests with an unforgettable night of royalty and glamour.

Inspired by Marie Antoinette, guests are encouraged to bring their best impersonation of the ageless beauty to the dinner with a look that is (not limited to) boldfierce, loudextravagant, and oh so fabulous!

“We had a beautiful dream and that was all” – Marie Antoinette

True to its vintage and timeless setting, guests can also expect nothing short of a lavish (5-course) banquet in the ballroom. Winter warmers such as slow-roasted suckling pig, wintery trimmings, such as stewed apple and fennel, and roasted potatoes will be eloquently paired with wines, cocktails, and cheese.

And in the wise words of lady Antoinette herself, “if the people have no bread, let them eat cake” and cake there shall be! Along with other French dessert classics, such as macarons and crème brûlée – just what the Queen ordered!


Whilst enjoying their canapés and cocktails, guests will also be treated to the classics as well as fresh beats, as performed by the Adelaide Hills string quartet Strung-out Mamaswho, before transporting back to the current date and shaking to the funk + house tunes by DJ Nick Dawson.

In anticipation of this exquisite banquet, a couple of lucky Adelaidian girls and myself were invited to visit the fairy tale location, where we were pampered like the queens that we became, thanks to a talented team of designers, makeup artists, and hair stylists. Sporting a bouffant hairdo, painted rosy cheeks, and a distinct beauty spot on my face, I was transformed into a modern caricature of the lady of the hour herself!

Hair and make up by Colour Cosmetica, photography by Matthew Kroker

I chose to dress in the elegant Victoria Dress by Dark Thorn Clothing, coupled with the classy Sporty Stripes Hosiery from Black Milk Clothing. Others were dressed up in gorgeous gowns by Eliza French and Varacalli Couture (as pictured below). And I have to admit – it felt fantastic to be treated like and dressed up like royalty! While we sipped on the delicious drops by Tomich Wines and adored the view around us, it became increasingly harder to want to leave this slice of heaven.


“Whether guests want to be primped, powdered and wigged or simply nod to embroidered elegance – this will be a party where every guest has that certain Je ne Sais Quoi” – saysTomich Wines Director, Randall Tomich.

With two weeks to go till the magical night, I’d highly suggest you head to your nearest costume shop with your king or queen and stock up on all the essentials to hit the “French & Magnifique” dress code – think of poufs, feathers, trinkets, pocket watches, corsets, and whatever else tickles your fancy (pun intended)!

Event Details
Date & time of event:          July 28, 2018, 6:30pm start
Outfit of choice:                   French & magnifique
Price:                                      $155 per person
+$30 bus shuttle service (optional)
Booking link:               

The Manor
762 Lobethal Rd, Basket Range, SA 5138

Team for the Be A Queen photo shoot
Hair & make-up:    Colour Cosmetica
Clothing:                  Eliza French, Varacalli Couture, Dark Thorn Clothing
Models:                    Fatema Sitabkhan, Katie Spain, Hannah PendleburyBec Andreasen

Katie Spain wearing Eliza French
Bec Andreasen and Hannah Pendlebury wearing Eliza French
Fatema Sitabkhan wearing Dark Thorn Clothing + Black Milk Clothing

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Dark Thorn Clothing – Paris Fashion Week Fundraiser

Press release information supplied by Tori–Anne Gill of Dark Thorn Clothing
Photos by Mayanthi Dharmabhandu (The Gracious Life) + Rachael Sia (Your Bae Ray)

“To think a young woman from the country can get invited to the fashion capital of the world, you only ever dream of that as a kid. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime and I’m taking this opportunity and giving it my absolute all. I’m designing a whole new collection to be released and launched specifically in Paris.”
Tori-Anne Gill (founder and owner of Dark Thorn Clothing)

When I first heard of Dark Thorn Clothing ~2 years ago, I was instantly attracted to its ideology of being based on the Victorian era. The line of clothing boasts of a simplistic yet elegant look – with its super smooth velvet fabric, its delicate gold embroidery, and its fitting that is comfortable and roomy, yet stylish and on-trend. But most importantly, the range captured my attention for its ability to bring the timeless sense of fashion from the Victorian era with a modern twist.

Sure, the cost of the clothing may be a bit steep, but given the amount of hard work that is put into its overall look, not to mention that it is a small scale business started by young South Australian entrepreneur Tori-Anne Gill, you definitely get your money’s worth by buying a product from this ever-growing fashion brand.

The success and popularity of DTC has grown so much in the last 2 years that it has now embarked on a new journey – being invited by the Oxford Fashion Studio to showcase its new range of clothing at Paris Fashion Week in September 2018 at the Le Grand Paris. After raising funds for this trip to become a reality in Port Broughton, Tori-Anne Gill is now bringing a show to Adelaide, where proceeds from this event will go towards funding her DTC trip to Paris. If you’ve ever been curious or don’t know much about the story of how DTC came into existence, then this is the perfect opportunity to get to know Tori-Anne Gill and her brand! As part of attending the fundraiser, all guests can also expect to enjoy a generous 30% discount on full-priced DTC items (all of which are proudly Australian made with quality fabrics) on the day. 

Fundraiser event details





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Interview conducted by Fatema Sitabkhan
Photos supplied by NaMOI Designs, taken by Haley Renee

She’s one of those designers whose minimalist yet trendy designs caught my attention at the Gathered SA Style Challenge event a couple of weeks ago.

Since its inception in 2011, Australian fashion label NaMOI Designs is run by South Australian Kalila Stewart-Davis. Boasting of handmade clothes that have an intricate level of detail in their designs, NaMOI Designs not only has a shopfront in Glen Osmond, but also makes regular appearances at markets around Adelaide. Her signature designs are the kind that can either be dressed up or dressed down to present with an elegant, comfortable, and stylish overall look. Quality is of top form and it shines through the free flowing wardrobe of NaMOI Designs.

Upon meeting the bubbly lady at the Gathered SA event, I instantly fell in love with her range and knew that I wanted to learn the story behind her ever-growing business. So, while Kalila claimed to be “better on the sewing machine than writing”,  our e-interview went swimmingly (if I do say so, myself)!

Have a read of our exchange below and don’t forget to support local!

Tema: Can you tell me a bit about yourself, Kalila?
Kalila: I’m 29 years old and I started NaMOI as a hobby when I was 22, whilst studying fashion in Sydney, I always loved fashion! It was really the only thing that I have pursued seriously. I tried a marketing degree, an accounting degree, I have had numerous jobs, but at the end of the day, fashion was the only thing that I was willing to put hours and hours into, without feeling dissatisfied.

NaMOI Designs owner Kalila Stewart-Davis

Tema: What made you decide on setting up your own label? Were you always into fashion, was it a family influence, or any other reason?
Kalila: I always loved fashion – I have sketch books of matching dresses and hats to wear to the races from when I was young. My mum taught be how to sew when I was in primary school, and I ran with it. I love working with my hands, I love the creative process of making a garment or finished product.
I worked for some local designers (George Gross, Harry Who, & others) & I pursued an Associate Degree in Design, where I specialized in Fashion Design at Raffles College in Sydney. NaMOI Designs started as a creative outlet to my fashion design degree, whilst I was studying.
My friend Julia (a Sydney-based artist) encouraged my to do a professional photo shoot and set up a website/ social media and again, a little nudge in the right direction and I just ran with it! When I moved back to Adelaide, I did a series of markets, pop up shops, & the Adelaide Fashion Festival, before opening my shop / studio on Glen Osmond Rd almost 5 years ago.

Tema: How would you describe your range of designs?
Kalila: Its all very wearable, soft, and neutral. I try to have simple shapes with clean lines & pay great attention to the finishing details. There are a variety of beautiful textiles like linen, Italian wool, cashmere, & silk, but more often, they are easy to wear, are long lasting basics, and can be washed & worn over & over again in viscose jersey, polyester chiffon, crepe & organic cotton. 

namoi campaign-14 4

Tema: What do you think was one of the biggest challenges of setting up your brand from scratch?
Kalila: I decided to let the business grow organically, I haven’t ever invested large amounts of money into production or into the shop. I have invested more time than money into it. I suppose I was skeptical of the industry and always felt nervous about investing so much energy into it, I wasn’t willing to lose $20,000 – $50,000 in the start-up phase. I now have a seamstress (Julie), who works two days a week. I also have a team of casual retail staff, which helps a lot.
It has taken 5 years to get to this point. If you choose to invest in large quantities of stock, then you will have faster growth. You will also have the pressure of generating that same level of revenue every season to be able to afford large quantities of stock for the next season. A lot of businesses don’t last more than one or two seasons, because they lose too much money. Now that I am somewhat established, I am looking at growing the business by outsourcing production on some of the range.

Tema: What do you hope for your customers to experience from purchasing something from NaMOI Designs?
Kalila: I hope people wear their NaMOI garments over and over again. I love chatting to customers, seeing what they like & don’t like. It’s a great way to carry out the product research & development process. I always ask return-customers if they are getting good wear out of their garments, and a lot of customers say they feel good wearing them & they are on high rotation in their wardrobe. This is very important to me, as it embodies the slow fashion movement of good quality garments, which people love wearing over and over again.


Tema: What is it about being a South Australian and local brand that makes it all the more special?
Kalila: We have a fairly small economy in South Australia, compared to Melbourne and Sydney. Being based in South Australia is great – the cost of entry to markets is lower & cost of living is also more affordable. South Australia was a great place to seriously start my business, because I had the support of family & friends. Also, never underestimate the value of word of mouth.

Tema: I see that you have your own shopfront, but you seem to venture to marketplaces as well – what are some markets that you’d like to highlight as your regular / go-to’s?
Kalila: I do a range of markets!
Stirling Markets on the 4th Sunday of every month – this has been good for my shop front
Bowerbird Markets – I launched my business here, so that’s a season favourite.
Over the last year, I have also been doing Gathered, which is really beautiful in the Queens Theatre & The Creative Design Market (formerly known as the Labels Style Market) at Plant 4 Bowden.
Each market offers something different. I see it as market research – attracting new customers, a different stream of revenue & it’s also a nice change of scenery for me.

Tema: What do you think makes your designs stand out?
Kalila: I think it’s the customer service. I really value my customers, hearing about their life, & helping them to find something they will feel good wearing. We don’t mass produce, so customers feel they are purchasing something special & short run. They aren’t going to see everyone wearing their top everywhere they go.

Tema: Where do you find your inspiration to create your designs?
Kalila: Fabric is an important part – once I have found the fabric, I will start to sketch of visualize which styles it is suited to, what gaps we have in the range, what requests customers have been making, & what I think will be a versatile and wearable garment. I often wear the samples to get an idea around whether the garment works well. Often, those are the best sellers.

namoi campaign-13 13

Tema: Are there any particular fashion icons that you look up to?
Kalila: I like Vivienne Westwood – she had numerous shops before successfully establishing her current label. I love contemporary Japanese designers like Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto, Rei Kawakubo. They have a very different aesthetic, they play with western & eastern techniques and I like the elegance & simplicity of their ideas.

Tema: What are you hoping for 2018 to have in-store for you and your brand?
Kalila: I have employed Bella, who has just finished studying Fashion at Uni. She has been an enormous help, so I am hoping to get more production organized, I am looking at different retail opportunities & developing my new website / label Kalila, as NaMOI is so often confused a Naomi. I am keeping both brands for now.
We’ll be at Gathered Market, Bowerbird Design Market, and hopefully traveling to Melbourne to retail there. I also plan to do more of an official launch for the Kalila website/ brand.

Tema: What is one of your proudest / most favorite outfits from your brand?
Kalila: I always feel so proud of the places my clothes go, they have travelled more than me – the Greek Islands, Times Square in New York, Morocco… it is really surreal. I’ll live vicariously through them [laughs].
I had a hand-painted silk dress on the runway at the Adelaide Fashion Festival the first year I showcased as an emerging designer (2012?). It was cream silk with a plaited collar and deep Burgundy painted details. I also had a jacket in that collection with detailed beading, I sold both pieces! Sometimes, I wish I had held onto them, but hey all in the name of progress!


Tema: What is one solid piece of advice that you’d give to aspiring individuals who want to enter into the fashion industry?
Kalila: Have a really close look at your values! Do you want to make clothes or do you want a glamorous life style, because they are different things. If you to take a holiday every year, buy a house, have weekends off, relax on the couch every night, fashion might not be the right fit. There is absolutely no shame in being an accountant, who can afford to buy beautiful things.
Write a good business plan / list of how much money you have to earn, and to support your lifestyle & your goals. Factor in the cost of running your business & your personal living expenses … studio space, fabric, holidays, marketing. This will give you a really good indication of how much revenue & profit you have to make to be able to live the life you want, how much each unit will cost to produce, and how much profit you have to make. It will give you a realistic idea of how much work it is going to be. Start somewhere though, social media and websites are so accessible, so give it a go, but keep in mind your long term goals.
Never under-value your time, especially if you are doing custom work. People don’t always appreciate it and you will spend far more time & money completing a garment than they are willing to pay, Quote above $500 – if they are serious, they will pay it. If not, they are time wasters.
There is no shame in working for someone else, you will learn a lot. Having a business isn’t for everyone, I have missed so many birthdays, holidays, weddings & days off, because ultimately I am a workaholic who can’t step away from the business, but it is starting to pay off.
If you keep your goals in mind, then even if you’re not achieving everything within the first few years, you will have a bench mark! Keep that in mind on the hard days when you want to give up.

29 Glen Osmond Rd,
Eastwood, SA 5063

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A Vintage Lover’s Idea of Heaven – Fox on the Run Vintage

Words & photos by Fatema Sitabkhan

Vintage items and accessories have always been in fashion for their timeless appeal, unique designs, and the sheer pride in owning some memorabilia that keeps the golden years (way back to the 50s and onwards) alive and burning!

One such store that I’ve recently found myself frequenting over the last couple of years is Fox on the Run Vintage. Considered to be one of those stores that “blink and you’ll miss it”, the store resides behind a pleasant red door on Rundle Street. Walk down to the ‘basement’ and the inner vintage-loving fashionista within you will feel a-l-i-v-e. The store itself is quite condensed, but don’t be deceived by its size, for it is ~packed~ with so many wonderful items and accessories – all of which have been “handpicked” by owner Meghan Fox.


Having fallen in love with the business – not only for what they offer, but also what they stand for, I conducted an e-interview with Meghan “Meg” – have a read below! This has got to be one of my most favourite interviews that I’ve done, because there is so much about Fox On The Run Vintage that I had no idea about (but am so glad to know now)!

Tema: Who owns Fox on the Run Vintage?
Meg: That’s me – Meg! I work a lot behind the scenes now, as we’re so busy sourcing the goods (and everything else!) – it’s a full time gig!

Tema: How did the idea of setting up a shopfront come about?
Meg: It’s always been a dream of mine to own my own business, but it all came about quite fast. I couldn’t get a job in retail (too old at 25…), so I started doing markets with a bunch of my own personal stash of vintage (as I’ve always been a collector) – just to keep myself busy and have a bit of cash coming in to pay my rent. The markets went so well that I had customers nagging me about getting a shop front – so I did (after I completed a business course)! There are a lot of things I wish I had done differently with the first shopfront of Fox (I got ripped off big time from the previous tenant, which made it even harder to get by at the first location), but I always say “Live it, Learn it”! Then, the opportunity to rent along Rundle Street came up. It was a no brainer and I haven’t looked back since!


Tema: How did you decide on the space that you currently have, as a haven for your beautiful business?
Meg: Well first off – thank you! I love it there too. I remember the first time I went to check out the space – there was no electricity, so it was pretty much pitch black – my boyfriend and I had to use the light from his phone to have a look! But, I remember the feeling I got when I was standing in the dark – it just felt right, like I had found the home for Fox. I took the place right there and then!

Tema: What made you decide on the name?
My last name is Fox – so, I knew I wanted to use that somehow. I was listening to a lot of Sweet at the time, so Fox on the Run was just a natural thought, and it stuck!

Tema: How would you classify your collection – apart from being vintage?
Meg: We do a lot of different bits and pieces, as we have a lot of different customers. I keep my finger on the fashion pulse and keep my eye out on what’s happening in fashion around me and where I see fashion going, so Fox is definitely fashion forward (ironic for a vintage store!). We have the classic wardrobe pieces and some really far out super fun pieces. Our collection is forever changing! Everything is hand-picked. Things I look for are:
-on trend appeal
However I don’t sell things like animal fur as that’s an ethical choice, which our customers support. I also have a really strong passion for local gear, as you can see with our huge range of local/Australian made jewellery, accessories, and artwork. Plus, we will be releasing some more custom denim jackets from local artists too in the near future and working closely with local artists to showcase their work in-store on a month to month basis (watch this space!).


Tema: I see you’ve ventured into the online shopping world – what brought about this addition to the business? Was it a recent addition?
Meg: Yes – I FINALLY completed the website! It was a long time coming, as we had a lot of our customers asking how they could shop with us online and because we have so many people that visit us from interstate and overseas, it was necessary. However, we also have a lot of customers that live in SA and shop online with us as well. It’s been up and going for just over six months now and travelling nicely – it definitely keeps me busy!

Tema: Can people donate clothes to the Fox on the Run Vintage family?
Meg: I could never say no to donated vintage – but just contact us first (as we don’t want to be stuck with a bunch of stuff that we just have to donate).

Tema: How do you source your products? Are they from around SA / Australia / the world?
Meg: They are from everywhere – so yes! I work with a bunch of different wholesalers and private sellers around the world, depending on what I’m sourcing. I always like to keep as much local as possible, as it’s super important to support our local Australian businesses first! We also stock a bunch of reclaimed vintage – blouses, singlets, backpacks made from vintage materials that might be unwearable in their current state, but then upcycled into fabulous wearable pieces are just some examples!


Tema: What would you like your customers (potential / new / continuing) to experience through a visit to Fox on the Run Vintage?
Tema: First off, we are a Safe Space – which means any language or behaviour that is offensive, sexist, homophobic, racist etc. will absolutely not be tolerated. I want people to feel completely safe and relaxed when they visit Fox, as there’s a lot to take in and explore. I want people to come through the Fox hole in the wall and experience not only amazing clothing (and all the benefits of not buying fast fashion, which is an environmental disaster!), but see what Adelaide and Australia has to offer with our local artists and makers.


Tema: What do you think it is about Fox on the Run that makes your customers fall in love with you?
Meg: Aww – thanks so much! I am beyond grateful for the support I have received with Fox! It’s so special and I really love what I do. I have the best job in the world! I’ve worked really hard to build Fox and I am so lucky to have the most wonderful and loyal
customers! I genuinely care about my customers and will do whatever I can do to get you together with that perfect pair of jeans or whatever it is you’re looking for. I’m also very invested in Adelaide, I LOVE it here – it’s my hometown and my dream is to build a business that becomes an Adelaide institution.


Tema: What local businesses do you stock at Fox on the Run?
Meg: We have a bunch!
* Yippy Whippy Jewellery
* Haus Of Dizzy Jewellery
* Electric West
* Form & Flux
* Pip Kruger Design & Illustration
* This Wee Piggy
* Picnic For Tea
* Marus Illustration
* For The Love Of Vintage
* Bridget Fahey Art
* ANT Art
* Winkelko
* The Falling Axe
* Flowers In Your Hair
* Boneyard Trader
* Scent Wilde
* Satin & Tat Collage
* Eat It! The Card Game
* Dressed For Sunday


Tema: What are some notable pieces / collectables / items that people should look out for, when they visit your store?
Meg: We have new stock arriving every week – multiple times a week, so things are forever changing. Our denim range is something we’re known for, and we’ll be getting our custom local artist denim jacket range in over the following months (starting next
week!) Our Yippy Whippy (Queensland) and Haus of Dizzy (Melbourne) jewellery are super popular and we’re the only place in Adelaide to get them! Same with our Electric West tees – all vintage inspired and direct from L.A. (USA) – and we are the only place in Adelaide to get them.


Tema: What makes Fox on the Run stand out from the rest of the 2nd hand / vintage stores in Adelaide?
Meg: Even when I travel interstate, it’s a really nice reminder that there’s nowhere like Fox on the Run Vintage. My shop is a collaborative effort of the hand-picked vintage and all of the local artists/makers that I’ve chosen to be a part of Fox. I’m always looking for the next thing to share with you all, for example the inclusion of our Electric West Tees from the USA. Woman run small business, sweatshop free and environmentally awesome, plus they’re really bloody cool! But I’m always moving – what’s next, what’s something really cool that I need to share and what opportunities can I share with the community? That’s why I’m putting a lot of focus on getting local artists and makers involved in different ways more than ever this year! There’s a lot of love (as well as tears and frustration at times!) invested into Fox continuously. I live and breathe Fox on the Run Vintage and I believe people can feel that and want to get on board.


Tema: Is there anything else that you’d like your customers to know about your business?
Meg: Did you know that Pedestrian Magazine included Fox on the Run Vintage in their top ten vintage stores in AUSTRALIA last year?! Well, they did, and it was awesome! Check it out here!

238 Rundle Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Opening hours
Monday to Thursday: 11am – 6pm
Friday: 11am – 7pm
Saturday: 11am – 5pm
Sunday: CLOSED

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Making a Statement with Minimalist Jewellery

I’ve always been drawn to jewellery, particularly those with a silver or oxidized touch. However, I’ve recently found that it is the subtle items of jewellery that tend to create a powerful and bold statement – be it with casual or formal wear.

A couple of months ago, I stumbled upon a friend’s Instagram account and found her taste in jewellery exquisite. There were little, delicate details in the jewellery that completed her look effortlessly. I’ve been attempting to adopt a minimalist lifestyle, so upon learning of jewellery co. Minimalist Jewellery, it felt right to have a look around their website.

Owned by Tassie local Amelia Crumpton, Minimalist Jewellery stays true to its name and through Crumpton’s creativity, is able to offer customers with the ability to dress themselves with a touch of simplicity and elegance.

My first ever experience with Minimalist Jewellery was in July 2017, where I treated myself to a Mystery Box, where I paid $20 and was provided with 5 items that were hand picked by the designer herself. It’s definitely a great way to not only get a taste of the style that Minimalist Jewellery has, but also encourages yourself to step out of your comfort zone and try to rock a new look!

Since then, I’ve made multiple purchases and these are some of my favourite items; most of which are still available on the website until sold out (and there’s currently a sale going on, so I suggest you suss out the website if you’re looking to shake up your personal aesthetic)!

#1: Colour Block Tassel Earrings (Black)


Buy it here.

#2: Beat It Cuff (Silver)


Buy it here.

#3: Geometric Tassel Earrings (Grey)


Buy it here.

#4: Double Ballin’ Bangle (Rose Gold)


Buy it here.

#5: Arc Earrings (Black)


Currently unavailable / sold out, but it may be back on the website soon 🙂

I’d also like to point out that the customer service team is exceptionally good – if you have any questions, any feedback, or simply want to have a chat with the Minimalist Jewellery team, they’re pretty active and responsive via their social media platforms; something that not a lot of companies are good at! Upon receiving my parcel and realizing that one of the items was missing, it was seamless to get it sorted via a simple email! While I await for my soon-to-be-favourite set of earrings, I strongly urge you to treat yo’self to a beautiful array of jewellery that is bound to be a crowd pleaser!

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