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Q & A – Rangi Saba Designs

It has been just over three months since I was first acquainted with the beauty of Chandni's business Rangi Saba Designs and I have been keeping a keen eye on her products, purely because there is a lot of nostalgia and culture that is attached to the nature of her products. Specializing in creating bespoke accessories and… Continue reading Q & A – Rangi Saba Designs

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A beautiful little business that was born from the marriage of the owners' European and Australian roots, JANICKA by Hana Jelinek aims to offer their customers with luxurious and feel-good scarves, blankets, and shawls without breaking the bank. Handmade with love and built on the foundations of being sustainable and ethical, JANICKA's products offer a warm and welcoming appeal… Continue reading Q & A – JANICKA

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Gathered Virtual Design Market: Businesses In Focus (Part 1)

Here's a lil story - I have been going to the Gathered Design Market (which has traditionally been held at the Queens Theatre in the Adelaide CBD) for a bit over 2 years now and most recently, I made the effort to go both days of the weekend, because nothing beats that sweet face-to-face interaction… Continue reading Gathered Virtual Design Market: Businesses In Focus (Part 1)

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Q & A – Shaker and Co. Designs

A quick scroll-through of Giselle's Instagram account on her business Shaker and Co. Designs showcases some of the funkiest and most vibrant ear candy that seems to have no limits whatsoever, in terms of her creativity and ability to flawlessly combine a range of contrasting colors to present with something that just works! The diversity in her… Continue reading Q & A – Shaker and Co. Designs

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Q & A – Rustic Wren x Gathered SA

Jess Boyle of South Australian-based business Rustic Wren has been a familiar face at the Gathered Design Market for quite some time now - and with good reason! Her range of leather-based stationery and accessories (journals, tote bags, clutches, pouches, and much more) has a level of finesse and sophistication that attracts customers (potential and current) to be… Continue reading Q & A – Rustic Wren x Gathered SA

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Q & A: My Little Print Studio x Gathered SA

Nature lover and artist Tracey Wegner of My Little Print Studio was born and raised in the Riverland, from where she draws her inspiration to create her gorgeous cyanotype prints and artwork. From her extensive lived experiences in the country, Wegner aims to replicate the wonders of the place holds a special place in her heart. A personal favourite… Continue reading Q & A: My Little Print Studio x Gathered SA

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Q & A – Mazz Prints

Juggling two very distinct careers across sustainable fashion and social work, Mazzprints founder Marie-Jeanne Tuyisenge has made waves over the past couple of years with her unique styles of African prints that are bound to make a statement as soon as you put them on. With a range of crop tops, mini skirts, maxi skirts, dresses, and power suits, Mazzprints has… Continue reading Q & A – Mazz Prints


My Infectious Thoughts on the ‘C’ Word (The One That Went Viral)

So it's been just over 10 days since the Coronavirus outbreak swept through a number of major cities throughout Australia but everything that happened before then seems to be a distant memory, what with every single media outlet, newspaper, and person that you come in contact with talking about it non-stop. Of course it's imperative to… Continue reading My Infectious Thoughts on the ‘C’ Word (The One That Went Viral)

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House of Health Collective

Having opened their doors just a couple of weeks back, House of Health Collective at the Adelaide Central Market has joined forces between two health food stalls - Central Organic and House of Health - to bring you a wholefoods powerhouse that will be your one-stop shop for all health and bulk foods, certified organic produce, superfoods, raw treats, and so much more.… Continue reading House of Health Collective