OrganiQ – Interview with Sally Paech

They say that the skin is the largest organ of our body, so it makes sense to nourish it and look after it with only the best of the best natural products on offer!

One such business that has recently caught my attention is South Australian-based business Organiq. Owned and managed by Sally Paech, the skincare products by Organiq boast of the all-natural ingredients and seriously aromatic options that are designed to provide your skin with a healthy and nourished look. Most ingredients are sourced from and/or created in the picturesque Kangaroo Island, which somehow adds to its appealing quality of being fresh, locally sourced, and made with nothing but love for all skin types.

I was recently acquainted with Sally at an Organiq info session, where we learned a bit more about the story behind the business and also had the opportunity to play around with some of the products. I was sold on buying the Honey & Rose Gift Set, which comes with  French Clay Face Mask, the Native Honey Body Scrub, and the Hydrating Rose Mist.

As a lover of the two key ingredients in this luxury gift set, I was thoroughly excited to use these products and after nearly a week of using all 3 products religiously, I can see how much smoother and silkier my skin feels!

The Hydrating Rose Mist is so addictive, because it leaves my face feeling rejuvenated – whether you use it first thing in the morning or just before heading to bed!

The French Clay Face Mask gives my face an uplifting glow and is the perfect example of how to practise self-care (at least 2x a week)!

The Native Honey Bodyscrub is packed with the best essential salts to exfoliate the skin of the nasty stuff that builds up from being out all day! It not only allows the skin to have a deep cleanse, but also injects a sense of hydration and moisture to otherwise tired-looking skin!

I was fortunate enough to have an e-interview with Sally, where we discussed about the story of Organiq and how it became the flourishing business that it is today! Have a read of our exchange below:

Tema: Who is the face behind Organiq?
Sally: I guess that’s me. The face, the voice, the legs. But, OrganiQ came about as a result of my life journey and the values inherited from my mum and her mother. Strong women with kind hearts, who were ahead of their time and never gave up.

Tema: What made you decide on starting up your own skincare business?
Sally: Both mum and I grew up on Kangaroo Island – one of the most pristine environments in the world. I have always been conscious of what I put on and in my body, but when I was diagnosed with a near fatal thyroid disorder, I suffered a lot – physically and internally. I was not happy with my appearance and lacked confidence, So, I threw myself into research mode and a went on a mission to empower and educate myself. I was personally frustrated by the of lack of access to luxury natural skincare products that gave a high-end experience without chemicals and that had ingredients that lived up to their claim with a genuinely beneficial effect on the skin. I knew I couldn’t be the only one with this problem and my research supported this. I asked friends what they were using, tried those products and spent hours and thousands of dollars researching skincare products and supplements and still nothing worked. Furthermore, I found that a large majority claiming to be natural still contained ingredients I wouldn’t feel safe eating. I could see a gap in the market for a luxury product that would appeal to those like me and so began the scrub. The product that turned out to be the catalyst for changing the way we think about skincare. A product so pure that you can actually eat it. Every ingredient has a skin conditioning benefit, and some can only be sourced from KI.


Tema: In a nutshell, how would you summarize what Organiq stands for, to someone who has never heard of the brand before?
Sally: OrganiQ is luxury, purity & empowered beauty.
Women’s wellbeing and environmental consciousness are at the core of our values. Most of our ingredients have been used for centuries in food and we have designed our formulas to be so pure that you can actually eat them – because if you wouldn’t eat it,why would you put it on your body? Every product has a story – from the ingredients, to the function and result. This becomes a tool for education, of our island heritage and the benefits of simple, pure nourishment.

Tema: On your website, you state, “Our formulas contain some of the most pure ingredients on the planet. So pure in fact that you can actually eat them.” Can you really eat your products (because I was tempted by the scrub)?
Sally: Yep, but far less calories if used on your skin!

Tema: What is the ideal skincare routine for anyone who uses your products?
Sally: I like to work individually with my customers to create a routine that works for them. However, the standard routine would be:

  • Wake up – warm water, cleanse & condition + favourite mist.
  • If you shower in the morning … use the scrub (just a handful).
  • In the evening if it is mid-week or Sunday – Pink clay mask for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water, followed by the honey scrub rose mist (which is so AMAZING on your skin)!


Tema: How long does it take you to create your aromatic products?
Sally: Trade secret. But just FYI – every product is packaged by hand.

Tema: Where do you get the inspiration to create your products – how do you decide on the key ingredients for your products?
Sally: I think about what I would like, and how I want to feel and then I mix. It’s important to know the impact of the ingredients; both in and on your body. They must be pure, natural and local where possible.

Tema: What is the one product that you simply can’t do without?
Sally: The combination of the honey scrub and the rose mist – I use it every single day!

Tema: What are your most popular products currently on offer and why do you think that’s the case?
Sally: Honey Scrub + Rose Mist + Pink Clay Mask. Because it’s like having your own personal day spa skincare range. Every Single Day.

Tema: What have you found to be one of the most rewarding things about being a small scale business in South Australia?
Sally: Community. Adelaide is a hard city to crack but I have met the most amazing people in business that have literally changed my life. If you are willing to listen and learn. People are willing to help!

Tema: What have you found to be one of the most challenging things about being a small scale business in South Australia?
Sally: The competition is more apparent and its very easy to become victim to mean girl syndrome. But its about resilience and dedication. Focus. Change what you can, improve on your business and your self – daily. Never Ever Give up

Tema: Is there anything else that you’d like your customers / our readers to know about Organiq?
Sally: If you do one thing this week take the time to shower or bath with our Body Scrub. You will notice the results immediately and hopefully be reminded about how important it is to take the time to love and nourish your body!

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Hot Off The Press: CLIQUE Mag In Print

“Welcome to the new Clique. Reworked. Re-energised.” – Clique Magazine

Clique Magazine has become a household name that is synonymous with style, sass, and substance and after a year-long hiatus, the beloved magazine has made an epic comeback with their latest print issue!

Resurrecting the freshest and latest magazine in print with the theme of sustainability, the new edition of Clique boasts of a colorful selection of individuals and small-scale businesses that are local, that promote sustainability, and that are powerful enough to make an impact in our society for all the right reasons.

Gif supplied by Clique Magazine

“There’s a perception that the fashion industry doesn’t care about ethics. We’re going to show you how to think differently…consider this our little piece to inspire, shine light on new talent, and to show things in a new way.” – Selena Battersby (Editor of Clique (print))

Look out for these freshly pressed copies of Clique at your local cafe, restaurant, or boutique and don’t be surprised if you can’t put it down, because it’s a real page turner!

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Photography by Meaghan Coles

Celebrate World Smile Day With The Aussie Smile Co.

With thanks to Neon Moose for the information
Images by Fatema “Tema” Sitabkhan

Guys, gals, and everyone in between – do you know what day today is?

Hint – it’s something to do with your oh-so-beautiful faces (yes, I’m talking about YOU)!

October 5 (Sorry, no Mean Girls reference here!), which is also affectionately known as World Smile Day!


And what better way to show off those pearly whites than by celebrating with local business The Aussie Smile Co.!? Operating on delivering all-natural teeth whitening products that use activated charcoal as their main ingredient to polish those ivories, this wonderful little business has landed a collaboration with Stevie K Cosmetics to bring YOU a kit that is bound to make you smile for all the right reasons!


If you love lipstick and love showing off that million dollar smile, then you need the Super Smile Pack – enjoy a complimentary Stevie K Lipstick (valued at $24.90) with every purchase of an Aussie Smile Co. teeth whitening kit ($89.99). Embossed in their minimalist logo, the Stevie K. Lipstick is the perfect accompaniment to bring some more oomph to your look, not to mention a decent lasting shade of lipstick that won’t rub off as easily – just like your chops, which will shine like diamonds, thanks to the whitening kit by the Aussie Smile Co.

“We’re excited about World Smile Day and think everyone should get behind it. Your smile is your best accessory and what better way to show it off than with white teeth and lips!” Loren Arther (Marketing Manager)

This offer is only available THIS WEEK / END, so I suggest you jump on the website and grab yourself a bargain that will surely make you smile!


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Primrose Hill Set Candles – INTERVIEW

Interview by Fatema Sitabkhan
Photography by Michael Hartwick

Instagram is such a brilliant social media tool that has helped increase a level of networking and connectivity with individuals; both locally as well as globally.

It is through this powerful form of media that I was acquainted with the lovely business Primrose Hill Set Candles. A gorgeous South Australian business whose name is a homage to the A-list approach towards a renegade essence, Primrose Hill Set specializes in creating ethical soy wax candles that aim to replicate a sense of sensuality and substance.

Having supported each other via social media over the last couple of months and making an appearance at popular community events and markets, such as the Creative Design Markets, Port Winterfest, and Gathered SA, I was fortunate enough to score an interview with Rachel de Brenni-Burnard – the founder and owner of Primrose Hill Set Candles:

Tema: Who is the face behind PHS?
Rachel: Rachel de Brenni-Burnard – I am the founder and owner of Primrose Hill Set 100% soy wax scented candles, creating vegan friendly and ethically made candles, hand poured in small batches.

Tema: How long is the process to make your beautifully scented candles? What does the process involve?
Rachel: The process of creating a soy scented apothecary jar candle includes hand-washing the glass jar and applying the safety label.  I then stick the lead-free wick into the centre of the candle. The correct amount of melted soy wax is blended with the premium scent and hand-poured into the jar. The candle is left to set until it is perfectly hard. Depending on the weather, this normally takes approximately 2 hours. Each candle is then hand polished and a fragrance label is attached.

Tema: What would you like a first-time customer to know about PHS?
Rachel: Each Primrose Hill Set candle is handmade in South Australia, using GMO-free high-grade soy wax with premium Australian fragrances and hand-poured using lead free wicks.  We pride ourselves on creating uniquely blended scents creating unforgettable and original scented candles.

Tema: Whereabouts are your candles made? How do you source your ingredients to make the candles?
Rachel: All Primrose Hill Candles are proudly made in Mile End, South Australia.  All our premium fragrances are sourced from Australia. We use the finest 100% soy wax from America (one of the biggest producers of quality soy wax in the world). All our wicks, safety labels and containers are bought from Australian companies.  Our fragrance labels are designed and printed in South Australia.

Tema: What do you think helps your candles stand out from the rest?
Rachel: What makes Primrose Hill Set Candles stand out from our competitors is that we blend scents that are based on memories creating refreshingly different scented candles. All our candles are vegan friendly, non-toxic, kosher certified and cruelty free. Made in small batches, our candles are freshly made and are a delight to burn. Our 100% soy wax candles burn 30-50% longer and do not contain the toxins that paraffin wax candles do.

Primrose Hill Set Fresh Figs & Honey soy candle _1.jpeg

Tema: What are some of your popular / best-selling candles and why do you think that is the case?
Rachel: Our best-selling candle is our Cucumber Gin and Tonic soy scented candle.  It is a zesty blend of cucumber, basil, grapefruit and lemon fragrances. The inspiration behind this candle is that many years ago, I had the most fantastic cucumber gin & tonic drink and I remember the smell and taste being incredible!  I have a long memory for scents, so I recreated that memory in a candle form. All our candle fragrances have been created to capture a special memory in my life.

Tema: For someone who doesn’t know the first thing about appreciating the beauty and aroma of candles, what would you suggest to be an ideal experience of getting the most out of PHS?
Rachel: Burn our apothecary jar candles for two hours at first, to make your candle last longer – this will allow the top layer of wax to fully melt, ensuring an even burn when next lighting your candle.  It is very important to trim your wick so that it isn’t longer than six millimeters in length. The longer the wick, the quicker your candle will burn. Our candles have a strong fragrance load; therefore, the scent will linger in your house for many hours for yourself, friends and family to enjoy!

Primrose Hill Set Coffee Creme Caramel soy candle_3.jpeg

Tema: What have you found to be rewarding about being a small business in a state like SA, where the #ichoosesa movement is strong?
Rachel: I am finding that more people are increasingly interested in supporting local businesses and wanting to know how the products that they are purchasing are made. Going to markets has become very popular and I have noticed that people making more informed choices regarding non-toxic and cruelty free artisan wares. Campaigns like #ichoosesa are fantastic to keep the message of supporting local businesses in the forefront of people’s minds.  

Tema: What have been some of the biggest challenges that you have faced as a small business and what do you do to overcome them?
Rachel: The hardest part of being a small business is that sometimes, you can feel very isolated and alone, especially when working from home by yourself.  It is important to wake up everyday with a positive attitude and to remain true to your business vision. I have luckily experienced wonderful support from my husband and son, who have believed in my dream from the start and have supported me – both financially and emotionally – to follow my passion for making candles.  I have also found that other small business market stall holders have been a source of wonderful encouragement, as well as family and friends.

Tema: What inspires you to come up with your beautiful selection of candles, such as the fruity ones as well the more unique ones, such as Roses and Sunshine (!!!)
Rachel: When creating the scents for our soy candle range, I have had the pleasure of revisiting scented memories from my life that our candle range fragrances evoke.  Our Roses and Sunshine candles were blended to capture the essence of walking through the Adelaide Hills which is where I grew up. This candle has the fragrance combination of rose, fir needle, geranium and blackcurrant.  For so many people this scent reminds them of beautiful childhood memories of playing in family rose gardens. That is the beauty of scented candles, they can truly transport you back to happy times shared or be part of creating your own new special memories.

Roses & Sunshine Apothecary Jar close up image

Tema: Do you have your own shopfront, or do you primarily conduct your business online?
Rachel: Primarily, our candle sales are conducted via our website with a link to our Etsy shop.  We do ship all our candles worldwide and offer our wonderful Australian customers free postage Australia wide.  We are also stocked in The Field Wholefoods at the Brickworks and Golden Grove. Otherwise, we are popping up at quality markets around Adelaide. We love meeting customers and finding out what their favourite candle scent is!

Tema: What are some regular markets that you make an appearance at?
Rachel: You can find Primrose Hill Set Candles at the Gathered Design Markets (Queen’s Theatre), Creative Design Markets (Plant 4 Bowden) and Posh Market events at Hart’s Mill (Port Adelaide).  Check us out on Instagram for updated market stall information and come smell our lovely candles!

Tema: Is there anything else that you’d like your customers to know about PHS?
Rachel: The Primrose Hill Set is a term commonly used to describe the infamous group of ‘A’ listers who lived in and frequented the Primrose Hill and Notting Hill areas in London during the mid-1990’s. While the Primrose Hill Set pays homage to the renegade approach to style and fashion by Kate Moss, Jude Law, Ewan McGregor, Sadie Frost and co., the essence of our brand lies within the moment in time that was created by these pioneers of style.  The Primrose Hill Set coined an atmosphere where every night was a celebration, where whimsy and fancy were the norm and endless possibilities abounded. It is with that pioneering spirit in mind that the Primrose Hill Set candle range is founded.

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Fae and Wildling – Skincare Routine

I am ~the worst~ when it comes to taking care of my skin. Absolutely guilty. I don’t do much to care for it, I don’t follow a routine, and yet when there is the tiniest of specks developing on it, or if it appears to be a bit too “powdery” or “flaky”, the panic sets in on how I dared to neglect my skin for it to be that way.

When I visited the Gathered SA markets a couple of months ago, I walked around the different stalls and came across the lovely Sophie Welsh from Fae and Wildling. I wasn’t necessarily in the market for any skin care, due to my atrocious negligence towards it. But, as Sophie explained what her products were all about and how easy the routine was, in terms of using her products, it caught my interest and I was keen to give it a go.

Sophie has been an absolute angel, who guided me through the process of using her oils and face masks. Her social media presence is strong and it is a no-brainer that she is 100% committed towards delivering only the best for her customers.

I have had sensitive skin all my life, so every time I even think about trying something new, a significant part of me hesitates. It does help to put one’s mind to ease, knowing that the products by Fae and Wildling are:

  • Proudly Australian (South Australian)
  • Made from all the natural ingredients (aka all the good stuff for your skin)
  • Aromatic with their earthy and floral tones
  • Cruelty-free
  • Extremely easy to use and allows you to a good 5-20 minute relaxing experience

Whether you’ve bought a package or are primarily focusing on using the facial oils to bring back the glow to your beautiful skin, there are handy step-by-step instructions available on their website, which greatly helped me get the most out of the products that I was kindly gifted by Sophie:

Face mask ritual // Face oil ritual

So, I was given samples of the Ethereal Polish, The Auricle, The Fates, and The Immanence.

I started off with the Ethereal Polish, which is a face scrub that you can make by adding a bit of water to make a paste. There’s an earthy tone to the mix, which also resonates in its texture when you apply it on the face. After leaving it on for about 10 minutes, I wiped it off with a damp cloth and felt like my face had a matte finish to it. The earthiness was subtle but apparent, with me sensing the gentle exfoliation process that was happening as it came off. My skin felt velvety and smooth. However, it didn’t appear to be a bit dry… like it could use a bit of moisture.


That’s where The Auricle steps in. This is, hands down, one of my favourite products – I’ve used it in conjunction with the Ethereal Polish as well as on its own and the effects post-use are always a winner! It not only feels like my face has been injected with a new sense of life, but I can’t stop touching it!! It’s super soft, almost like a newborn baby’s skin! It is the product that I’ve run out of (the quickest), but it’s for a good reason and I can’t recommend this oil enough.



The Imminence and The Fates are oils that I use interchangeably. These two oils have become part of my (very) early morning routine – leaving home for work at 6am means I have tired and half-dazed looking skin, which is not really a look that I’m a fan of. By dabbing a pea-sized amount of oil around my eyes, lips, and the sides of my nose, there is a visible and instant improvement in my overall look, where it boasts of a natural glow, whilst also injecting a sense of moisture and hydration to the vital parts of my face. The same goes for when I’m about to head to bed – I dab the tiniest amount of the oil(s) on my face after brushing my teeth and the subtle, natural aromas helps me fall asleep with ease, knowing that my skin has been taken care of, especially after a super long day at work, where there is no exposure to fresh air or sunlight!

And that’s it! 4 simple products that, in their own little drops, add a touch of freshness, hydration, and life into your face! Be sure to follow Fae & Wildling on their social media platforms (links below) and also don’t miss out on their blog articles, where they explain the origin of their name and how we as customers can get the most out of their products.

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Self Care and Self Love – What’s It All About?

It’s been a pretty hectic couple of weeks / months and after a pretty dramatic schedule of events (personal + work-related), I’ve finally found a hot minute to sit down and ponder.

Adulting – it’s a pretty funny concept that has recently become part of my daily vernacular, alongside a combination of words like “I” and “can’t“. As much as we like to find memes about how adulting is an intense part of life and how much we’d rather not have to deal with it, unfortunately, we are at that stage of life where one simply can’t avoid it!

Going from living the broke student life to getting casual employment to having two jobs (both casual) has been a bit of transition over the last 10 / 11 months. Sure, I have mad respect for those who are able to juggle jobs and uni simultaneously, because the couple of times I tried, I failed…massively. But while I would like to consider myself a late bloomer (not to mention a slow learner), I was able to eventually go down that path, towards the last quarter of my uni degree. I loved the idea of saying that I was a working individual who was in the final stages of getting my Masters Degree. Like it or not, you gain a lot more respect by saying you do either (as well as both)!

Life got a lot more interesting and full-on post-graduation, where I have somehow managed to secure two jobs, take on a volunteering role in a hospital, and have continued to keep up with my original passion of freelance writing. While consistency is still a challenge for me, I do love the ability to keep myself busy all the time.

But I now face this dilemma on the daily – when is it okay to stop and take a breather? I’m not saying I want to step away from any of these ventures, because I love being put in contact with a myriad of people, who come from versatile backgrounds and can provide a bountiful amount of knowledge and skills to learn from. It would be safe to consider myself a people person, where I love connecting with different and unique individuals with larger-than-life personalities. It becomes easier to appreciate a person the more you get to know them. But lately, with the many commitments that I’ve taken on myself, I have found to struggle a lot with being able to exercise these elements called “self-care” and “self-love”.


OK I know how this sounds, but hear me out! I’m not here to complain about how life is hard! On the contrary, I’m so grateful for the position that I’m in right now. I live in a bloody beautiful country. I have some incredible friends here, who have become close friends and family in my home away from home. I have a very loving boyfriend, who has been my constant for the last (nearly) 3 years. I have 2 degrees and am able to commit myself to a diverse range of jobs on the daily. Life is pretty damn sweet and I validate that 100%!

I’m more curious about how self-care and self-love work. How do people find the time to hit pause on the chaos of life and unwind – even if it’s only for a couple of minutes. I have been seeing a lot of businesses on social media acknowledge the importance of these two elements in every single person’s life lately… and rightly so! I love these ideas that people are starting to incorporate into their daily grind, because it is one of the most underrated and neglected aspects that, in turn, impacts on your ability to let you make the most of life overall!

Through some light research and reading, I learned that self care and self love are practices that aren’t one of those that are ‘one use only’. This list entails activities that you can do more than once and you can do them whenever you find yourself with a bit of free time. It isn’t meant to be a chore, but instead, it should be seen as something fun that can be done to make yourself feel good.

While I’m still finding ways to practise this, I found these ways quite helpful (not to mention r-e-l-a-x-i-n-g as heck):

  • Prepare a Lush bath (~30 – 45 minutes)
    There are so many sensual bath bombs to choose from, but these have been my consistent favourites – Intergalactic, The ExperimenterThe Sex Bomb, and the aptly named Cheer Up, Buttercup.
    (and you end up looking like a sparkly unicorn – how good!)
  • Practise the Fae and Wildling skincare ritual (~20 – 30 minutes)
    This involves all-natural ingredients that are mixed together as a face mask / face oil – your face is left feeling softer and moisturized like a baby’s bottom! Plus, it gives you a chance to do absolutely nothing, while the ingredients work their magic on your tired skin.
  • Disconnect from all the technology (~30 minutes – 24 hours)
    You’d be surprised at how much of the virtual noise is eliminated, simply by turning off your device(s)! I found this really awesome track that is played during “relaxation time” at the school where I work! All you do is lie in your bed, have the windows open, have the blinds down, move all the devices into another room and place them all on silent (not vibrate), close your eyes and get lost in this track.
  • Play the ocean drum (~5 minutes)
    Holy moly! So, I came across this incredible music instrument the other day and my brain felt like it was loosening up from all the stress knots that I’ve been carrying around in my head over the last couple of months! It’s a bit pricy, but, if you are a lover of the ocean like me and enjoy the sound of the waves, then this is something that you *need* in your life stat.
  • Block out some time for a regular hobby (~20 minutes – 2 hours)
    Find something that you like doing for fun! It should be an activity that can either help you get your fitness up, your energy levels flowing, and or generally put you in a good mood! For me, I found driving to an unknown suburb / part of town, photographing areas deep in the suburbs, walking in the little lanes of the CBD, and reading about topics of interest – either via the Internet or through a physical book to be quite refreshing. Plus, by dedicating some time to any / all of these activities regularly would also mean creating a sense of excitement and consistency towards enjoying a bit of downtime.
  • Catch up with friends (~30 minutes – 4 hours or more!)
    This should go without saying, but nothing beats stress in the nuts than some quality time with your pals! It doesn’t matter if you see each other every day or are catching up once in a couple of full moons – make the time and make the effort to see your friends! If they’re the awesome kind, they’ll listen to you vent (and vice versa), they’ll make you laugh in the simplest of ways (to the point where you may have a laughing fit), and they’ll uplift your spirit in ways that may as well be deemed impossible!
  • Cuddle with your furry pal (~2 hours to all day)
    Have a pet? Are they the kind that you can cuddle with? Then, quick sticks! The beauty of this is that you can do it at any point – whether you’re doing work on your laptop, are lying in bed and contemplating a sleep-in, or simply want to switch off temporarily, your pup or kitty will be a good companion who you can talk to in a judgment-free zone.


  • Every time you think of a negative, counteract it with a positive (~10 minutes)
    This is such an amazing way from preventing a stressful situation from snowballing. I am one of those people who will think with their heart and not with their brain. This often results in me over-thinking a small situation, which ends up in ‘catastrophic mode’, where the worst possible scenario becomes the only probably end to any situation. Spoiler alert – it doesn’t end well (but you probably already knew that)! I found this really cool tactic, where I have my book of ‘voices’ and I pen down a scenario that stresses the heck out of me. Then I spend a good 5-10 minutes to try and think of a way to not be overwhelmed by it and instead find a rational and logical way of dealing with it. 9 times out of 10, it works!
  • Splurge on something that you’ve been eyeing for the longest time (~20 – 30 minutes)
    Whether you have a consistent amount of money coming in or have been putting some money aside as part of your savings, it wouldn’t hurt to truly ‘treat yo’self’ every once in a while. Whatever you do, make sure it’s worth it and try not to guilt-trip yourself into thinking you don’t deserve it, because you do! Everyone deserves to feel special and loved. If it means buying that gorgeous dress or that nifty new gadget and if you think it won’t add to your financial hardship, then go ahead and make the splurge count!
  • Visit your local garden or park (~30 minutes)
    There’s nothing like a gorgeous day in the sunshine, where you can lie down on the grass and watch the tree leaves swaying from one side to the other. Whether you’re out to get a tan or prefer to relax under the cool shade, this is a great way to switch off temporarily and focus your attention to the nature vibes all around you.
  • Feeling overwhelmed? Reach out to the Mental Health Chat Lines (~ 30 minutes – 1 hour)
    It’s okay to not be okay! I cannot stress this enough – it is never a wrong thing to ask for help. If you’re not comfortable with talking about your mental health with someone you know, then approaching one of these services can be a great way to gain a bit of perspective, talk about things that are clouding your mind, body, and soul, and get help in a discreet manner. While the stigma around mental health is still unfortunately very significant, it is very much a real issue and you should not feel the need to discount caring for yourself and your mental health. I have always struggled to open up about my thoughts because I’ve entered some seriously dark spaces, which didn’t seem to have a way out. I have reached out to friends and some have been super supportive, while others…well, they found it challenging to be there for me. And that’s okay! Not everyone is equipped to deal with the harsher aspects and may even find the mere discussion of the term ‘depression’ or ‘anxiety’ to be confronting. That’s where the following services have stepped in through my own contact with them and they have served me so well. I cannot recommend talking to these individuals enough – at the end of the day, they are there to help you through it. There were times where my mind went into catastrophic mode (as I explained earlier) and having a couple of chats with the team behind these organizations were able to de-cloud those thoughts with a bit of compensatory strategies, meditation exercises, and real talk.
    Lifeline // Beyond Blue // R U OK


If you’re like me and always put others first, then know that you deserve your share of TLC from time to time! I hope these little tips come in handy, in case you find yourself lost and wondering what self care and self love look like. This is far from an exhaustive list and I invite you to let me know if there are other strategies that you have found useful in helping you achieve a sense of zen.

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Tips Towards Preparing Yourself For A Wisdom Teeth Procedure

OK so this is a bit of an unconventional post, compared to my last couple of posts. But, after being through one of the most…well, traumatizing yet necessary procedures that most of us are bound to go through, I thought it would be essential to map out some key things that you can do to prepare yourself when you’re given the awful news that one (or four) of those bad guys will need to be yanked out of your mouth!

If you’re like me and underestimated the recovery time of this procedure, then hopefully, this article will help you understand and be aware of what to expect following a wisdom tooth procedure. I’d like to think that mine was a worst-case scenario situation and of course, people will respond differently and recover quicker (or slower), so please read this only as a guide.

I decided to pen down my experiences because I honestly went into the process as a very naive and super optimistic individual (as you would like to be!), but wasn’t ~at all~ prepared for what waited for me post-op. For my procedure, I was told I had an infected wisdom tooth and had the option of getting just the one out or all 4 out. Stupidly (or bravely?) enough, I decided to have them all out in one go because:

  • I have a severe phobia / fear of dentists and will involuntarily cry the moment I’m on the chair
  • I have had several traumatic experiences at the dentists’ (with a few good experiences that I’ll give credit to), so I would like to have minimal exposure to them unless it’s for a follow up / check up to see that everything is looking pearly
  • I have heard how extreme a wisdom tooth procedure can be, so I preferred to have it all out in one go, rather than re-live the same experience more than once

While I’m really glad it’s all done and over it (and I’m on the mend, in terms of recovery), I will say that the procedure took out about 3 weeks of my life that basically involved me sleeping, being hooked to painkillers, failing to avoid an infection, which led to a second surgery, and tolerating a liquid diet (and crying through the pain of a locked jaw, among other things).

So, while this is obviously not something written by an expert in the medical field, I thought I’d share my personal experience of how the procedure(s) panned out and what you can do to get a decent recovery. For the record, I opted to have the procedure done in the chair (as opposed to a hospital) as I don’t have hospital cover. I did pay an additional amount to be put to sleep (anesthetic services) and despite the hefty cost, I wouldn’t have had it any other way, simply because I got too squirmy in the chair for a check-up alone:

    Yes, it’s expensive and it can take out a massive chunk out of your savings, but it comes in handy SO MUCH, especially when there is an unbearable level of pain involved that requires almost-immediate surgery. I cannot stress this point enough, because I was lucky to take out the cover with the guys who I was with last year and they were able to waive the waiting period. I took out private health cover on the day of my check-up (because I’m awesome at adulting like that 🙂 ) and had my surgery 3 weeks later. While I was lucky enough to get 1/2 of my money back, it may not be the same case for you, given the waiting periods, the costs of the health cover, and the severity / urgency of the operation. Get yourself the hospital cover, because I didn’t and wish I did, because I feel like I could’ve been able to avoid the second surgery.
    If you don’t have private health cover, I’d suggest looking into it ASAP.

    Image by Negative Space / sourced from Pexels


    Almost all the time after you’ve had a wisdom tooth / teeth procedure (and if you’re not in the hospital), you will be well out of it, won’t be able to talk, will have your mouth stuffed with gauze, and will be in pain to some extent. I asked one of my good friends to accompany me home and had to organize it 3 weeks in advance. Have some back-up, in case the designated friend cannot make it for whatever reason, because you’ll be stressed enough by the procedure and shouldn’t have to worry about a safe way back home. Bonus if they can drive you / catch a cab with you, but I wouldn’t recommend getting on public transport in the state that you’ll be in.
    The first day or two may not allow you to have much, depending on the severity of the swelling and the pain. I didn’t realize how much water I wasn’t having, but that was primarily because of the swelling being on both sides of my mouth. Taking the antibiotics and painkillers was an absolute effort. But it’s so important to stay hydrated and keep your energy levels up, so even if it’s difficult, try it in little portions and power through it. I am blessed to have friends who have been through this and know what to get, because I was so clueless!Also, needless to say, avoid anything that’s crunchy, hard, or something that requires chewing, because your mouth muscles will be too weak to function. Straws are also not recommended for the same reason.Here are some of the foods that my amazing friends and boyfriend brought for me, while I was being a sook in bed :’)

    1. Hearty chicken + creamed corn soup – made by one of my friends and tasted DIVINE, but had to wait a couple of days before I could stomach it, because of the antibiotics
    2. Custards
    3. Yoghurts – the one by Paul’s or Milo are pretty good
    4. Ice cream with your choice of topping – always a winner, but definitely wait a couple of days, as your teeth might be super sensitive to the temperature of the ice cream
    5. Packets of mac and cheese – this required little to no chewing, and surprisingly super filling!
    6. Puddings
    7. Jelly
    8. Chocolate mousse
    9. Gatorade – super important for keeping you hydrated
    10. Lemon-ginger tea + camomile tea – these teas not only helped with providing a sense of sustenance, but also helped me sleep and stay calm during the more trying times of the recovery stage
      Teas (and teawares) from T2 have found a permanent place in my home (image by Fatema Sitabkhan)


    It’s always a good idea to top up the first-aid kit and now is a prime time. We got:

    1. Saline solution (you can get 1-use packets or tubes from the pharmacy for ~ $1 – $2). Alternatively, mix lukewarm water and 1 tsp of salt and gargle mouth gently after 24 hours post-op
    2. Medical gauze (you might get some from the dentist themselves) for excessive bleeding
    3. Heat packs and ice packs (I preferred the ice packs as they helped me sleep better, in addition to soothing the pain)
    4. Mouthwash (ask your dentist for recommendations, but I used the Difflam one and it worked fine for me)
    5. Antibiotics and painkillers that are prescribed by the doctors
    6. Nurofen / ibuprofen – it will slow down the healing process, but it will help greatly with the swelling!
      Obviously consult with your dentist, regarding the dosage and the medical stuff!

      Image by / sourced from Pexels


    As a very talkative person, I really struggled to maintain the no-talking. Not only can it aggravate the swelling (not to mention the pain), but it will slow down your healing process. I used a notepad and a pen to relay any thoughts – good or bad – to my boyfriend or friend. Sign language may not be ideal, when your whole body hurts and you’re confined to a couch in pain, but it does help!

    Image sourced from Pixabay / Pexels


    So I’m not sure if it was the abrupt stoppage of antibiotics that caused the abscess development post-op 1, but the antibiotics that I was prescribed made me nauseous to the point that I couldn’t stomach anything for more than a couple of minutes. After consulting with my dentist, I was recommended to stop the antibiotics, but what I failed to ask for was an alternative. After my second surgery, I had timers set, to remind me to take them religiously as I didn’t want to have to go for operation 3 and so far, so good!

    Image by Pixabay / sourced from Pexels


    So, another mistake I made was committing to work merely 4 days post-op 1. Yup, it was a dumb idea, but I thought I’d be OK enough to return to work. It was definitely a dumb idea, because even though it was my first (2) days at my new job and everyone was super supportive, I think it may have agitated the infection further, which required an immediate surgery the day after, to take care of the abscess. If you’re not feeling up to it, don’t work. It’s not worth the discomfort, the swelling, the pain (and the inability to have painkillers because you’re on the job). I would highly recommend giving yourself a good 7-10 days to recover, before even thinking of going back to work. Let the swelling go down to the point where it is barely visible. Take the antibiotics. Keep your hydration up. Wean off of the painkillers if you can and see if you are able to fare well without them. Go to your follow-up appointment with the dentist and get an all-clear (or a sick certificate). Then (and only then!) call work and let them know that you’ve recovered enough to return back. I work 2 jobs on a casual basis and all I could think of was making the money I spent on the first surgery back, which only resulted in an infection, a second surgery, and nearly $2000 spent in 2 weeks. Would not recommend (for your health or your bank)!

    Image by Fatema Sitabkhan


    If you use an electric toothbrush, then I’d highly recommend switching to a non-electrical toothbrush, because the vibrations from the electric toothbrush agitated my teeth, which were super sensitive for a good 3 weeks post-op 1 + 2. Not only that, but if you’ve had all 4 teeth yanked out at once, you may experience difficulty with opening your mouth too far, and if you have an electric toothbrush like mine, it was less than ideal to get the bristles in the mouth. Also, switching to the Sensodyne (or any tooth-sensitive) toothpaste helped immensely with the teeth sensitivity.

    Image by Pixabay / sourced from Pexels


    Whether you’ve had one, two, or four of your teeth out, you’re going to need some down time. You won’t want to move much. You won’t want to talk much. So why not make the most of it and binge-watch your favourite TV shows? Even if you’re not conscious enough to make it through one episode, it helps to have something playing in the background to distract yourself (even if only temporarily) from the pain / discomfort you experience. I made it through Bojack Horseman, The Blacklist, and Vikings during my recovery stage, which I’m quite proud of (I needed 3 weeks of recovery time from having 2 surgeries)! 🙂

    Image by / sourced from Pexels


    Having a bath is the single most relaxing thing you can do, in times like these! Obviously biased, but any bath bomb from Lush will instantly bring you a sense of happiness and joy – I’d personally recommend the Intergalactic bath bomb, because the bath art formed from it is sparkly and oh so beautiful! If your body is aching, you might even find it useful to add a bit of Radox into the bath to soothe them!

    Image by Fatema Sitabkhan


    There’s nothing like a bit of natural (sun)light and home plants to give you a sense of freshness and calm. Open the windows, roll the blinds up, get your friend / partner / family to water the plants and the atmosphere in the space that you’re recovering in will feel a lot more inviting, welcoming, and even a bit relaxing!

    Image by Fatema Sitabkhan


    I have been super self-conscious about how my face looked, particularly during the first week! I couldn’t bring myself to look in the mirror and every glimpse I got, I felt like I looked like a monster. Of course, that’s me being overly dramatic, but do prepare yourself for the swelling, because it may not look pretty, but you need to remind yourself that it is temporary. After both my surgeries, I have a swelling on the side of my mouth where my infected tooth was (and where the infection post-op 1 developed). It is barely noticeable now, 1 week post-op 2, but it is something that you will notice and probably even fixate on, while your friends and family won’t notice it unless you point it out. Even so, try to embrace it and remember – it’ll be gone before you know it! 🙂

    Taken 1 week post-op 2. There is a bit of swelling on the right side of my face (image by Raelene Thomas)


Again, this is just a guide – you will be given a sheet with all the instructions for post-op care by your dentist. So, make sure your friend / partner / family member reads it thoroughly and follows the instructions towards a successful recovery. In most instances, they also provide you with your dentist’s after-hours number, so don’t hesitate to call them, if you need to! Take the time to heal and recover – it is not a 1 or 2 day recovery, especially if all 4 teeth are taken out! And most importantly, remember that it is a temporary feeling of pain and discomfort that will pass in due time.

Have you had your wisdom teeth out? What was the experience like? Have you found anything that helped with your recovery? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

Featured image by Daniel Frank and sourced from Pexels

The Local Bunch – INTERVIEW

Interview conducted by Fatema Sitabkhan
Featured photo supplied by Caity Richardson
Article photos by Fatema Sitabkhan

Look, I’ll admit it – I never used to like flowers. Sure, they look gorgeous and smell ~divine~, not to mention that they bring a natural ‘pop’ to the space that they live in. But the reason why I didn’t like the idea of flowers is because I absolutely suck at taking care of them! No matter how hard I tried in the past, it would be a miracle for them to get past a solid 24 hours without any dramas!

Having said that though, I have been asking florists straight up, “What do I do to keep your precious bouquets in good nick?” and “How do I keep them alive?” And thankfully, after the initial reactions of shock / nervous laughter, the florists that I have come in contact with over the last few months have been extremely understanding and generous in their knowledge of caring for these colorful beauties. And you know what? That’s what has made me take the giant leap and take the risk to house some flowers ~in my home~! And it’s been good, great actually!

A couple of days ago, Caity Richardson from brand-spanking-new local business The Local Bunch gifted me a bouquet of the freshest flowers I’ve seen in months! It was pretty obvious from the massive smile that appeared on my face when she personally delivered the bouquet (which came with a super sweet note, too!) that I was genuinely looking forward to having some fresh flowers in my home.


Given how Caity’s business is still fresh (pun intended), I thought I’d learn more about the art of floristry and how she decided to set up her own business in little ol’ Adelaide – have a read of our exchange below:

Tema: Can you tell me a bit about yourself, Caity?
Caity: I’m an Adelaidian, born and bred, who has had some interesting opportunities come my way. There was an array of jobs – from a chocolatier at Haighs chocolate factory, to running away with Cirque du Soleil three different times, and many jobs in between. A few years ago, I decided to move over to the UK and travel around Europe. I also attempted to do the same in Canada mid-last year. Unfortunately, I broke my ankle a few weeks into the trip and have spent the last 6 months on recovering. All the while being bored out of my mind, I decided that I would stay in Adelaide and pursue my idea of an online florist.

Tema: What made you decide on opening up your own business?
Caity: There a few reasons: mainly the idea of being my own boss was very enticing. I’ve worked in a lot of jobs in the past and I became pretty fed up with working for other people. I like to push myself into trying new things and expanding my knowledge, which you rarely get a chance to do in most jobs. I’m also quite a creative person and I’ve never had the opportunity before in my jobs to be hands-on creating something beautiful, like flower arrangements.

Tema: Where do you source your lovely flowers?
Caity: Early every morning, I head to Tony’s Flower Wholesaler, who has a vast range of flowers. A lot of the flowers and foliage are grown in South Australia, some from Interstate and some from overseas.

Tema: What made you decide on setting up your business online only (compared to having a physical shop to visit)?
Caity: There is a few reasons for being online only. One is that I wouldn’t have this opportunity to own a business if I had to have a physical store. The cost to start an online business where I can work from home is affordable, compared to the costs involved in a real store. The other reason is that online shopping in the current social media age has made it possible for small businesses to flourish successfully. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram’s business accounts allow me to build a stronger customer base and reach a broader range of people without spending thousands on advertising.

Tema: How do you create you bunches every day (which appear to be unique every single time)?
Caity: Everyday, I go to the wholesaler and pick the freshest, seasonal flowers and the ones I liked best. At home, I’ll bunch them up into a simple but beautiful arrangement, photograph them, and upload the photos to my website and social media accounts. My aim is to have a completely new and fresh look every weekday.


Tema: What is your typical arrangement of The Local Bunch? What are you go-to flower/plants that you include?
Caity: My aim is to not have a typical arrangement, I want to use the flowers I find at the market each morning, because they will be seasonal. But, every bunch will have some foliage and a mix of feature and filler flowers, for the perfect balance.

Tema: What do you think was one of the biggest challenges of setting up your business from scratch?
Caity: I’ve had to learn a lot of new things, like what is required to legally set-up a business, in addition to the bookkeeping side of things. The biggest challenge is not being too disappointed when my sales don’t start off very strong. But, I believe in my skills and arrangements, and that business takes time to grow (especially in the beginning)! Also to acknowledge that I will make a million mistakes, but that as long as I learn from them and move on, everything will go okay.

Tema: What do you hope for your customers to experience from purchasing a flower bouquet from The Local Bunch?
Caity: Everyone seems to have very little spare time anymore, so I hope my customers will find ordering my flowers to be a quick and simple experience. From seeing the bunch of the day, to going onto the website and adding the size they desire, followed by quickly filling out the delivery details and then knowing that their bunch will be delivered that day or the day of their choice.


Tema: What is it about being South Australian/ local brand that makes it all the more special?
Caity: I’ve lived overseas and visited many countries, but Adelaide will always be home and it is a special place to me. So, setting up a business here makes me very proud. Also, the majority of our flowers come from local South Australian farms, which supports the growers in what they do. We also deliver locally to the surrounding Adelaide suburbs.

Tema: What are your tips on getting the most out of the bunch, when a customer purchases / is gifted a bunch?
Caity: Taking care of your flowers is so important. It can make the difference of them lasting just a few days all the way to over a week. The flowers come wrapped in brown paper, you can choose to keep them in the brown paper or to unwrap them, some stems may be shorter so you need to make sure all are submerged in the water. It’s important to put your flowers in water as soon as possible. Removing any lower greenery so that no leaves sit in the water. Trim the stems and change the water every two days, making sure the vase is clean each time. Display your flowers in a cool spot, away from direct sunlight, heat sources and fruit bowls. Some flowers will fade faster than others, and removing these will help keep your remaining flowers stay healthy and alive.


Tema: Is the anything else that you’d like your customers to know about The Local Bunch?
Caity: At The Local Bunch I decided to focus on creating a business that is environmentally friendly.
The objective is to Avoid, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle wherever possible by cutting down on some typically unsustainable florist practices. This is why I avoid using plastic and unsustainable paper, and reduce the wastage of flowers by only providing one unique bunch a day. I also lovingly wrap our bunches in reusable packaging and only use 100% post-consumer recycled paper, biodegradable twine, rubber bands and plant-based cellophane.
It’s important to us and the environment to dispose of our packaging correctly. The wrapping paper and gift tag can be put into your recycling to be recycled all over again. You can also reuse the rubber bands and twine or put them in your green bin with your flower once they are spent.

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Gathered SA VIP Style Challenge

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan
Photos by Fatema Sitabkhan + Aurora Banez + Rachael Sia
Featured image + promotional poster sourced from GatheredSA website

Owner and director Jenna O’Dell has successfully hosted Gathered SA as a mecca of all things South Australian. Now back in its 4th year, Gathered SA hopes to present with an eclectic selection of local businesses that will come together and showcase with pride what our little state has on offer.

Setting up camp in the gorgeous Queens Theatre on Playhouse Lane (just off Currie Street in the Adelaide CBD), the spacious venue offers customers with the opportunity to wander, explore, and discover some true South Australian gems.

Confetti heaven! Dream team accessories by: @gatheredsa

Start off your market experience by having a wander and exploring the many, many incredible businesses that will offer products for you to fall in love with. Take in the inclusive, supportive, and feel-good ambience by having a chat with the stallholders about their products. Learn about what their businesses are all about and how they might fit with your ideals and principles.

Wholesome paella by El Choto Paella Catering

After adoring all the businesses around the Theatre, stop and re-fuel by visiting one of these lovely businesses for your food / drink needs:

A Gin lover’s dream come true. Henna art by Cara Archer from @caracreative

Looking to bring some new life to your fashion style? Check out the beautiful works by local fashion designers such as NaMOI Designs, jewellery by Allie Handmade Jewellery and/or Hunt Jewellery, and accessories by Behind the Door.  Create a bold statement by selecting from a pleasing palette of makeup by Reb Cosmetics and pick up a clutch bag by Native & Indigenous-themed Wattle Cove to complete the look!

Gorgeous jewellery by Allie Handmade Jewellery

Looking for something for the gentleman in your life? Why not stop by Hommes Uniques, where you can find an assortment of gifts to takes your man’s grooming skills to the next level!

Regardless of your gender, it is important to take great care of your skin, and that’s exactly what the products by Shanghai Lil and the Scarlet Fez, Florentine Gold, and Fae + Wildling aim to provide with you, with their extensive ranges of skincare products, each of which come in unique and minimalist-friendly packaging!

What about freshening up your home décor details? Eyeing the b-e-a-u-tiful wreaths by Flowers in Nature, gorgeous artwork by Elicia Jane, Art by Hailey, and Blupebbleroad, stylish and well-carved wood pieces by Naturally Craft, relaxing soy candles by Pixie & Co., adorable potted plants for the pun lover in you by abode WARES, timber + acrylic-etched homewares by Cutting Etch Designs, and comfy cushions by Adelaide Curtain Makers are just a few recommendations! Want something artsy but on a smaller scale? Check out the gorgeous black & white postcard-sized cards by Emma Rooke – I bought the raccoon postcard at a previous market and it has since called a nook in my study space its new home!

Need something for the kids? You’re in luck – combine some cute unicorn headbands by Cute2Hoot, colorful baby top knot headbands + bloomers by Little Miss Sunshine, and toys that promote imagination play via the adorable fabric / felt material toys by Chook Shed Designs! Looking for something to spruce up the young one’s room – you might find some calming and appealing patterns splashed across wall hangings, cushions, mobiles, and blankets by Marnie + Mister!

Felt fabric cheese board by Chook Shed Designs

There will also be live entertainment by some truly talented musicians – Kat Raynor and Elli Belle – so don’t be shy to get your dancing shoes on and sport on a big, happy smile as the ladies whisk you away in a feel-good acoustic musical universe! Add to the atmosphere by getting some henna art done by the creative talent Cara Archer!

Henna art by Cara Archer on Aurora Banez

Phew! That’s a LOT of amazing local businesses that have been mentioned, but it is so important to familiarize yourselves with every single business, because there’s nothing like supporting local – especially when their products and services not only promise, but DELIVER with nothing short of top quality for whatever category (fashion / skincare / homeware / food / drink) that aligns with your interests!

If you’re looking for a weekend that has live music, is packed with delicious food and drink, is family-friendly, and runs on the concept of supporting all things local and South Australian, then this Gathered SA is the perfect spot to tick all those boxes!

Team effort with Aurora Banez, with thanks to props by @lillianthusfloral // @casolightnsound //@festivalhire // @cassieyoung_pr //@bytheoaktree // @applewooddistillery // @tomichwines. Photo by Rachael Sia

Full directory of local, South Australian businesses can also be found here.

Special thanks to Cassie Young for organizing the ‘Gathered’ Market VIP Style Challenge, to Aurora Banez for taking me along as her photographer for the event, and to the various stall businesses + the team at Gathered SA for their generous hospitality throughout the event.

Keep an eye out on my Instagram page for more highlights on some of these incredible businesses, which will be popping up on my feed next week. And don’t forget to support local!

Queens Theatre

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April 14 + 15 (in 3 weekends’ time!)
August 4 + 5
November 17 + 18

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$2 entry
FREE entry for children under 10 years of age

Image sourced from official website

Absolutely Cake

Interview & photos by Fatema Sitabkhan

A couple of months ago, I celebrated my 26th birthday with my boyfriend and best friend. Not one to make a deal about turning a year older, I was lucky enough to score a weekend getaway with my two special people in my life. However, I still did want to celebrate my birthday as it has been tradition in my family for as long as I have lived.

So, instead of drowning my sorrows of turning older in a booze-filled glass or 4, I instead decided to go the complete opposite direction by acting like the age that I truly thought I was – 8 years old! Equivalent to a little child, I dressed up in my favourite onesie outfit (a unicorn, of course!) and approached the lovely Emma from Absolutely Cake to have a custom made unicorn cake made for the weekend!

Having seen Emma’s work on Instagram and realizing that she was down the road from where I lived, I was excited to seize the opportunity and place an order with her. It was such a seamless and hassle-free process, which involved communication via her Facebook page. There are so many options to customize your special cake I opted for a 6-inch round unicorn cake for $50. Pretty reasonable and so worth it, given the presentation and the top quality of the cake! There were other fun bits to decide upon, such as the mane of your choice of colour (gold, rose gold or silver horn), but Emma was open to suggestions outside this circle, which was another factor that made me fall in love with her business.


There’s, of course, a very comprehensive flavour list as well, and Emma’s business Absolutely Cake specializes in a variety of options – vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and traditional. So, there’s always something for everyone!

 It’s obvious that Emma wants the best for her customers and for her to offer customizable options beyond what is already available shows dedication to present only the best of her work that will also make her customers happy.

I was so impressed by Emma’s professionalism and the quality of the cake that I recently reached out to her to have an interview and find out more about her beautiful little business Absolutely Cake – have a read of our exchange below:

Tema: Who runs the Absolutely Cake business?

Emma: I myself am the sole trader, owner, boss lady, order taker, cake decorator and cake tester, with lots of help from my wonderful mum.

Tema: Can you tell me a bit about yourself, Emma?
Emma: I am a 28 year wife and mother of two amazing little girls. I come from a family or restaurant owners and chef, yet I was never ever going to do this. I was going to be a photographer. Here I am owning a cake shop and LOVING it! I enjoy swimming, great wine and great good with great friends and going out in the camper trailer on family holidays and weekends away. My secret pleasure is Gogglebox with a bowl of Coco Pops at 9.30pm!

Tema: What made you open up your own bakery?
Emma: I have a passion for decorating cakes and exploring designs, so I thought ‘Just do it’. Having Absolutely Cake means that I can spend so much time with my little girls because I am my boss. It’s my best mix of working, showing them that you can achieve anything and also not missing them growing up.

Tema: Are you a self taught baker or did you go through specialised training to master the art of baking?
Emma: I have zero formal training in my industry, working in the family bakery for 9years helped, I have practised over and over to get to where I am now.

Tema: How did you decide on making your cakes stand out with the designs that you have on offer?
Emma: I aim for simple is best and take a lot of inspiration from customers themselves. Having a real chat and getting a feel for each person or couple really means that I try to make the best cake for each individual.

Tema: What services do you offer through Absolutely Cake?
Emma: We have the most basic of basic cakes, through to 4 tier wedding cakes. Serving traditional, gluten free, vegan, gluten free and vegan and offer to customise a cake for multiple allergies if necessary.

Tema: What are your most popular types of cakes that come in as orders?
Emma: At this stage we make a lot of vegan celebration cakes, and styles of cakes would be between semi naked weddings or Unicorns! Such popular choices!


Tema: How do you source your ingredients to create your beautiful baked creations?
Emma: We use a couple of large wholesale suppliers for the big items. Like 20kg bags of sugar and flour and chocolate. We use Sweet William for our dairy free chocolate, a South Australian coffee roaster for all our caffeine needs. We use Coles close by for small items and healthful shops for specialised flours.

Tema: What made you choose the location that you have as a shopfront?
Emma: Availability was a big one, affordability and commuting. By car I am only 15mins away, it is a good location for all cake orders as its easy to get to without being overly busy, and I can afford to stay here long term so that I don’t disappoint any regular customers. They are my lifeline!

Tema: How old is the business and how has it been treating you so far?
Emma: We will celebrate 2 years on July 1st! So still a baby.

Tema: In one sentence, what is Absolutely cake all about?
Emma: It is literally about cake and Absolutely, very nearly, all kinds of cake for everyone!

Tema: Is there anything else that you’d like your customers to know about your business?
Emma: Absolutely Cake is my passion. I try my best to answer emails and Facebook messages and I usually fall asleep with my phone in my hand and 2 little girls laid on my lap. Absolutely Cake pays for theatre stars and tap dancing and swimming lessons and I thank everyone single person who loves my little shop as much as I do!


352 Morphett Road, Warradale SA 5043

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